And the Beat Goes On

The cultural enrichment beat, that is.

Below are four recent articles about various aspects of the migrant invasion of Europe. The first article (translated by Hellequin GB) concerns a deadly attack by a Syrian culture-enricher in Berlin. The report doesn’t make it clear, but I suspect that both his victims were also culture-enrichers.

Translator’s note:

I couldn’t find the article from the Berliner Zeitung, but the gist is clear: another case of Cultural Enrichment.

The word “colorful” in the title (German Bunte) is a reference to multiculturalism, roughly equivalent to the way “rainbow” was used in the USA before it was co-opted by LGBT.

The article from PolitikStube:

Colorful capital: Attack on two Berliners, one dead, one seriously injured — Syrian (30) arrested

In the politically correct police report from April 20, 2021 it says: Emergency services arrested a 30-year-old man yesterday evening. He is suspected of having killed a 56-year-old man in his apartment on Huttenstrasse in Moabit. The 56-year-old was found lifeless in a room in his apartment around 8:40 a.m. yesterday. The situation and the injury pattern indicated a homicide.

The arrested person is also suspected of having tried to kill a 56-year-old man in his apartment on Neue Schönhauser Strasse in (Berlin) Mitte. The investigations into both cases are ongoing and are being led by the Third Murder Commission of the State Criminal Police Office and the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office. The 30-year-old suspect is due to be brought before a judge today.

The Berliner Zeitung reports in more detail: The suspect is a Syrian national who is said to have attacked two Berliners in their apartments. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office obtained the suspect’s temporary placement in a closed psychiatric facility.

Article #2 is from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert, and was translated by Gary Fouse:

“Closed borders” are only for Austrians: New asylum record in the first quarter of 2021

[Caption: Still in vivid memory: 2015/16 tens of thousands of illegals stormed our country. If the interior minister still cannot protect our borders, we will soon be back.]

In the flood of daily media Corona numbers game — and fear-making mode — other, potentially much more dangerous reports are lost — some on the topic of massively increasing illegal migration to Austria. The assurances of ÖVP-interior minister Karl Nehammer aside, the “social travelers”, particularly in the past year, did not adhere to his “total border closure” and came into the country in large numbers, largely unhindered. 14,200 asylum applications were counted to the end of the year, the first increase since 2015, and then by an impressive 12% (versus 2019).

In March, 90% more illegals than last year

It is likely to get worse this year, as even the Kurier cannot conceal. By the end of the first quarter, end of March, according to the Federal Interior Ministry, there were already 5,024 applications nationwide — that is an increase from the previous year of an impressive 42%. In a monthly comparison, there were, in March 2021, 90% more illegal social migrants compared with March 2020, who merrily streamed over the “closed” borders of our land.

In spite of the end of the war, Syrians continue to lead the way

And it is always the same, those who come. Also this year, the lion’s share are Syrians (2,267 applications), who have the greatest chance of recognition, although the civil war in Syria in a wide part of the country has for a year been all but ended and the bombed county needs every young man for the rebuilding of houses, businesses, and infrastructure. Because it is mostly young men who seek our protection (82% of those who traveled here).

It is almost all Muslim males

And it is almost without exception Muslims, who are hardly compatible with our Western value system. Behind the Syrians are the Afghans and Moroccans (the latter have little chance of asylum, but are no longer accepted by their country in case of deportation). Behind those are found Iraqis, Turks, and Somalis. 554 of the uninvited guests were (allegedly) “unaccompanied minors”.

Suspension of asylum rights as the only way out

What that means for the security of our country and our citizens is reported regularly by Unzensuriert. The only way out of this hopeless situation would be the suspension of asylum rights, long-demanded (unfortunately only) by the FPÖ, which, with the prevailing pandemic in the face of unvetted and uncontrolled travelers, in the sense of public health, should be easy to argue.

Austria has the most illegals in the EU, Hungary the fewest

In addition, the economic migrants cross several safe countries on their way to the most lucrative European social paradises before they reach Austria. Speaking of Austria. While the asylum numbers have risen exorbitantly in Austria in spite of “Corona closures”, in the rest of the EU, they were significantly reduced in the previous year (416,000 applications in the 27 member nations, the lowest since 2013). Every fourth application succeeded in Germany (which, by the way, is exclusively surrounded by safe countries). The lowest number of illegal entries was in Hungary.

Article #3, from PolitikStube, translated by Hellequin GB:

Look, Germany, it’s that simple: Denmark is withdrawing residence permits from Syrian refugees

Denmark classifies Damascus and the surrounding areas as safe, so the Danish government has very different information about the situation and has begun to withdraw the residence status of Syrian refugees. Refugee organizations, on the other hand, still see the security situation as tense, and a return to Syria could have an impact on mental and physical well-being.

More than 1.5 million people live in Damascus, so if many dangers lurk in the city, should they all actually be evacuated? Or all of Syria? How is it even possible for Syrian “refugees” to visit their relatives at home because of the tense security situation — some even fly there on vacation and others to inspect their property? Apparently there is no threat of persecution?

RT German:

According to media reports, at least 189 Syrians have been denied the extension of their temporary residence status since last summer. The Danish authorities described the move as justified and cited a report claiming that the security situation in parts of Syria has “improved significantly”. About 500 people from Damascus and the surrounding area have undergone a reassessment of their residence status.

The Danish Refugee Council disagrees with the decision to consider the area around Damascus or other areas in Syria as safe for refugees to return. “The absence of fighting in some areas does not mean people can return safely. Neither the UN nor other countries consider Damascus to be safe,” said [Charlotte] Slente [the Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council].

Article #4, from PolitikStube, translated by Hellequin GB:

The gates are open — Canary Islands: Migrants are allowed to the mainland

The illegal migrants in the Canary Islands have been waiting longingly for this decision, the desired onward journey to the mainland is no longer blocked and the way to admission to the desired social paradises is paved, after all. Spain does not have the great attraction (social benefits) for permanent settlement and so numerous soldiers of fortune will embark on the journey to Western or Northern Europe.

There are currently around 23,000 migrants from Africa in the Canary Islands, those who have a passport or an “application for asylum” have drawn the lucky ticket and can implement their “escape plan”.

There is also an interesting ruling on the numerous arrivals that we report almost every day from Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Co.

Judge Ángel Teba of the Administrative Court No. 5 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria , ordered on Wednesday that Africans who had previously entered the Canary Islands illegally by boat and carried their passports or asylum applications with them should leave the islands for the mainland and are no longer allowed to be stopped by the police at the ports and airports.

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  1. One just has to look at this UN Document to see that this has been the Plan all along.

    The Point of the Exercise is the utter destruction of European Culture and Society.
    Just look at the Picture that has been release by the EU a few days ago of the “New European”.
    You’ll see there a BLACK MALE holding a mixed race Child in his arms.
    You can also se that a WHITE MALE holding a mixed race child is not even considered, because White Males are a politically incorrect species marked for EXTINCTION by the Ideological Retarded Ruling Class.
    If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about their aims……. What DOES?

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