Pandemic Peregrinations

I’m about to hop in the Coronamobile and tool on down the road to pay a little visit to various family members and friends. I promised Governor Coonman that I would be a good boy and wear my mask and social distance and obey all the other Coronarules. Maybe sterilize everything that I touch. And burn my clothes after I wear them. Stuff like that.

I’ll be gone for a couple of days. Comments will be on hold till I get back. There will be no news feed tonight or tomorrow night, but there should be one on Wednesday if all goes according to plan.

Keep an eye on Joe Biden while I’m gone. He can’t be left unsupervised.

5 thoughts on “Pandemic Peregrinations

  1. Have fun, with safe travels.

    {and proper social distancing with skeevy women) — you can edit this out, if you want.

  2. Somebody better keep an eye on the senile old pervert. I still can’t believe the Democrats were stupid enough to vote for him. I’m sure Kamala will watch over him, although she’s as bad as he is but at least she isn’t senile.

    Have a good trip, Baron!

  3. Enjoy the trip Ned, and have fun.
    By the way, don’t forget to order New Clothing fom Amazon NOW, otherwise you might have to run around naked………..
    Safe Journey.

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