Come to Sunny Moscow — Get the Jab!

Supplies of the Wuhan Coronavirus “vaccine” are insufficient to meet the demand in Germany and other European countries, so people who are anxious to be assimilated into the Borg inoculated are taking Sputnik V vacations to Moscow and other exotic locales.

The following report is from RT’s French-language service. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Vaccine tourism, a new trend for the spring/summer season in 2021.
00:05   Some travel agencies offer their clients trips to Russia. For €1600,
00:11   they organize a four-day trip to Moscow, during which tourists will
00:16   be injected with a dose of the vaccine Sputnik V each time.
00:20   Everything is arranged, including a guide who brings the tourists to the vaccination center
00:24   and an interpreter during the medical appointment.
00:27   On Thursday, 80 German tourists did not hesitate to take off for Moscow.
00:32   I wanted to get the vaccine before I would be able to get it in Germany.
00:38   Being only 19 years old means I would receive it far too late. My father is a patient at risk.
00:43   I’m doing it for him and because I want to protect my family. I don’t want to bring the virus home.
00:49   In Germany, currently only 6% of the population is fully vaccinated.
00:55   I would probably get my turn at the end of the year and I don’t want to wait that long.
00:59   I considered other options, for instance Serbia, Israel, Iraq and the United States.
01:04   For various reason those didn’t work out, and after considering all
01:08   the possible options, this was being offered for the first time.
01:12   After receiving a first injection this Friday, German tourists will make the second trip
01:18   in three weeks to complete their vaccination. Russia is not the only destination
01:23   favored by tour operators offering their vaccination trips.
01:28   Due to difficulties getting their population vaccinated, more and more Europeans
01:33   are inquiring about it, much to the surprise of the tourism professionals in this niche market.
01:42   Our primary market was only Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and we didn’t
01:46   even consider the rest of Europe.
01:51   Journalists reported on our vaccination trips.
01:56   Afterwards, the German press released articles abroad in English and Russian.
02:05   From then on it became a topic all over Europe. Now we’re in the press in Portugal, Greece,
02:10   Spain, and France. We really did not expect this;
02:15   it’s far beyond what we could have dreamed.
02:20   Vaccination tourism is even being organized at the initiative of some governments.
02:24   The Serbian government, for example, has proposed to vaccinate foreign nationals
02:29   staying in the country with Sputnik V.
02:33   This strategy is also being considered by Cuba once its vaccine is operational.
02:38   This is a way to revive tourism, which has lost $1.3 trillion since 2020.

10 thoughts on “Come to Sunny Moscow — Get the Jab!

  1. Interesting. I do not believe the Sputnik vaccine is the mRNA type. I could be wrong.

  2. To be fair I have not seen any stories Of side effects from the Sputnik V vaccine so I think it might be preferable to Moderna and Pfizer if that is all that is offered. Here we only have large quantities of AZ, the others are not available yet in large quantities. Given the low risks I think it’s a good idea and if we could leave the country I would have considered it but we are not allowed out.

  3. Since in Russia information is traditionally hushed up, I listen to the so-called “Radio Sarafan” (Russian women’s national dress).
    Recently I went to a hairdresser and asked what women say about vaccinations. I was told that some were vaccinated, most were asymptomatic, some had a slight fever, but a young man died in a nearby urban suburb. But I don’t know how reliable this information is.

    I live in a regional center of 500 thousand inhabitants. At the peak of the incidence, we had 260 cases a day, now less than 80. The incidence fell when the frosts were about 30 degrees Celsius for a long time. All viruses are apparently frozen out.

    Everyone is tired of everything. Despite the mask mode, people stopped wearing masks.

    I will not get vaccinated because I have years of depression and fatalism. I don’t like being on this planet.

  4. The Sputnik V vaccine is an adenovirus-based viral vector vaccine, just like the AstraZeneca and J&J vaccines. It is just as experimental as the rest of the cobble.

    The only coronavirus vaccines to use conventional dead virus technology are a couple of Chinese vaccines, with poor reported efficacy.

    There is a reason there hasn’t been a SARS vaccine despite years of research. It’s not easy to make one.

  5. The first Sputnik orbited the earth, maybe this one will also.
    Bop, bop, dee doo wop, get a jab. (back then it was job)

  6. Jabber-wocky: noun; a four-armed dragon with a head that resembles T. Rex. In each of the four caws that are on the end of each of the four arms is a syringe. The syringes are filled by tubes that extend through the scales from glandular sacs that are inside the dragon. All those who bow and kneel before the dragon and allow themselves to be injected receive the injection and a mark that allows them to dwell in peace with the dragon. All the others who refuse are regarded as enemies of the dragon and marked for death. Jabber-wocky’s scale armor has been repaired and the hole patched so that only a nuclear-tipped tom-cruise missile is effective against it.

    BTW: China’s national symbol is the Great Dragon. I wonder if we remember our Bible lessons that tell us who the Great Dragon really is.
    “with claws that catch and spines on the back the Jabberwocky wants a snickers-snack.

    • The monster is called a Jabberwock, to be precise; Lewis Carroll’s poem is called “Jabberwocky”, and like all the poems in the “Alice” books, is a parody, in this case of an obscure medieval German epic poem. He’s also satirising the then current craze for Anglo-Saxon studies, calling “Jabberwocky” an example of Anglo-Saxon poetry. I could quote the whole thing from memory, but I’ve shown off quite enough already.

      I’m in good company; when the great musician Leonard Bernstein died in 1990, his children put into the coffin a baton, the score of Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, and a copy of “Alice in Wonderland”.

  7. I have always believed that Japan had the Great Dragon because of all earthquake that occur in that region. But, perhaps i am wrong.

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