More Deaths in Germany Attributed to the Experimental AstraZeneca Treatment

Several more deaths attributed to the AstraZeneca “vaccine” have caused at least the partial suspension of the jab in two different localities in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating these two pieces. The translator includes this sardonic note:

Be afraid. Stay afraid, and we revel in your PANIC. Comply and follow the Judas goat. Don’t think for yourself. DIE.

First, an article from RT:

After death: Euskirchen district suspends AstraZeneca vaccinations for women under 55 years of age

The district of Euskirchen announced on Monday that vaccinations with the AstraZeneca vaccine for women under 55 years of age will be suspended with immediate effect. Two women in the district had previously developed sinus vein thrombosis after the vaccinations, and one of the women died.

After sinus vein thromboses were found in two women in the Euskirchen district in North Rhine-Westphalia after vaccinations with the AstraZeneca preparation, the district decided on Monday to stop all vaccinations for women under 55 years of age with immediate effect.

A 47-year-old patient died as a result of the thrombosis, and a 28-year-old developed complications in connection with the vaccination. The woman is being cared for in a special clinic and is in stable condition, according to a statement from the district. The Euskirchen district health department initiated investigations in both cases and informed the responsible state and federal authorities. District Administrator Markus Ramers (SPD) is in contact with the relatives. In a message from the circle:

“Since it cannot currently be ruled out that there are facts that speak against cross-age and gender-neutral vaccination of ‘COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca’, the crisis team of the Euskirchen district has decided to suspend vaccination with this vaccine in women under 55.”

The decision was made after professional advice was received from the head of the health department and the chief vaccinator. However, District Administrator Markus Ramers stated that this was a purely precautionary measure:

“No vaccine is destroyed; all women who cannot be offered a vaccination today or tomorrow will be re-vaccinated in a timely manner.”

It is a precautionary measure until the responsible specialist departments have come to a final assessment. The vaccinations for men as well as vaccinations with the vaccines of other pharmaceutical companies are also expected to continue.

The second article is from PolitikStube:

The next death: 58-year-old woman from Dessau dies after being vaccinated with AstraZeneca

A 58-year-old woman died in Dessau-Roßlau after an AstraZeneca vaccination. The press office of the city administration announced this on Wednesday.

“There is a suspicion that there is a possible connection between the vaccination and the death of the citizen,” said city spokesman Carsten Sauer after the meeting of the pandemic staff. That must now be clarified.

The woman was vaccinated on Friday March 19. An initial report that the vaccination took place on March 29th was corrected by the city in the late afternoon.

At the instruction of the pandemic staff, AstraZeneca vaccination in Dessau-Roßlau was therefore suspended for the time being. “Instead, the BioNTech vaccine will be used,” said Sauer.

The already existing vaccination appointments, including on Easter Saturday, will remain, according to the city administration.

6 thoughts on “More Deaths in Germany Attributed to the Experimental AstraZeneca Treatment

  1. Madness , totally madness!!, how people can be so stupid to take this toxic after this horrific incidents !!, this experimental gene injections are more dangerous then this virus, I mean really ??? Can you think ?? Or not ..

    • Yeah, I got the flu shot from Kaiser at their drive-thru event five years ago. Within 24 hours I was horizontal for three days (daze) with the flu and a temperature of nearly 101 F. It’s been vitamins ever since. You can keep your Flu Shot and its Ambulance Chaser.

  2. The “classical” vaccine Astra-Zeneca is used to give more strain and secodary effects are over-reported to induce people to accept Pfizer and Moderna
    which are RNA bio-weapons. People, for the moment, are suspicious of RNA “vaccines”

  3. The case for causation:
    1)one event must always precede the other
    2)two events contiguous in time (the contiguance of time between events) – the closer in time between events, the greater the case for causation
    3)two events contiguous in space (the contiguance of space between events) – the closer in space between events, the greater the case for causation
    4)multiple observations of the conjoined events (the frequency of association between the events) – the greater the frequency, the greater the case for causation
    5)events that can be explained logically using universal principles, the greater the case for causation
    6)the greater the resemblance of the events, the greater the case for causation

    In reality, unlike say engineering, or other undertakings having inanimate objects as subjects, there are many barriers to obtaining information necessary to give definitive answers to the above measures. Therefore, there is a lot of uncertainty, and it’s next to impossible to be sure of cause. The most we may say is that it is a probable cause. That’s why it’s better to err on the side of caution.

  4. It occurs to me that if the number of deaths attributed to these various gene therapies would happen during the normal testing phase, they would never be approved.

  5. All very well, but people who don’t get the “dreaded” jab are still more likely to become seriously or die than those who do. And I now know six people who contracted Covid-19 in December/January, and two (admittedly both old and frail) are dead.

    Maybe this is selfish, and ignores the possible long-term consquences of mass “vaccination”, but I want to be able to meet my friends in the pub, or have them round for dinner, and visit relatives in the English West Country and Canada in whatever time I have left. It’s just a shame that the EU’s incompetence, arrogance and bureaucracy, especially over Covid, makes it difficult to plan trips to neighbouring countries.

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