Teacher in Mölln Gets a Culture-Enriching Knife Experience

A Syrian “youth” in the town of Mölln in Schleswig-Holstein attacked a teacher at a language school with a knife. The teacher somehow managed to escape serious harm.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Language school in Mölln: Syrian (32) stabs teacher (44) in the head with a knife

Yesterday, Thursday [March 4th], there was an attempted homicide to the disadvantage of a male teacher (44 years old) at a language school in Mölln. Under urgent suspicion is a 32-year-old Syrian who is said to have attended the school in the past.

According to the current state of the investigation, the former student visited the school around lunchtime and advised the teacher that he wanted to register for a new language course. While the teacher was making a note on the registration form, the accused suddenly attacked him with a knife, with an approximately 15-cm [6”] blade and stabbed him in the head at ear level.

This was followed by a physical altercation in which the victim managed to grab the knife. As a result, there was a scramble between the two men over the knife, with the injured person falling to the ground and the accused sitting on him. The accused is said to have also hit the teacher. Police officers, who had been alerted by the victim’s fellow teachers, finally managed to pull the attacker off the victim using pepper spray.

The victim was admitted to hospital with cuts to the head and hands. There is no danger to his life.

The accused has not yet made a statement.

The public prosecutor’s office will apply for a pre-trial detention warrant to be issued on the basis of the urgent suspicion of attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm, as well as the risk of escape, against the 32-year-old. The presentation before the judge at the Lübeck District Court is expected to take place this afternoon.

Afterword from the translator:

Personally, I rather doubt that this attack will have made any impact whatsoever on the teachers at this type of school. Virtue-signalling and ideology always comes first.

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  1. Stabbed in the head with a six inch blade and no life threatening injuries? The victim had to have been a teacher of invaders to be that impermeable to such an attempted insult.

  2. Germany became a banana republic country, unbelievable what is happening over there , I don’t know what is wrong with this citizens , saddle they are so stupid with out common sense ..

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