Inertia-Selling the Vax

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been using the above graphic to illustrate my posts about the COVID “vaccine”. It’s a panel from a 1969 strip by R. Crumb from Zap Comix #3. An ancient memory of it from my hippie days popped into my head, so I tracked it down and scanned it. The strip it was taken from is called “Street Corner Daze”, a warning about the dangers of speed.

It will probably come in handy over the next few months as the push for “vaccine passports” gathers momentum.

Yesterday I received a phone call from the family practice group that serves as my primary health care provider. The young lady on the other end of the line said: “I wanted to let you know that the Moderna vaccine in. Your first dose has been scheduled for such-and-such a date; will that work for you, or do you need to reschedule?”

I wasn’t really surprised by the call, because I had read reports that this is the tack that health care providers are taking to push the experimental mRNA medical treatment they misidentify as a “vaccine”. They use a form of inertia selling to induce their patients to take the jab: We’ve set up an appointment for you; let us know if you need to change the date. That is, they don’t offer the option of not getting the shot.

I’m a geezer, but my mental faculties are fortunately still sharp enough that I can recognize when I’m being manipulated. I told her that I would not be getting the “vaccine”. She cheerfully thanked me, and said she would make a note of that fact in my chart.

I don’t know what happens under the same circumstances to people who are hard of hearing, or more confused, or entering the early stages of dementia — maybe not as bad as Joe Biden, but not always able to take in the full significance of what’s going on. I assume they just dutifully show up for their appointment and roll up their sleeve when prompted.

It made me think about who designed this vax-to-the-max sales approach and ordered their subordinates to implement it. “Follow the money” is always the best bet. The little clinic where my doctor works is owned by a larger regional outfit, but I don’t know whether that company is in turn subordinate to an even larger entity. Ultimately the Commonwealth of Virginia, the federal government, and the pharmaceutical companies are back there calling the shots, as it were, but the exact chain of command is unclear.

Well, anyway… The note’s in my chart. Now they know I’m a dissident.

My stance is very unusual among people in my social milieu, i.e. college-educated geezers, most of them retired government employees. Only one of my old friends has refused the vax (she also refuses to wear a mask — good for her).

I also don’t have a cell phone. Which makes me a complete oddball — no baby monitor, no social media, no jab. I’m just totally out of touch with the 21st century.

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  1. I experienced the same, subtle soft-sell, in a routine telephone appointment with my MD about a separate issue.

    The difference between you in the U.S., Baron, and me in Canada, is that my MD is, for all intents and purposes, essentially a government employee …

    One might say that this is a case of “assumed consent,” rather than asking me explicitly FOR my consent.

    ( INFORMED consent didn’t enter the picture at all. )

    So to use the jargon so beloved by the leftists, this is ALSO a matter of ‘appropriation’ of my ‘agency.’ Which, given my vintage, might also be considered a case of ‘elder abuse.’

    If this keeps up I may qualify for ‘Victim’ status.

    ( Who am I kidding? I’m a white, male, TradCatholic heterosexual of Irish ancestry. I’m one of the pillars of systemic white supremacy ! )

      • No worries … Guinness is a much better vaccine than anything Big Pharma has come up with.

        Now whether you can imbibe the Guinness in the dosages necessary to be effective (approx. one-half the average Irishman’s daily consumption) may be another matter … esp. if you don’t like Guinness.

  2. Baron, You can do without a cell/mobile phone, and here’s why. I was a real property appraiser until January 2020 when the fees to continue in the profession (industry) came due, about $4,500 of them, which I didn’t have because low bidders (bottom feeders had taken over and the profession was now and industry.
    With the advent of online mapping being now available on mobile phones Rand McNally ceased publication of their maps that we appraisers had come to rely upon. I was already somewhat ahead of the game as I had used the mapping function in lot surveying. As the old Thomas Guide is no longer published I am forced to rely upon the Google Maps function on my mobile phone, and I continue to do so on a regular basis.
    All this recent talk about vaccines and health passports has made me aware of how Google could be hired by the CDC for the feds to set up a program of contact tracing and the general monitoring of citizen (legal and illegal) whereabouts. Not to be paranoid but I think that in these days discretion would be the better part of valour. As the powers-that-be protesteth too much, their agenda must not be sufficiently credible to stand on its own, thus the need for overweening controls. So…..if they can’t ‘stick’ it to us one way (needle) they will stick it to us in other ways.
    Welcome to the last daze that was foretold two millennia ago.

  3. I grew up in Oakland and Zap was a big deal when I was in high school in the early 70s.

    • I still have my Freak Brothers comix on the shelf.

      Palo Alto here, class of ’79.

  4. I don’t consider myself to be an ignorant person. I probably get too much information. In this case, I think it was my lack of knowledge but hearing things being said that made my eyebrows rise up a bit more on this. It is the weasel words and phrasing. I saw enough ambiguity to not make absolute statements but this is my understanding. They say you may need to wear a mask after vaccination. They don’t know if you can get it after vaccination or if you can spread it. The J&J vaccine may be MORE like a traditional vaccine. The mRNA vaccines are educating your immune system to better respond to the cytokines and not necessarily respond or prevent you from getting the virus but may protect you from COVID-19. Apparently COVID-19 is not the same as having corona. Somethng similar in analogy to HIV and AIDs. HIV is corona and AIDS is COVID-19. I don’t know how much research had previously been done on vaccinating on a symptom but realizing this approach is new and done in record time made me acknowledge there a real possibility it was not necessarily an accidental release. If you are allowed to bring a “person’s” past into it. I think history would agree with me. If someone is willing to release that then what else do they have to release?

    For those who don’t think they are capable of such a thing, they have killed millions of their own before. They harvest organs from prisoners. They do whatever they want that they think they can get away with. I have heard more than a few people say they don’t think it was released intentionally and I don’t know that it was but it is not improbable. Who wants to identify that it was? What are you going to do about it?

    Happy Easter!

    • I thought I detected a level of panic in the immediate CCP response to the release/escape, however those guys are clever……

      As with WW2, I suspect that this was unplanned and premature, an accident at this stage; I suspect that there was more function to be gained, and that the mRNA vaccination, waiting in the wings, is a wonderful way to deliver a ‘package’ that may or may not be anything to do with the virus.

      Such is the nature of a virus, that most of us are by now immune, the math dictates that, by now, we have all been in contact and have developed a level of immunity that makes the intended higher functioning pathogen useless.

      However by preaching the gospel of mutations, we will have to be boosted in a few months – so all is not lost.

      The rich and privilaged have always had a Malthausian fear of a major earth elimination event in which their wealth and power was rendered useless. Getting the population “under control” is part of the insurance policy against this.

  5. My health insurance company was pleased as punch to share with me their 30 second TV commercial aimed at the “vaccine hestitant” population. Plus, I got the “good news” that I am now elibible to receive the vaccine. You can imagine my excitement.

    • What a nice turn of phrase – vaccine hesitant. As if you may eventually agree to be injected. A better description would be “vaccine refusing”.

  6. Since about three years ago, but not since the Corona virus hysteria began, every time I went to the pharmacy to get a prescription refill I would be solicited in a similar manner as the Baron experienced. I would be propositioned for the influenza, the pneumonia, and the hooping cough vaccines. Every time they would tell me I am eligible, I can get them now, and they won’t cost me anything as my insurance would pay for it. Well, every time I answered with a snappy “not right now.” I don’t know if they have stopped asking because they have documented me as a refusenik or because they have gotten too busy with the corona virus vaccine.

    I get the same sales pitch when I go to my primary care doctor. In this case, they push the influenza vaccine. Every time that I refuse I see the nurse make a notation in the computer.

    It seems like vaccines have become big business.

    • Doctors are being offered 8,000 dollar bonus for every 50 vaxxed. I cant because of my Christian beliefs, that anything based on lies is not of God. Two, I’m allergic to red meat and lots different chemicals. My doctor told me tree weeks ago he took both shots so that I didn’t have to. We will see.

  7. Luckily for us here in South Africa they are largely far to unorganized for this “patriotic” Call for the Vaccine, or “Save thy Neighbour with the jab and become a Statistic”.
    But I still have a Cell-phone, a NO FRILLS one that I use instead of a Landline and lives largely in my Kitchen.
    I only have that thing for Economic reasons, since it cost me a fraction of what a Landline costs on monthly rental fees, and that’s with the occasional Phonecalls and SMS’s.

    Yesterday on the Market someone tried to get me to apply for the “Snap-chat” paying method and I kindly refused.
    I told them that I have no need or inclination to give Banks and Government more POWER over my Income and Finances.
    Then I showed the guy a R 5 coin and said “FREEDOM”, then I pointed to his “Smart-phone” and said “SLAVERY”.
    He actually agreed, but will still use those Apps because of “convenience”.
    I replied, “Sorry for your Loss” and quoted David Hume;

    “It is seldom, that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.
    Slavery has so frightful an aspect to men accustomed to freedom, that it must steal upon them by degrees, and must disguise itself in a thousand shapes, in order to be received.”

  8. Neither I nor my wife will be receiving a vaccine. We are well aware of the so-called side effects for our age group and have decided that if we are to die, it will be from natural causes rather than the effects of an experimental drug which seems to be enriching the pharmaceutical industry. As for vaccine passports, the various governments involved can place those in a place where the sun does not shine.

  9. I, entirely willingly, had my first (AstraZenica) shot on 27th January. The last few days, I’ve had numerous texts, from the clinic and my GP surgery, with a link to click to book my second. Problem is, I don’t have a smartphone, so couldn’t click, but eventually (being a Bear of Little Brain) it occurred to me to type the link into an email to myself and clicked on it, and Glory Halleluia, I have an appointment for Thursday.

    I shall be having words with said clinic and surgery this week, pointing out that many people of my age (ie the ones now qualifying for the second jab) wouldn’t have thought of this solution even if they had a computer. I don’t know whether the clinic has my email, but the surgery certainly does; I renew my prescriptions online.

    This kind of disenfranchisement is becoming too common; I tried to order some goods from Amazon recently, after my beloved gave me a voucher, and every time I tried to sign in they sent me a text with a number I had to click on- within sixty seconds!- to verify who I was. After spending an hour, and two calls, a very helpful young operative in the Philippines solved the problem by deleting my mobile number (cellphone, for Americans) from their records. Who needs this (ordure)?

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