The Corona Gestapo in Moravia Crack Down on a Mask Scofflaw

The incident recorded in the video below took place a week ago in the town of Uherské Hradiště in Moravia, Czechia. In it you’ll see the municipal police take down a man who was not wearing a mask, as mandated by COVID-19 emergency regulations. As I understand it, the municipal police are a lesser police force, distinct from police who conduct criminal investigations.

Initial reports on social media alleged that the 3-year-old son of the mask scofflaw was left unattended at the scene after his father was carted off to the police station. However, the official statement in the article below seems to contradict that assertion.

Many thanks to Margita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article about the incident from Slovácký deník was also translated by Margita:

VIDEO: Strong-arm tactics against a man without a mask. Investigations being carried out to assess whether the police action was proportionate

Two officers of the municipal police who, on Wednesday March 10 after 4:30 in the afternoon on Havlícková Street, Uherské Hradiště, cracked down on a 40-year-old man who refused to put on a mask or respirator, have been suspended from duty. The emotionally charged situation captured on the video of a mobile phone was watched by the man’s three-year-old son.

News of the event spread via social networks on Wednesday night, attracting the attention of the public and unleashing a heated discussion as to whether the police response was appropriate.

The conflict occurred as a two-member patrol of the municipal police in Uherské Hradiště was proceeding along Havlícková Street. The transgression was allegedly committed by a man born in 1980 who was accompanied by a child.

He refused to keep his mouth covered and did not co-operate

“He was warned by police officers of the obligation to have his airways covered while in town by a respirator or a mask,” said Jan Pášma, a spokesman for the town hall in Uherské Hradiště.

According to him, the man replied that he would not cover his mouth because he was outside and wanted to breathe fresh air.

“He repeatedly refused to prove his identity. He then took his child in his arms and tried to walk away. For that reason the police officer blocked his path,” Jan Pášma described the situation.

But the forty-year-old man did not react and began to leave the scene. The officers immediately detained him physically and took him to a nearby city police building.

The mayor of Uherské Hradiště, Stanislav Blaha, later rejected speculations that after the man was taken away by the police, the child remained unnoticed at the scene of the struggle.

“He was under the supervision of a second patrol of the municipal police which had arrived on the scene and within a few minutes took the child to the city police station to see his father,” the mayor said.

The detainee’s lawyer described the situation differently

Through his lawyer Filip Petráš, the man, M. Z., described his unpleasant experience with the police quite differently.

“He was with his three-year-old son on the way from a health food shop to his car, parked about 30-50 meters from the store. Whilst shopping he had worn his protective equipment properly, as did his son. After leaving the store, they took off their protective equipment and headed for the parked car. There were no other people near them at that time,” said Filip Petráš.

However, the father and son were stopped by a city police patrol and alerted to the lack of mouth and nose protection. Mr. M. Z. replied that he knew about it, but that he was just on his way to the car and since there were no other people in the area, he wanted to breathe fresh air.

“He was then asked by the police patrol to identify himself, after which he stated that he would just put his child in the car and then talk to the patrol,” the lawyer specified.

At that moment the officers used coercive measures and wrestled the man to the ground in the presence of his three-year-old son.

“Mr. M.Z. was physically insulted, despite being neither aggressive nor resisting. After that he was taken to the police station by a municipal police patrol” Filip Petráš described the situation.

At no time was the man informed about what was happening to his three-year-old son.

“He was left alone on the street. Subsequently, he was brought to the police station by a shop assistant from the bakery. After his arrival, he was locked up in a cell together with M. Z.,” the lawyer added.

Was the procedure disproportionate to the situation? Investigations are continuing

The mayor of Uherské Hradiště, Stanislav Blaha (ODS), assessed the intervention of the police officers as disproportionate to the given situation and insensitive. He ordered an investigation of the incident by the Police of the Czech Republic.

“From a criminal and legal point of view, I have today filed a motion with the Police of the Czech Republic to investigate the incident. From an employment point of view, the matter will be decided by us after a thorough evaluation of the situation. At this moment, both officers are suspended from duty. I consider their intervention, especially given the presence of a small child, to be insensitive from a humane point of view,” Stanislav Blaha said, apologising to everyone who was in any way affected by the police intervention, saying that this incident tarnished people’s trust in the municipal police.

The commander of the municipal police of Uherské Hradiště, Vlastimil Pauřík, supported the mayor’s apology.

“The police inaccurately assessed the social danger of the offense and in no way should they have needed to pin the man to the ground in front of his child,” said Vlastimil Pauřík.

According to him, the two police officers have been working for the municipal police in Uherské Hradiště for two and four years respectively.

The mayor also pointed out that the Extraordinary Measures of the Ministry of Health are still in force at present.

“Everyone is obliged to comply with this regulation and the patrol acted correctly by informing the man about this obligation. From the point of view of the legitimacy of the intervention, the police officers did not make a mistake,” added Stanislav Blaha.

Michal Dvouletý, a representative of the group Private Businesses Free Independents for Hradiště, is critical.

“I confess that for me, as a father of small children, the published footage is a nightmare. That is why I do not intend to accept such practices.”

“It is unthinkable that anyone should end up face down on the ground in front of his three-year-old son and almost strangled by a police officer, all because of an unattached respirator.” he added.

Video transcript:

00:07   Let me go!
00:12   [Woman to child] ‘Don’t be scared’
00:20   Let me go! Help!
00:33   Call the state police, please. Call the police immediately.
00:38   You will go to the police station to verify your identity. —Let me go, please.
00:43   In the name of the law…

Hat tip: László.

11 thoughts on “The Corona Gestapo in Moravia Crack Down on a Mask Scofflaw

  1. Bad news. Lotso of people in Czechia arguing for the brutality. Totality used to be rejected. Totality in the name of “corona measures” is creeping in.

    • Brutality is always underneath the surface ready to rear it’s head when summoned by the powers that be, for there will always be people willing to do the job they are told to do.

  2. “From the point of view of the legitimacy of the intervention, the police officers did not make a mistake”

    — Both of these claims are baseless. The legitimacy of “Covid Laws” in the West seem to have been built mostly on thin air, so they are Void ab initio, and therefore all the “emergency laws” and authority measures in connection with the Corona Hoax should be legally challenged in court and declared avoid.

    In practice it means that the Corona Measures turn out to be a legal smoke screen, a con job, a trickery. They want to make us believe that in the New Normal the laws are not in effect any more, so that we comply voluntarily:

    Authorities act as if their actions were based on the law. But when taken to court, the tickets usually do not stand. In other words the fines and other retributions were illegal in the first place. This fact is getting exposed in different countries, in case of fines for “illegal gatherings”, or in case of breaking the “mask rules” like in Canada. If you disobey illegal measures the authorities cannot do anything (that is legal):

    The same goes for this Czech incident in Uherské Hradiště where even the policemen believed that they acted upon a real law. And they clearly believed that they even prevented some sort of criminal act (of breathing).

    On the other way around: the Constitutions / Charters of Rights are being broken by the (deep) states in the West; but in reality they are still in place so we should apply them. The real criminal acts are perpetually committed by the goverments when they illegally suspend fundamental human rights and freedoms on the basis of lies about the “pandemic”.

    So the claim of the Uherské Hradiště mayor that “the intervention of the police officers [were] disproportionate to the given situation and insensitive” is ridiculous in legal terms, and it only serves to conceal the fact that their “intervention” was not legal at all. Note that the criminal assault commited by the policemen was called only a “mistake”. Note also that the policemen were not fired, they just got suspended till the waters calm down. The mayor knows that the king is naked.

    Actually it is the law that seems to be pretty much suspended, illegally. Thus if the assaulted father took the case to court he would win.

    End of rant.

    • He might win if he took it to court… unless the judge was crooked too.

      Maybe Czechia needs an organization like they have in Canada now, helping people face down the authorities in the court of law.

      Also, if the police hire thugs, they will thug. Which obviously has been happening.

  3. What I noticed, especially strongly over the past year, is that to become a Policeman or Policewoman, you have to pass with Flying Colours the Milgram Experiment and the Standford Prison Experiment (Block Warden in this case).
    If you show any sign of compassion or a shred of humanity, you’re OUT.

  4. Soon, the concentration camps for Covid-19 risks to public health.
    Later the executions and ovens.

  5. Hope the cops get defunded they are expensive and useless and now tyrannical thugs. Guess all the drug dealers pimps and burglers are rotting in jail in the Czech Republic and the police there have lots of time on their hands to attack parents walking with their children. By the way masks are useless or at least the 500 thousand Covid dead in USA point to that conclusion.

  6. I am from Czech Republic and I know what happened. What is really true? The man went to his car that was close to the scene of the incident. He wanted to talk to the state police (the city police have less competence, most of them are stupid idiots without any school), but the city police refused to accept that.
    And his 3 years old son? Police left him there alone!! A saleswoman from a nearby bakery picked him up and later brought him to the police. And the worst part was that the boy was put in a police cell next to his father, maybe for 1 or 2 hours…
    What is in our country now?? Totality worse than under the communists!! Since October lockdown – schools, shops (except food stores), restaurants, etc… – everything is closed!!….!! nonstop!! And last few weeks we can’t go outside the district where we live. We can go outside only with special FFP2 masks (the same like in Germany). And what is the result of this 5 months of lockdown and restriktion? We are the worst in Europe!

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