Spare No Expense to House the Culture-Enrichers

The following report discusses the exorbitant price tag for refugee housing in Berlin. Compare the figures with the construction cost for residential housing in Manhattan, which is roughly $3,300 per square meter. That’s somewhat more than the amounts given below for Berlin, but bear in mind that those German asylum units are modular or prefab — essentially shipping containers.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Unbelievable: Asylum accommodation in Berlin costs over €1,600 [$1,900] PER SQUARE METER!

While the mask affair is spreading, the capital ruled by red-red-green has a new mega construction scandal: Almost 50 “modular accommodations for refugees” (MUF) devour a total of more than a billion euros in construction and other costs ! According to the Senate, the production costs an incredible €1,600 to €2,600 [$3,100] per square meter — completely oversized and dubious costs for simple prefabricated buildings. With the monthly salary of a German taxpayer, one square meter of living space is created for people who for the most part are not even allowed to be here.

But the project is also legally questionable: “We have never experienced such a brazen abuse of special building rights as in Berlin in all of Germany,” says a lawyer. Meanwhile, there is even speculation about a demolition, because the accommodations are only allowed to be inhabited by asylum seekers and Berlin wants to transfer them to the regular housing market.

Source: AfD Kompakt

4 thoughts on “Spare No Expense to House the Culture-Enrichers

  1. I’m sorry to say, the report is not completely wrong. I did the maths back in 2018, since then the land prices have climbed at least another 10%-20% due to the invasion.

    I calculated the actual size of the invasion (2013-2020) to be 3.425 million. Based on 1) asylum misuse, 2) illegal immigration, 3) EU resettlement policies, 4) UNO resettlement policies, 5) family reunification and 6) the massive birth rates amongst the invaders, at least twice as high as the indigenous population (based on size). It must be due to the traumatic experience of walking between 4 and 8 thousand miles to reach the German welfare system.

    And they arrive at a rate of 490K per annum (3.415 million over seven years).

    Add the numbers up and you reach the number I did. I cross checked the numbers with public spending, school population ethnicity, housing, death rates amongst the indigenous population. All the figures matches.

    So now to the maths (for simplicity, 1 EUR = 1.20 USD) :

    When the state builds an apartment for these illegals, it costs 120K EUR (140K USD).

    Because the state does not have this money, they have to sell land, which investors buy and build on. The state then rents these buildings back. The investor pays interest on their mortgage and expects a return on investment.

    The total financial cost to the German state (tax payer): 5 trillion USD over a 40 year period.

    But for 3.5 million, then you have to have a new bus stop, new garbage trucks, telephone, electricity, gas lines, shops, social service departments, kindergarten, schools, social workers, prison places for the murders and rapist, hospitals, etc. The raped, if they survive, are left to cope on their own.

    And these people can’t even seperate their plastic from glass. They need a concierge to do it for them. And each of these houses has such a “Hausmeister”.

    It’s not easy to gather the information. It’s all available online, it’s a lot of work. But when you do, it’s a real eye opener. To detail every calculation takes too long to write here.

    It explains why Germans have no 3G or 4G cell phones in many rural areas, and trucks can’t cross the bridges over the Rhine. The infrastructure is crumbling. Germany is a failed state in the making.

    Ask a German, they still think they have 4 million Muslims in their country. When in reality, it’s getting on to 8-10 million.

    • The denial will become do painful and self harming that eventually the only thing not tried will be the truth. By then the Turks will have landed all the training and arms in all the right places. I mean for God’s sake.

    • Ned , this is horrific facts !!!, I wonder if this naive Germans know what is really going on in thier country, or they still believe this communists from Bundestag, Merkel&CO sold this country not even for bling of their eye .. unbelievable just unbelievable..

  2. Sooner or later these idiots and destroyers of western civilization will run out of other peoples money, then the powers that be will be in for the shock of their miserable lives as the militarist of the west take over and start their massive Great Purge.

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