To Jab or Not to Jab, That is the Question

Despite the blitz of pro-“vaccine” state propaganda, large numbers of Berliners have so far declined to take the jab. It’s not clear how many have made an active decision not to receive the injection, as opposed to those who have not yet been notified, have procrastinated, or for other reasons have not showed up at the vaccination centers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

I wonder why? Berlin: Hundreds of thousands ignore their invitation to vaccinate

After the numerous horror reports (deaths, blood clots) and the brief suspension of the vaccine, does vaccine frustration and a negative attitude towards AstraZeneca seem to be rampant in Berlin? The vaccine is supposedly safe, but apparently so unpopular that hundreds of thousands do not respond to their vaccination invitation.

Of course one tries to blame ignoring the vaccination invitation on the sluggish appointment scheduling and the overloaded hotline, but there are numerous people who have a skeptical view, not only about the AstraZeneca vaccine, worry about side effects and long-term effects, and do not want to make themselves available as guinea pigs.

Daily mirror: 100,000 doses of the British-Swedish preparation AstraZeneca are currently in stock — and further deliveries are expected. Doctors and Senate officials fear that the AstraZeneca skepticism will hardly be able to be dispelled in the foreseeable future.

Recently, masses of teachers, police officers and daycare staff should have come to the vaccination centers where AstraZeneca is injected. But there were thousands fewer than expected by the Senate and vaccinators.

A million so-called vaccination codes have been sent since December 2020. This means the right to be vaccinated. But by March 23, only 362,711 Berliners had an initial vaccination, which means that around 630,000 Berliners are currently entitled to get vaccinated, but have not done so.

What is certain is that many of those currently eligible for vaccination have not yet been able to make an appointment, for example because the Senate hotline was overloaded, because they only received the code in the last few days or because they did not react immediately.

9 thoughts on “To Jab or Not to Jab, That is the Question

  1. Whilst caution is understandable, it seems likely that vaccination is the only sure way to eradicate this and future viral infections. Not doing so may mean this curse will be with us for decades, causing death, suffering and economic distress.

    The number of serious adverse reactions is minuscule, probably not worse nor better than any other vaccine.
    Certificates must be issued to all those vaccinated and those who are not will be subject to restrictions. This is fair and reasonable.

    • Are they paying you in silver coins or just worthless paper to post state propaganda on websites such as this?

      Obesity and related medical conditions flowing from poor life choices kill far more annually than CCP Virus, flu, car crashes, and homicide combined. Abortion kills more blacks in the inner cities every year than decades of gang shootings and overdoses. Where is the agitation to compel caloric restriction or mandatory abstinence upon repeat offenders? If certificates are required then I’ll get mine forged thank you very much, and in the meantime you can fold yours into a multitude of sharp corners and shove it up your fourth point of contact.

    • “If I were being told a pack of Covid Cult propaganda lies by the mass media, I am sure I would have heard about it on the TV and radio.”

      Hence: “make sure you wash your hands, we will be washing your brain.”

    • Miniscule? The “vaccinations” (which are not done by vaccines but experimental drugs) in Europe/world have hardly begun an in EU alone they reported yesterday – so far: 3,964 DEAD 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

      The long time effect of these experimental drugs are not known – the most worry some which many scientists and doctors in the field have discussed is a antiimmune reaction further down the road to new variants of Sars.

      Be my guest – run of now to get your experimantal jab – be a good sheeple.

      (Note to self: stop feeding the sheeples and the trolls – they are so tiresome.)

    • The “Spanish Flu”, if we are still allowed to call it that, disappeared without any vaccines or experimental gene manipulators. The “curse” isn’t the disease, it’s the governments reaction to it. Never let a crisis go to waste.
      I read that the deaths and serious adverse reactions for the COVID shot is higher than all other vaccines combined. I am not sure if those figures include the vaccine-derived polio in Africa. Those who want to be guinea pigs and test this experimental “vaccine” are welcome to do so. I thank you for your service to the pharmaceutical industry. I hope it goes well for you.

      Vaccination certificates? Why not use those colorful ear tags, on the vaccinated, like they put on cattle. Much easier to see who the lab rats are and aren’t from a distance. What good is the “Mark of the Beast” if you can’t see it? That seems fair and reasonable to me.

      So there is risk in getting the “shot” and there is risk in not getting it. Such is life. We all have one foot in the grave from the moment of conception. Since we are all going to die from something anyway, why not enjoy our lives and freedoms and not worry about the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads?

  2. Why don’t the Germans want to be vaccinated? Because then they will no longer be who they truly are, GermMans who spread the good worth and everything else.

    • er ist Deutscher is the German for he is German…why the hell would a German ever even think to call themselves GERM MAN??? you are [a person whose intelligence I deprecate]…

  3. Are they forcibly vaccinating the hordes of orcs pouring into Germanistan? If there is no effort to vaccinate them then a reasonable conclusion could be made that those pushing vaccination are not serious about defeating CCP Virus, and that there is likely something in the vaccine that is not good for those who take it.

    I decided long ago that I wouldn’t be a lab rat for any of the vaccines and nothing I have seen since has convinced me that there is a compelling reason to get injected with an unproven vaccine that has zero liability for the pharmaceutical companies should there be side effects such as death. Maybe germans aren’t as stupid as they vote if they are refusing the vaccine in large numbers.

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