Not Just a News Story About a Culture-Enriching Rape

There’s more than meets the eye to the following TV news story from Hungary. The main topic of the report is straightforward enough: a culture-enricher from Yemen did pull a woman off a bus and attempt to rape her. However, the translator has noticed that there is subtle but definite propaganda in the last part of the news story.

We’ll get to that aspect of the report, but first let’s watch the video. Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Translator’s comments regarding the main topic of the report:

It could be rape Jihad, although there is no mention of his being a Muslim, and I have no info on whether he had known his victim prior to the attack. It is worrisome that this is the first time in Hungary when the nationality of the attacker was at first omitted by the news — to the indignation of many readers (in the comments below the articles). The fact that the perpetrator was of Yemeni origin has only been published now, days later. Initially, the news was about “a man” or a “foreign man”. Hungarian women have been rather safe from this kind of enrichment so far, with very few attacks. Recently however there are more and more Muslims who stay here LEGALLY, like this attacker.

László explains the additional, subliminal message underlying this seemingly straightforward news report:

However, this video is not what it seemed to be in the first place. Only after finishing the translation did I come to realize that in reality it is an insidious propaganda piece for Corona submission. Because it suddenly hit me what a ‘beaten maskless man’ is doing in this story:

“Some days ago a maskless drunk man got punched, on bus No.9 too. Despite the requests of his fellow passengers he would not put the mask on; then the transgressor passenger started arguing with one of them, which led to the brawl.” — states TV2 in the video that started up as a crime story about a rape case.

So they almost say that the maskless man deserved it, in effect declaring maskless people fair game.

The story is also very skewed in the video. Earlier, in other news there was not much mention about a ‘brawl ‘or a ‘fight’ between the maskless man and the male Karen who finally hit him. Some days ago I heard on the radio that a man was arguing on a bus that ‘he had the right to be free of mask and that he had the power to protect himself’. And then the other man who initially Karenned him to put the mask on hit the maskless guy, who fell to the ground. So he was probably not fighting, he just got beaten up because a Karen’s ego wanted to make sure that the New Normal gets enforced against any dangerous arguments.

In other news on the same crime there was also no word about any fellow passengers who allegedly told him to put the mask on. This is probably a lie to create peer pressure on the audience. The fellow passengers most probably were silent like lambs all the way (as they usually are here in Budapest when they see a fight).

Also notice that the maskless man gets defamed when the news anchor says that he was “drunk” — to support the moral high ground of those who are masked. And then he is even called “disobedient” [of the Corona mask rules], but no name-calling for the other one who beat him up. The ultimate victim-bashing comes when the presenter says that the maskless man’s arguing led to the fight. It is similar to the way Islam says that women who do not dress properly are responsible for their getting beaten up.

Moreover, the utter insidiousness of this propaganda is the covert comparison of an innocent maskless citizen to a Muslim rapist criminal. The whole video is about the rape, but only seemingly so: in fact very few details are provided about the rape crime, and they constantly repeat those superficial ones — just to frame the story. So the rape case is only the preparation for selling the “mask crime” as something that violates the “new norms” as if they were laws, and merits getting seriously beaten up. It is a very cunning piece of brainwashing because the audience is deceived by the fact that the whole clip is seemingly about a rape — but a short segment, then changes the subject — and the whole story gets hijacked unnoticeably as we are watching it.

So the intended moral of the brainwashing: “Maskless people are like Muslim rapist criminals and they deserve to get beaten up by anyone”.

But this is not an explicit, fair message: unsuspecting people get it covertly INJECTED deeply into their subconscious minds. First the audience is made angry by the rape story, then their righteous anger is funneled into a whole different story, while their brains still carry the frame from the first story into the second one. In other words: you are induced to think that not wearing a mask is as criminal as raping someone, and you get righteously angry at ‘mask criminals’ — in a wider context with all who do not submit to the Corona ‘rules’. And on top of that, by thinking this way you voluntarily accept (internalize) the veiled threat of being beaten up if you do not obey.

This is pure fascism.

And this TV propaganda is not the only way the fascist / communist New Normal is advocated here in Hungary: for example, many times every day famous doctors on the radio state that “It is a crime against humanity to be an ‘antivaxer’,” while creepy music is playing and their righteousness is underpinned by the repeated slogan “all lives matter” (‘minden élet számít’).

The real moral of the story: we are getting brainwashed into the NWO, big time.

Video transcript:

00:00   A Yemeni man wanted to rape a 24-year-old woman in Budapest on Saturday morning.
00:05   He singled out the young woman at the bus stop, and then molested her on the bus.
00:09   Then at the Kálvária Square stop he pulled her off the bus by her coat,
00:13   dragged her to a bench and ripped off her underwear as well.
00:17   Passersby thought that it was just an arguing couple,
00:20   but when they saw that the woman was half-naked, they ran to help her.
00:24   The man has been arrested and he admitted everything.
00:28   A police car is passing by Kálvária Square.
00:31   Several patrols were driving around even when we were there.
00:34   At this bus stop a 26-year-old Yemeni man dragged a 24-year-old woman
00:40   off bus No. 9 by her coat, to rape her, Saturday morning.
00:43   According to our information he had singled out the young woman before they got on the bus.
00:49   Then on the bus he molested her, but nobody helped the terrified woman at that point.
00:54   There are reasonable grounds to suspect that the man attacked the woman on the bus,
00:58   dragged her off the bus and pushed her
01:01   to the ground to assault her sexually.
01:05   According to our information, after he pulled her off the bus he dragged her to a bench
01:09   where he started ripping her clothes off, her underwear too, and pushed her to the ground.
01:15   For a while, passers-by thought that it was just a couple arguing,
01:18   but when they saw that the woman was half-naked they rushed to her aid,
01:22   and thus prevented the Yemeni man from raping the young woman.
01:26   The policemen arrested and interrogated the man on sexual assault charges,
01:30   and the Prosecutor’s Office proposed his detention.
01:34   The Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Budapest proposed the detention of the suspect
01:38   because there are reasonable grounds to believe
01:41   that his attendance at the proceedings can only be ensured by the most stringent coercive measures.
01:46   The court detained the man, and according to our information
01:50   he admitted that he wanted to rape the woman, but he did not comment on his motives.
01:54   Some days ago a maskless drunk man got punched, on bus No. 9, too.
01:59   Despite the requests of his fellow passengers he would not put the mask on;
02:02   then the disobedient passenger started arguing with one of them,
02:05   which led to the brawl. Passengers on this bus route are scared,
02:10   partly because women have been harassed on several occasions on these buses.

5 thoughts on “Not Just a News Story About a Culture-Enriching Rape

  1. That is devious.
    Sometimes we spot this, but always good to hone ourselves in seeing this.
    The part of the trick then continues as the media then play a “gas light” card, question, if you notice, to make you feel unsure.

    With an example like this, it helps reaffirm that we are not only ones to notice this, which is blatant, and then hopefully in our own locale can spot this, and confidently & loudly call it out.

  2. Stop watching TV it is ALL homoglobo rubbish. Once you stop watching TV the globalists have lost their power over your mind.

  3. There is one thing about Hungary that I have noticed is, that people will step up and help each other when 3rd worlders start acting up. Bravo Hungary!

  4. It just so happens that my niece’s husband at the age of 63, died of Covid past week, in a Budapest hospital, after less than four days at an ICU of the Szent Margit Hospital – so Laszlo, you can suspect some insidious vile conspiracy of some creeping dictatorship that imposes these restrictions or anything, but anybody who insists that this is not a deadly virus against which one has to protect oneself and one’s family at any cost is a damn fool.

    • Let us stick to the point: the article is about Vaccine apartheid that has been announced in Hungary. Is PM Orban a conspiracy theorist? Does the Plandemic justify the fascist discrimination?

      Trolls somehow always have some ‘close relatives’ who died OF Covid. But real people seldom do:

      In reality about 1000 people died in Hungary OF Covid (ie. 3-5 % of the official figure). The rest 19.000 died WITH covid!

      So your (non-existing) relative was one of a 1000 dead — it proves nothing. The total number of deaths in Hungary is 130.000 a year.

      Unbelievable how Corona trolls are everywhere like flies.


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