“Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas”

More than ten years ago I posted a series of articles about political rallies in Belgium where an alliance of leftists and Muslims chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”

The video below is from Arnhem in the Netherlands. In it you can hear fans of the soccer club Vitesse chanting the same thing, in reference their opponents, Ajax. If I understand it correctly, the Ajax soccer club has a Jewish background.

It’s not clear from the video or the accompanying article whether the Jew-hatred was chanted primarily by native Dutch supporters of Vitesse, or whether Muslim culture-enrichers were involved.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

An article from DeStentor.nl (also translated by Gary Fouse) has more on the topic:

Anti-Jewish cries at rally by Vitesse fans leading up to match with Ajax: Police conduct investigation

Police in Arnhem have begun an investigation after a group of Vitesse supporters chanted anti-Jewish slogans Wednesday evening on a bridge in Arnhem

Marco Bauman
April 15, 2021

During a rally involving the hanging of an enormous banner in the run-up to the cup finale between Ajax and Vitesse, there were shouts of “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”

On video images (see below, shared on Instagram) of the rally chants can clearly be heard directed against the Jewish background of the Amsterdam soccer club.

It is not the first (time) that the chorus of the Arnhem fans has been chanted. In 2018 it was heard during a Premier Division match between Vitesse and Ajax. The Arnhem club then placed a stadium ban on six fans.

The chorus has been reported to the police. They are now calling on witnesses to the action on Wednesday to report to the police. “The fight against discrimination has a high priority. Therefore, we will further investigate this matter,” says a spokesperson. “We are very dependent on information we receive from the public.”

Maurits Straatman:

“Beautiful fireworks display today by fans of Vitesse. You can be proud of that. What also happened was the mass of chants, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas” was chanted. As Vitesse fans and Arnhemmers, you cannot be proud of that.” (April 14, 1:07pm)


“Make us proud. Show them who we are” (April 14, 1:08 pm).

Video transcript:

00:00   Vitesse supporters hold rally on John Frost Bridge…
00:03   Banner: “Make us proud. Show them who we are”
00:07   On Wednesday evening, fans of Vitesse held a spectacular rally
00:13   on the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem.
00:17   On the bridge, a 10-meter long banner was hung with the text:
00:21   “Make us proud, show them who we are”.
00:27   About 9 pm, fans came onto both sides of the bridge and set off fireworks.
00:37   The rally was marred by anti-Jewish chants… La la la da da de da… Force Vitesse!
00:45   Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas!

10 thoughts on ““Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas”

  1. The question I have is? Why the hell are Jews still living anywhere near this insanity? Can’t they see the bloody writing on the wall? The bloody muslims are going to come for you all at some point and there will be nobody there to stop it from happening.

    • Have you forgotten Noel Ignatiev, Susan Sonntag and Barbara Lerner-Spectre?
      They want it!
      They support the immigration to fight the evil white racism.
      (I wonder how importing millions of jew-hating muslims will tone down the jew hating in Europe. Maybe I dont understand 4D chess or playing around the corner. Can please anybody enlighten me?)

      • Atheist Americans of Jewish extraction are hardly Jews.

        Atheist ‘Christians’ are just as bad but not quite so obvious.

        And then there is Pope Francis…..

        Here in Israel, we tend to despair of the 70% of Jews who support the modern Democrat Party. But one might say “forgive them, for they know not what they do”

        • I disagree.

          You see, whwnever some Nazis raise their voices here in Germany we get a loud “DO SOMETHING!” from Israel. And we get into the streets, shout at them and make their lives miserable.

          Why do the Israelis not make the same? Maybe sending some MOSSAD agents to Barbara Lerner-Spectre (she is the only one of the three I mentioned who is still alive) and the other Atheist Jews and tell them to stop.

          A short time ago a german mother went to court because of the COVID masks and lost. Now she has to pay about EUR 18.000. Punish one, teach the others.

          Maybe MOSSAD should do the same. Punish Barbara to teach the other Atheist Jews.
          Just saying.

          • The only connection between BLS and Israel is her Jewish heritage, she is American not Israeli

            She too hates Israel

            How can Israel be held responsible for an American?

            That is like saying that Germany is responsible for President Trump, and that the German Secret Service should have punished him because of his German heritage.

            Israel is Israel, Germany is Germany – anti-Semitism in Germany has nuances, I lost about 50 family members in those nuances, Germany hurt my people badly, Never Again means exactly that, you are not guilty of those crimes, but you live with the consequences, as do I.

  2. While Vitesse fans were chanting stupid rhetoric, Hamas were pounding us with actual missile (40 in the last week). The non-lethal chants were reported, the lethal Hamas missiles were not!

    We have a problems here, anti-semitic chants happen whe n ‘Jewish’ soccer clubs (Tottenham Hotspur) have matches against ‘worker’s’ clubs (Millwall). Its not ‘nice’ but the malice is not so much anti-joo as part of the ritual of football. The fans need to erect and display their manhood as manifested in 11 men trying to kick a ball between 2 posts, all a bit pathetic (but newsworthy)

    I grew up with this kind of stupid remote anti-semitism (I only discovered my Jewish roots much later). The real anti-semitism was that my family had this skeleton in the closet which was never mentionsed.

    The media will report the pseudo anti-semitism, the football chanting, but fail to report the real and actively lethal anti-semitism, the missiles aimed at a civilian population. Is this not the epitome of the real anti-semitic malice…..


  3. They always – 20 years or so – shout that to insult our capitol city. It is a bad habbit. You get in the news with it often and now again…

  4. Those evil folks you mentioned were and are communists, they are the destroyers of nations and cultures and it seems that non practicing jews are the bloody worst of them.

    • Ex-Jews and ex-Christian (atheist) politicians and academics.

      Communism (and its variants) are the playground of fools, psychopaths and intellectual bigots, many fall for it once they abandon Judeo-Christian decency, especially it seems tenured academics and narcisistic pols who should know better but want to virtue signal their “superiority” (their self-worshipping godship).

      The blue cities of the USA are already on fire, but still academia fans the flames in the hope that they can be the last men standing – but most academics I have met have zero practical skills, let alone survival skills, so when the excrament of their own making hits the ventilation device of street thuggery they will not have a chance, this revolution, like every other one before it, will eat its own. But it will consume a lot of us oldies as well before it burns itself out.

      • I like Napoleon’s thoughts on so called academics, “You don’t argue with academics, you shoot them” !

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