Caterers of the World Unite!

The following video was recorded at an anti-lockdown demonstration in Rome. The woman interviewed represents a caterers’ group in Sicily.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   What are you asking for? —We are here in Rome today to demonstrate
00:04   against both the previous and the current government.
00:08   There was a government reshuffle, but Minister Speranza is still there.
00:11   He has been harming us for fourteen months.
00:14   We represent the caterers’ group. I am from Sicily.
00:18   We have come to Rome today because we need to open our restaurants. We, too, need to work.
00:23   They only made restaurants, pizzerias and cafés close.
00:27   Enough is enough. Fourteen months without working. Fourteen months without redundancy funds.
00:31   Fourteen months paying bills, rent and they didn’t even block evictions.
00:35   And as for stimulus, it is time people learn that the government claims to be generous
00:40   but doesn’t send real stimulus. But charity. Alms, actually.
00:45   If a restaurant has €600,000 in revenue,
00:49   it really has no use for something like a €3,000 or €5,000 stimulus.
00:53   It really has no use for them. We are not plague-spreaders. The virus is not in restaurants.
00:57   We caterers respect any regulation. Whoever violates them must be punished.
01:01   But the government cannot punish us all because of few offenders.
01:04   Are you wearing horns like Jake Angeli in protest?
01:07   I am wearing horns as sign of protest but I am very peaceful.
01:10   I have nothing against the police who are doing their own job.
01:13   If members of the government were not pieces of s***,
01:16   they wouldn’t be afraid of decent people like us who have come here to talk.
01:20   We just want to be heard by a government that doesn’t hear us.
01:24   The police are doing their job. And rightfully so, because I would like to do my job, too.
01:30   I haven’t been taking in a euro for fourteen months.
01:33   I haven’t been cashing in a euro, and I have a family. A house. A mortgage.
01:36   I am struggling to make ends meet. I was already doing that, before all this; now it’s even worse.
01:41   What’s your name? So Speranza must resign. My name is Sandra Di Bella and I am from Catania.

One thought on “Caterers of the World Unite!

  1. I find it laughable how these protesters always say,
    we have nothing against The police, they are only doing their job!

    LIKE AT BELSEN, they were only doing their job, forcing you into the gas chambers!

    And they were only ding their job?

    Enough is enough of this rubbish talk, it is this thugs in uniforms wo are collecting unmissed paycheck s that are going to and willing to murder you if they are told to!!!

    Only when you take up arms will you have even then a chance to stop the globalist communists taking over the world and the genocide murder of 6.5 billion human beings!!!

    Please people, wake up now, and smell the burritos!

    We are at war here, fight for your lives or they going to kill you and me, kill us all!!!

    Forming flash mobs, using flash mob techniques in every city and town, for fly groups using sms and email group texting to summon large mobs to resist against any attempts by the gestapo thugs to harrasement you, fine you, close down your business, or arrest people. Use flash mobbing, and your groups flash mobs can overwhelm the thugs they are using to enforce their tyranny!!!! And defeat these communist murderers!

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