Mutti Cracks the Whip

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from PolitikStube:

Merkel goes crazy: Chancellor threatens federal states with disempowerment!

Alice Weidel: Anyone who hoped for something like insight after the Chancellor’s public apology for her amateurish attempt to turn Maundy Thursday into a lockdown holiday has been taught better. Angela Merkel showed a degree of arrogance and narrow-minded stubbornness in her television appearance yesterday, which is remarkable even by her own standards. What did she apologize for if she intends to repeat her mistakes anyway?

Although reality proves otherwise, Merkel claims that neither she, her government, nor the EU did anything wrong. Furthermore, she wants to withhold basic rights from citizens. In order to regain these basic rights as an act of grace, the Germans should get vaccinated. But that is what she delayed for weeks or even months through her own fault. That also means: more company bankruptcies, more educational deficits and a deeper plunge into the crisis.

But all of that is not enough for the Chancellor. According to her will, the minister-presidents [of the German states] should actually tighten the lockdown, the benefits of which they cannot scientifically justify even after a year. “I’ll watch this for now. But not much longer,” she threatened on TV. How long will the citizens watch the goings-on of this regent, who would be better off in the age of absolutism than in our democracy? Democracy needs freedom like the air you breathe. However, we don’t need Merkel.

6 thoughts on “Mutti Cracks the Whip

  1. Ahhhh there it is! That little stasi commie clawing to get out. That commie is going to have to be dragged out of office because she just ain’t going to leave on her own.

  2. Merket know free elections died in November of 2020, the oligarchs know best and the cops , as long as they are paid huge salaries, will be happy to enforce anything she orders them to do. Agenda 21.

    • Creature broke German constitutional law when
      She unilaterally opened the nation’s borders to
      Millions of illegal immigration. The supine judges
      Failed to act, the ethno masochistic ‘woke’ women
      Welcomed the rapist and criminal hoards in, now
      Germany AND Europe are paying the price.
      Should have been jailed years ago and hopefully
      This disgraced barely disguised Marxist will
      Sink into oblivion soon.

  3. Canada!

    The New gestapo commie nazis, tried to close down intimidate polish pastor in his church, his Easter Passover service,

    Watch and learn! *** This is the playbook how to deal with commie Nazi thugs in monkey outfits!
    This man is hero!

    In canada, it’s a communist police state since a very very long time,

    There’s a border agency called the CBSA, I was abused, robbed and beaten at Calgary airport in 2012!
    I cancelled my holiday, I got lawyers, started a case against these gestapo NaZis, I go nowhere, stone walled,
    Later, I was being tracked online, they sent, planted a Trojan virus by email to my laptop, they were tracking me for about 4 years! Lucky I didn’t live in Canada! Canadians need to rise up and go after this cbsa traitor murderers!

    The CBSA murder people at airports and borders in Canada, torture, and rape people, please Remember this name!

    When u arrive in Canada, they terrorise innocent travelers at Canadian borders and airports, they will take u phone, laptop, threaten u with arrest and jail, detention, if yiu don’t open it, give them the passwords!

    This outfit is a NaZi communist unaccountable rag tag paramilitary border police terror outfit!



    THE CBSA HAVE MURDERED, tortured, sexually assaulted, raped thousands of Canadian citizens and foreign travelers to canada, google and look!

    They murdered this innocent polish man at Vancouver airport,
    Robert Dziekanski,

    The Killing of Robert Dziekańsk,

    This poor man they just killed him!

  4. What a psycho terrorist …
    abandoning her citizens to please oligarchs and globalists. Do not get the jab and save your life.

    • Amen to that ,this traitors burn in hell!!, all over Europe and North America..

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