Matteo Salvini: “Tried for Defending My Own Country”

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is on trial again, this time in Palermo. His crime? Denying migrant-rescue NGOs the right to land in Italian ports, which is being described as “kidnapping”. Mr. Salvini faced the same charge a few months ago in a court in Catania, but was acquitted. Presumably the Italian legal system will keep dragging him from venue to venue until they get the verdict they want.

In the following video, Matteo Salvini talks to reporters in Palermo about his case. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   I am still overwhelmed by the fact that yesterday
00:05   I helped the government make the decision to set millions of Italians free.
00:09   From next week on they will be allowed to get back to a normal life: to schools, to universities,
00:15   to bars, to restaurants, to parish centers, to sports facilities, to voluntary associations.
00:23   I won’t be called kidnapper. I won’t have it.
00:26   The mere idea sounds ridiculous.
00:29   The mere idea sounds ridiculous. I am sad for my own children.
00:37   Because I will have to explain them that their dad is risking imprisonment,
00:40   and that maybe he won’t be spending Saturdays with them at the playground anymore.
00:44   This makes me feel sorry. That said, I acted as a father,
00:47   and I will endure all that, as a Christian.
00:50   Since I will have to come to Palermo for the coming months, to be tried
00:54   for defending my own country, I will seize the opportunity to do something positive.
00:58   It means that to the extent that I can,
01:03   I will try to help Palermitans live in a more people-friendly city.
01:09   For example, today, regardless of what the judge decided in this courtroom, which seems to be
01:15   something more political than judicial, if there had been no red zone or closing time,
01:20   I would have gone visit the Cemetery of St. Maria Dei Rotoli.

3 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini: “Tried for Defending My Own Country”

  1. Salvini is accused of “kidnaping” invaders, occupiers., jihadis, murderers, rapists…

    This type of thinking… no wonder Europe soaked IN BLOOD 1914 when the word civilized was bandies around by Toynbee. And again in 1939.

    For 70 years the west was shedding croc tears for those “under the yoke of communism. ” Today they are fighting tooth and nail for communism and fascisms under the guise of anti-fa.

    All western countries are enemies of their own people … flesh and blood… they let their citizens be raped and murdered by jihdis. Why any stupid person would believe them when they claim to be defending Hong Kongans, Myanmar, Libyans, Syrians. What they do to their own citizens belie all their claims and “values” .

    The enemies within. Godless, dishonest, dishonorable, unconscionable. immoral. Sold for one riyal.

    Watch the following … does it make your blood boil :

    France is a goner

    Any honor in Europe?

  2. Mussolini almost ruined his country but recovered.
    These traitors will surrender their country to jihadis to ruin it without being ever recovered.

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