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  1. Again we see how the US-type Alt Right on the Net incl. GoV tries to pin socialism and communism and cultural marxism on the Covid Cultians.

    This is so as to try to save their beloved Capitalism from what they call “crony capitalists” such as in the WEF, who in their view are not “real capitalists” at all.

    Well people, take a look at the average net worth of Gates or Bezos or Soros or other attendees at Davos, or how Bezos treats his Amazon employees. See anything socialist?

    Do you see a common thread? Hyper-wealth, control freakery and contempt for the 99% perhaps?

    Now the Alt Right here would no doubt say that a communist “has to” adhere to the Communist Manifesto, but what do we read there? “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

    How retrograde of Marx and Engels not to include social isolation, cancelled operations, pneumonia-inducing mask wearing and the destruction of the petit bourgeois AKA small business in their Manifesto.

    But actually, what is happening 2020-2021 is fascism, technically speaking: the takeover of the State by corporate power.

    And as the Alt Right always admired Pinochet or Mobutu or Stroessner or any other military dictator who preserved the value of their share portfolios, you people are not about to dump on fascism by calling it out when it exists.

    • What’s the difference between socialism/fascism?

      What is capitalism?

      What is ‘needs’?

      Is it despotic to destroy small business? Is big business more similar to state business?

      “The Alt Right always admired Pinochet or Mobutu or Stroessner”, what is that based on?

    • Pinochet is admired for he killed communists and saved Chile from going the way of Cuba. Mobutu was a communist advised by the Soviets who destroyed his country, like those effing savages always do. Stroessner is another one that killed communists. So what exactly is good about communism again?

  2. Dear Reconquista,
    Socialism appeals to the masses when their belief in God diminishes. Socialism appeals to man’s sin nature. Everything it promotes appeals to greed, envy, covetousness, pride, etc. When put into practice, the old saying, “some animals are more equal than others” comes into being. These billionaires see this as a control mechanism, and they back it enthusiastically because they see themselves as sitting at the top of the pyramid. This is more accurately called neo-feudalism, with all of us as the new serfs. Your socialism gives you a belief system that seeks to eliminate God (see Marx’s statements regarding that), and provides you with a utopian ideal that is never attainable because of…wait for it…human nature.
    Those of us that believe in liberty seek a Free Market, not a capitalist system (yes there is a difference; look for definitions from many years ago and not the bastardization existing now). Remember, it ain’t so much what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, rather it is what you think you know that just ain’t so.

  3. Thankfully, Texas is calling an end to the mask madness, and Mississippi too, I hear. I’ve been pissing off people for a long time now by not wearing it, now the fun will begin with other states “asking” for their freedom, from socialists no less. CBS local here in Texas was swamped with Karens pleading for their chains and masks, and it is sickening to watch. The only thing better would be a magnitude 9.0 in DC.

    • One of those fifty megaton Soviet nukes detonated at sufficient altitude to maximize thermal pulse and blast effects would be better yet. It would almost be worth the loss of the Smithsonian, the Declaration of Independence, and the classical architecture to ensure the incineration and vaporization of every last swamp beast and backstabber inside the Beltway and outside it for a good fifty miles or so.

  4. The powers in charge keep us in a perpetual state of fear keep us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.
    – General Douglas Macarthur

  5. @ Reconquista

    Re: “But actually, what is happening 2020-2021 is fascism, technically speaking: the takeover of the State by corporate power.”

    You flunk History 101, sorry to have to tell you….

    I suppose I ought not to be surprised that a socialist/communist type such as yourself looks at things first in terms of economics, for that what Marx and Lenin did. That’s classical Leninist Marxism, class struggle and economics.

    However, when the Great War came along in 1914, something very strange to the Marxists happened: Their beloved theories about human nature failed to predict what the struggling masses of Europe would actually do in the event of a major war.

    Classical Marxist theory had predicted that the workers of the world would throw off their proverbial chains, renounce war and unite in an international communist movement to overthrow the hated ruling class and their bourgeoisie followers. Only that didn’t happen at all. Instead, the workers all across Europe rushed to the colors of their respective nation-states, joined the military and took up arms in defense of their countries. Singing patriotic songs, they marched off to war in the millions.

    A number of influential Marxists asked themselves why/how Marxist theory had failed, and at least two of them – Georg Lukács in Hungary and Antonio Gramsci in Italy – independently arrived at the same answer: Classical Marxism had failed because the foundations upon which European culture rested (“The West”), were too solid and strong. They were referring to Christianity and the church, the traditional family with a mother and father at its head, the home, the school, the community, and all of the rest of the things which formed the bedrock upon which the West stood.

    Classical Marxism failed because it had failed to take into account the overarching role of culture in everything else, including economics.

    Without digressing into an even lengthier treatment of the subject, the so-called “Cultural Marxists” (primarily at the Frankfurt School of Social Research in Weimar Germany, and then later elsewhere, including the U.S.) embarked upon a century-long “march” through the institutions of the West, toppling them and taking them over one-by-one. The culmination of which was the enthronement of Barack Obama, as president of the U.S. in 2008.

    Yes, that’s right – the “culture wars” are over, and the communists won. They now control every major institution of the West and of the U.S. For decades, they had tried but failed to break the last strongholds of traditionalism and the old ways in the U.S., i.e., the armed forces and corporate America, but by the early 2000s, they were well on their way there as well. Leaving aside my utter disdain for communism and opposition to it, I have to express a certain degree of admiration for their victory, which was impressively planned, orchestrated and carried out over a long period of time.

    At last we get to my somewhat long-winded point: The globalists – which group includes most of the wealthiest and most-powerful people in the world – are almost uniformly leftist in political orientation. True, they have taken this-and-that from all sorts of systems of belief – from Islam to futurism and science fiction – but in their core beliefs they hew to the left of the spectrum. They are Cultural Marxists, they support the Democrat Party and equivalents in Europe, they are atheistic, and if they can be said to believe in anything without question, it is only their own wealth, power and influence. If I had to choose a religion for them, it would be Islam, because many of the globalists are uber-wealthy Arabs from the Gulf Oil States, and also because Islam is a creed which appeals to conquerors and warlords, which is how these people see themselves. After that, would be their mysticism about environment and the Earth, which functions as a surrogate religious faith for them.

    For what it is worth, conventional labels such as “left”and “right” are growing increasingly inadequate to explain the present events. Although I would caution you that the trope that fascism is of the political right is one of the greatest falsehoods of the 20th century historiography.

    It is easily-demonstrated by plotting the degree of government control and intrusion within a given society or polity upon a linear scale. One end, let us term it the right, is characterized by the complete absence of government, what is correctly termed “anarchy.” The other leftward extreme is characterized by total, 100% control of the society by the government in power.

    Clearly, according to this index, fascism and communism lie very close together on the far-left of the spectrum. Dissimilar in a few respects, but similar in a great many more. Bear in mind also that all of the early fascists, those who founded it – including its acknowledged creator, Benito Mussolini of Italy – had been socialists already and only considered fascism to be its ultimate refinement.

    I will throw you the following bone, so to speak: Mussolini once expressed the view that he wished that he had named his system of “fascism” something else instead, namely “corporatism,” i.e., the merger of the state and the corporation. You are wrong, however, in terming the present polity the result of state being conquered by the corporation; it is quite the reverse in reality. The state – namely the government – has taken control of the corporation. How? Primary through its control over culture, in particular of education from K-12 through college and graduate school. Everything is downstream of those formative years, and sooner or later, all of those socialist students would have to wind up someplace. In corporations for example, some even in corporate boardrooms.

    The emerging leviathan of globalist governance is neo-feudal, even if that is not what they are calling it, and highly-technocratic. Just about any ideology or belief system will find a home there, as its members are ideologically-flexible depending on whatever happens to get results at that time. Labels mean nothing to them, only results.

    • What was is it that Napoleon once said that has come to be right. Oh yes, One does not argue with academics, you shoot them.

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