Subversive German Violently Arrested for Reading the Constitution Out Loud

In the following video you’ll see a German man reading out loud from the Grundgesetz, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. Afterwards he is tackled from behind without warning and arrested by several police officers. Presumably his devotion to the founding document of the Bundesrepublik marks him as a domestic terrorist and an Enemy of the State.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   Article 30. —Strength in unity! —The demand. It’s our last.
00:18   Article 36: The fundamental rights enshrined in this Constitution
00:24   are binding on legislation, executive power
00:32   and jurisprudence as directly applicable law. —Yes!
00:43   Article 37: Under no circumstances
00:47   may the essential content of a fundamental right be affected.
01:00   Peace, freedom, no dictatorship! —Hey!
01:29   Your identification? —What are you doing? —You have eyes. —Stop badgering the poor guy.
01:35   You are cowards, all cowards. —Where’s the pocketknife. —Pocketknife. — S***!
01:47   Hello! Who are you? —Who am I?
01:56   I’m not saying a thing. Nothing. It’s going to keep going, man. Yep, it’s going to continue.
02:16   It’s only taken thirty years.

17 thoughts on “Subversive German Violently Arrested for Reading the Constitution Out Loud

  1. Well, that’s scary.
    Coming soon: arrests of patriots here in the former Constitutional Republic of the USA for reading the Constitution out loud in the public square.

      • I envy you. (I am german)
        And please, please, resist when they want to take this right away.
        And when you come to Germany, could you please make sure that we have a 2nd AD too?
        You forget us to give it to us after WWII.

        • Don’t worry my German Komaraden, there are a bunch of us of German descent( 1st gen Prussian/Austrian American) that will be supplying what you need shortly, things are about to get real interesting.

  2. I suppose the phrase “but I was only following orders” will someday be uttered again by these natural born thugs completely without irony.

    I don’t think the Germans fell for Nazism so much as they claim to have been duped. The tendency to fascism and totalitarianism has always been there and wiley Schicklgruber just happened to be the first to recognize it and exploit it.

    • I saw the other day a Video from Berlin, outside the Reichstag Building, where the Police dragged people away that sat on the ground and didn’t want to move.
      Those Thugs almost broke the arm of an elderly lady and then one of those cops asks her if she is alright and in the same breath tells her that his colleague is just doing his JOB.
      I do wonder where I have heard that phrase before?

      “Your Honour, I was just doing my Job while I killed all those people.
      It wasn’t anything personally, it was my JOB”

      The thing is, the selfsame people that cannot understand how their Parents and Grandparents had been oblivious of what went on in Nazi Germany and how they simply could just watch and stay quiet, are the same people that cannot SEE anything amiss now.
      Just follow the rules and regulations, don’t think for yourself and you stay out of trouble.

      Am I glad that my Grandfather hammered into me and my brother the words,
      “Don’t trust a Politician. Question everything they say, and then question the question you asked. Don’t comply and follow the Herd if it is suspicious and doesn’t make sense. Keep your own counsel and LEARN about everything they try to sell you as Truth. Stay Vigilant and you wont be fooled like we had been fooled by Hitler”

      • Do you want to know something funny?
        The leftwing loonies always tell us to question everything. Our history, our politicians etc.

        And suddenly they tell us we must believe 100% and may not question.
        Hm, I smell a rat.

    • I hate to break it to you Moon but, man has been following orders since time began, and always will follow orders of the strongman. Peace is nothing more than a lull until the next storm, we haven’t had a good blood letting since WW2 and have tamped man’s nature since, and now we will explode once again with an orgy of blood, violence and human nature at it’s worst/best, because the powers that be put a cork in it and shook the bottle thinking that nothing bad can happen.

  3. I look at this, and wonder, am I having a bad dream,
    But I see I’m wide awake, and it’s no dream,
    We’ve all been betrayed from within, and it’s taken just 30 years
    To end up back where we were, but it’s full on communism on steroids!
    I’ve been noticing this coming for years, it’s been getting more more in your face in the last 15 years, I’ve been warning people about communists, and islam, and watch merkel ope the borders and how all this now is connected.

    We have to not only defeat these evil evil tyrants, but we must also capture them, and their family’s, and we must liquidate the globalists, this will be the real great reset,
    To crush the main players and foot soldiers who planned this fourth reich globalist tyranny.
    Tomorrow in london and all over world, the great reopening marches take place again,
    It looks like they gaining steam, this time the our people must not allow any gestapo to arrest anyone, they must surround the Gestapo and snatch back anyone that thugs in clown outfits try to arrest.
    Us the people must show them who has the power now.

    We are now living in a dreadful moment in history,
    Soon they going be force vaccinating people, they have been planning this for many years, using the pretext of a virus to justify there motives, a virus they have made and released into the air.
    They have all worlds goverments under their control, and the police and forces all duped, they can use them to enforce their mass murder and torture of us all.

    it’s clear,

    Here’s the ultimate truth about the phoney pandemic, and the corona virus false narrative! We’ve all been duped, please share this video to everyone you know and ask them to share it! Asap.

    Dr sucharit Bhakdi tells you how it is!

  4. It’s no law and order anymore in Germany!!, this filthy traitors doing whatever they like , i thinks it will be worse, Merkel&CO already picked this idiot globalist women from Grüne Annalena Baerbock , they all are communists in this party , so Merkel&CO decided she probably will be next chancellor, RIP.Deutschland..

    • Oh ye of little faith, these uppity commies really have no idea what is coming, but to their horror, they soon will. The lamp posts, walls and ditches with be filled with their marxist utopian dreams.

      • More like Honecker than Hitler, for even that sob Hitler wouldn’t do to the Germans what these communist are doing.

    • Because police who are deployed to other regions will do what they won’t do in their own cities.

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