“Justice” Upheld in Sweden

Last August I reported on a particularly horrific crime committed by culture-enrichers in a cemetery in the Swedish town of Solna, north of Stockholm. Two underage boys were beaten, robbed, tortured, and raped by two men with a “migration background”. The perpetrators attempted to bury the boys alive.

The two men, one Iranian and the other an Arab, were convicted and sentenced to nine years and five years respectively. The article below refers to the sentence as a long one by Swedish standards, which indeed it is: in Sweden that’s really throwing the book at ’em.

What’s amazing, however, is that the appeals court upheld the sentence. Mind you, I don’t know how much of the time they will actually serve.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Solna torturers’ sentence upheld

March 30, 2021

The Middle Eastern pair humiliated, robbed and raped two boys in a cemetery in Solna. Now their — by Swedish standards — long sentences have been upheld by the appeals court.

The men have been sentenced for, among other things, kidnapping, aggravated abuse, aggravated rape, and robbery of two teenagers in the Norra cemetery in Solna last summer.

The appeals court affirmed the district court’s sentence of 9 years in prison for the 21-year-old, who comes from Iran.

The 18-year-old Arab was sentenced by the district court, and now by the appeals court also for another robbery. As to this robbery, however, the appeals court found that the sentencing guideline was somewhat lower than that decided by the district court. The appeals court, therefore, lowered the sentence for the 18-year-old from five and a half years to five years in prison.

Otherwise, the appeals court has mainly upheld the district court’s judgment.

16 thoughts on ““Justice” Upheld in Sweden

  1. A similar crime occurred in Australia in the 1970’s the two offenders were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, which has been upheld several times.

  2. If that had happened to one of mine, there is no level of brutality and horrific bloody minded vengeance that I would not visit upon these sub human savages and their wretched families. It would be an example they would talk about for 100 years.

    • Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord
      You would burn in hell
      Instead you should pray for their forgiveness by our Lord

      • And how do you know that the this man is not the instrument of the Lord’s vengeance?

      • John, It’s God’s job to forgive, It’s my job to arrange the meeting. Deo Volente!

  3. “Two underage boys were beaten, robbed, tortured, and raped by two men with a “migration background”. The perpetrators attempted to bury the boys alive.
    The two men, one Iranian and the other an Arab, …”

    A heartwarming ecumenical tale of Shia-Sunni cooperation.

    • Its moslems. All moslems have Muhammad as their idol and role model. Get educated in islam.

  4. The recent arrival of pre-medieval barbarians like that among us makes reintroduction of capital punishment as a legal penalty necessary.

  5. Well, if you look at the evil arab mugs – of the perpetraitors which the Swedishg courts see as 18 and 21 years old – its an openly hoax. So due to their “young” age they will hardly serve 40% of their prison time – in Sweden – always, 1/3rd of the prison time is forgiven if a criminal behave “good”. (Not killing anyone in jail.) Then there is early leave – for “young” (bearded afghans/muslims aged 30 pluss) – to give them “training” to come back to society. They will get both their own appartments, social welfare benefits (more money than more than 300 000 pensioneirs in Sweden – the new underclass – the hugest growing numbers of homeless in Sweden.) Yeah – all of this and more will these 2 bearded soldiers of Allah get. They will soon be out.

    I do not feel very sorry for the the Swedes though – as I am Norwegian – and had seen this coming for 15 years. The pensioineirs have been asking for it. Rape and mayhem. Yeah – there are 90 years plus – old females in Sweden which have been raped by these “imported bearded children” – and babies of age 1,5 years old. Satan do travel this world – and Sweden is his favoritt country. Sweden has even put up a crisis center for males in Stockholm – 500 victims takes contact each year (the dark numbers are at least 10 times that) – for men raped, often in group rapes by arab scum. Yeah… those imbecil Swedes. They love their arab and MENA rapists. (6-7000 females a year – probably 8 times that – again, dark numbers.)

  6. It’s probably no coincidence that the “Stockholm Syndrome” was named after that city.
    The event that was at the root of the discovery of that mental disorder looks very innocent nowadays, in comparison to the (mainly imported) mayhem we witness on a daily basis in our contemporary dark times.


    However, it already showed some underlying collective psychological condition in Swedish society and Swedish culture, which would turn out to be an omen of what fate would wait Sweden in the course of globalization and mass migration.
    It’s helplessness in confrontation with aggressive foreign cultures may have to do with an over-emphasized femininity, as identifying with your suppressor or perpetrator is, basically, a trait of agreeableness, which is a feminine trait. (Listen to the discourses of Jordan Peterson on that topic).
    This absence of masculinity, which made the feminine become dominant, may be the result of Sweden not having had to fight in any war since 1809 (when they lost Finland to Russia in the “Great Nordic War”), and never having been occupied by foreign powers either (as f.ex. Poland, Hungary, the Baltics, Czecho-Slovakia, but also neighbouring Finland and even Denmark and Norway).
    As a result, after more than two centuries, there is no collective memory left for the men of having to fight for your country, family, beloved ones and believes.
    Peace, freedom, security and welfare had been taken for given for too long.
    The long safe geographical distance from non-European neighbours (as f.ex. Russia, Spain, Serbia and Greece have to face) and the absence of a colonial history in non-European lands, which trained f.ex. the British, French, Dutch, Germans Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Russians and Americans, may also have been detrimental to the Swedish ability to deal with this challenge.
    But then: The Swiss also never had to fight a war since Napoleon, and have never been occupied ever since, and didn’t have much contact with non-Europeans either before post-modern times struck. However, they still seem to manage the mayhem much better than the Swedes, and their folk army is well-trained even today.
    So the long-term dominance of social-democracy, taking away the responsibility from the individual, also plays a part. Sweden was the first “nanny state”, long before this term even was coined, and long before this phenomenon hit the Anglo-Saxon world and Europe.
    We should take this as a warning

    • As far as I can remember, the French didn’t take Switzerland during Napoleon? They have been the only country that has resisted any invasion attempt.

    • The Germans have been perennial aggressors for a good deal of the last century and they are just as feminized and impotent as the Swedes. While I think lack of being occupied or fighting wars might be a part of the problem, it isn’t the biggest or most important part.

      If I had to opine, I would say the length of time of female suffrage in a country and the degree of female autonomy is a far greater indicator of a country’s de-masculinization and openness to inviting foreigner infiltration than frequency of war or occupation. This isn’t to say that women should be chattel; just an impartial observation.

      • There is plenty of fight in the Germans, you just don’t see it in the big cities, go out to the countryside and small towns and they will get their German on when you provoke them.

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