The Mysterious Melanization of Siberia

D@rLin|{, who translates both Russian and Hebrew for Vlad and Gates of Vienna, sends this screen cap from a Russian-language forum (translation below):


Hollywood is working on a blockbuster “Gulag Archipelago” based on Solzhenitsyn’s stories


  • I didn’t think that Siberia could change people to such an extent…
  • Nothing strange about it, they just got tanned while felling trees.
  • Morgan Freeman is going to play Stalin?

4 thoughts on “The Mysterious Melanization of Siberia

  1. это дерьмо

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  2. In the network there is a book “The Year of the A**hole” by Yuri Burnosov.
    This is a counter-cultural dystopia about Russia: Russians were sent to the GULAG, and blacks were brought to our place.
    There is an episode where a Russian smeared his face with shoe polish to get some food, but he was figured out.

    A**hole – that’s how Russians are humiliatingly called in the novel.
    It was crowded on the platform of the Kursk railway station – the train was unloading hordes of blacks who had arrived for agricultural work from Somalia or some other Uganda. Negroes climbed out of the boxcars, dressed in the same army quilted jackets over their naked bodies, from the rest they were wearing shorts, some of them were completely in loincloths. They crowded and goggled, babbled, froze – in the morning it was plus twelve, I suppose it was freezing in their opinion.

    Negroes were brought in regularly and distributed to agricultural enterprises. And that is true: Negroes in Somalia or some other Uganda would have died anyway, but here everyone is busy, they work, they themselves have something to devour and benefit to Great Russia.

    The negroes were waiting for the trucks to arrive and take them for instructions. The instruction was simple: primitive phrasebooks were given out, future functions were explained, and most importantly, it was explained about a**holes and what to do with them. After all, they have to meet with a**holes more than once, there are a lot of exiled a**holes in the village. And the very last negro – though not a citizen of Great Russia, is still not an a**hole. If he wants, he will give the a**hole in the teeth or in the balls there, so that he knows. And Negri nice – he’s not very someone kicked in the balls, especially the white – and a**holes science. That is, the a**hole understands – the Negro is a near-minded creature, little more than the last hamadryel, but still not an a**hole, he sits higher than the a**hole.

  3. After seeing that Achilles was played by a black and the curret hype about Bridgerton with tons of blacks in 1800 England I cannot wait for the new version of the History of the 3. Reich.
    My recommodations:
    Hitler: trans actor/ress Black, at least double amputee
    Göring: asiatic female having starved herself nearly to death (Christian Bale did it for a movie)
    Himmler: mexican who makes Danny Trejo look like a model
    Heydrich: Adam Sandler or there was a movie about a jewish superhero in Brooklyn who looked like the 10.000% stereotype of jews
    Eichmann: Aboriginee or Samoan
    What do you think

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