Mask Report From the Hinterland

I had to travel a long way through the Virginia countryside to get to the city where I went to visit with friends and relatives. The area between here and there is not as rural as my home patch, but it’s still in the heart of Good Ol’ Boy Land.

I stopped for gas in a little hamlet about two-thirds of the way to my destination. When I went inside the country store to visit the restroom, I immediately noticed that I needn’t have been anxious about masks — at least half the people in the place weren’t wearing them. Dr. Fauci must be losing his mojo, at least in the hinterland.

The medium-sized city where I spent two nights was another matter. It didn’t seem to have passed a city ordinance mandating masks, the way Charlottesville has. Nevertheless, every business had posted a sign on the door saying that they were following the ukase of Governor Coonman, and would not admit any maskless customers.

As a result I stayed out of most of the businesses. A lot of people on the sidewalks (including me) weren’t wearing their muzzles, so it’s not as bad as Charlottesville, where everybody dons the corona hijab, indoors or out. And where you can get screamed at for not wearing one in some areas.

From time to time I think maybe the mask mania is finally starting to wane. But that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. COVID is here to stay.

20 thoughts on “Mask Report From the Hinterland

  1. In the uber-woke university town where I live, I see the gutmenschen wearing masks while walking alone in isolated areas.

    I mean, seriously???

    The ultimate in moronity were the people that I saw early-on that were wearing masks alone in their own cars.

    Now the funny thing is that some of these people seem to think that the risk magically disappears when they’re eating in a restaurant (now allowed to reopen), because… why exactly?

    It’s a badge of compliance, that’s about all it is.

    • I see it too; the morons wearing masks while driving alone in their cars. At least it allows one to positively identify who the morons are before any interaction has taken place.

  2. I traveled from the Dallas area to Yellowstone on my motorcycle with a small group. It was a 10 day trip of 400 to 500 mile days with a hotel stay each night. Once were out of the Metroplex the mask wearing subsided greatly.

    We were all mostly wearing the Mission neck scarves that we could just pull up easily. On one fuel and bathroom stop the ladies behind the counter actually stopped us and asked us to remove the scarves from our faces. On almost every stop I would ask a costumer if mask wearing hadn’t been mandated in the area. They almost always said that it hadn’t and then if it was they wouldn’t wear them anyway has they didn’t believe the science.

    Oh!, every hotel we stayed in served breakfast. Not were you had to get your food and go back to your room to eat but a full hot hotel breakfast that allowed us to sit and talk about the coming ride for the day.

    So I think it’s only the big metropolitan areas that the people bought into safety and mandates.


    • I have had several Covid-stays north of Dallas, and while the people are generally laid back about masks, hotels and some stores were positively fascistic about it.

      On one trip we stayed in a hotel in East Texas where we felt out of place WITH masks, but the same major chain in a suburb north of Dallas was cracking down on mask violations, not allowing use of the eating area, etc. For this one, I’m going to give an honest online review!

  3. Our government rats here in the UK are now considering mandatory vaccination of all those who work in care homes.
    I just hope these good people, who are on the lowest pay scales, are able to collectively rebel; if even 10% of them refuse to be injected and are threatened with being fired, I suspect this will reverse the evil decision. I think their rebellion would also be supported by we the general public because we hold these people in higher regard than we do the rats in charge and their advisers.

    Also, king rat, Prime Minister Johnson is apparently going to turn the whole of the UK into a gigantic prison, preventing anyone (with a few exceptions, such as MPs and such, of course) from leaving our country or face a £5000 fine.
    All the while, facilitating the invasion of our country by illegals crossing the English Channel in rubber dinghies, escorted by our laughingly titled Border Force, whose job is to keep illegals out but rather helps bring them in and tries it damndest to prevent anyone from monitoring and recording their evil deeds.

    • This is a tell. Subjects in good standing with the Queen are not desired.

      Thralls under our new Overlords are.

  4. Data suggests that this corona virus has a strong fecal-oral route. I wear gloves, but not a mask, when I am in town.

    • That the muslim invaders use their left hand for hygiene purposes after defecation that most civilized people use a bidet or toilet tissue for should illuminate why so many of them are found to be infected with the CCP virus whenever the border facilitators bother to test them prior to releasing them amongst the citizenry.

    • It’s a corona virus.In cats it is a major digestive , respiratory and deep and long standing infection.
      The virus produces diahhrea with blood, extremely acute form, ulceration in the mouth and tongue, vomiting, dehydration and death pretty fast.
      If they escape the virus stays in the system, deep in the marrow or blood and resurfaces after years with fluid in the chest and a/dominant cavity follow by death.
      As a consequence of the covid an injectable treatment was concocted ( I have a colleague that payed lots of $ for this treatment and her cat is doing well up till now)
      We will see if it will hold.But usually this form is fatal.The resurfacing can be determined by weak immune system and stress.
      Stress being a major factor.
      I had covid and I am thinking that the immunity will be long lasting because corona works this way.
      The cat version is not transmissible to people, but I suspect the human version may affect the cats with slight upper respiratory sings.They do not die of it.Dogs are ok, no cases except in South Korea 1 small dog … but I think it was just that the virus was on the hair if it is touched in the first minutes and the load is high.
      In this virus it matters how much load of virus one gets.Because of course many multiply in many and little multiply in little.
      It’s like at the border…. many South Americans, they influence our society a lot. less South Americans … the influence and reproduction is little…

  5. Reporting from the Covid Compliant Gulag of Killer Cuomo’s New York, I can safely report that the mask Nazis are out and about in full enforcement mode.

    The latest bit is for the young Brown Shirts in the supermarket to come after you yelling to cover your nose! Apparently the Evil Midget Faux Chi at some point declared that an uncovered schnoz is just as bad as getting breathed on by a full blown Covid sufferer.

    For me, the muzzle masks/ face diapers/Jew Badges have been the hill to die on since this disaster began. I recognized early on that if the Beasts could force us to wear such an intrusive piece of material on our breathing apparatus, it was all but over from there.

    One of the reasons I closed down my gift shop in a busy NY tourist town was because I couldn’t stand the daily drama with the muzzles, the social distancing and all the other petty insanity that is going on in the Blue Slave States.

    Just today I almost got to the point of dumping all my groceries on the floor after getting into a hassle with the young kids who literally start yelling at you if your muzzle doesn’t cover your NOSE. Then the manager/owner came over to try and “reason” with me. I told him that I have immunity and therefore cannot give or get the virus.

    I also said that I really don’t have to wear a muzzle either but that I was doing so because I didn’t want his store to go out of business. His response was inhuman- he just didn’t care. So all the while I was arguing I moved closer to the checkout so that I could get out of there with my groceries so I wouldn’t have to drive 10 miles away to another store.

    At one point I said to him- I have been a loyal customer here for nearly 10 years and I am not coming back after today. Do you care that you are losing my business?? Not surprising, he said NO! So, yet another supermarket that is off my list.

    The truth is, in states like NY- this is never going to be over. The Jew Badges and concentration camps are being legislated in Albany. They will become law probably in this legislative session.

    I never thought at my age that I would seriously have to consider leaving my home to move to a Free State, but we are getting there faster than I ever imagined.

    • I will never understand such people either. And there seems to be so MANY of them… The state where I live has been mostly free of the worst examples of CCP Virus Karens, but there are still enough to be an impediment to completely reopening.

      I often think about how they will be dealt with when the country finally goes off the rails. I don’t think it is possible to get them to come to their senses but they cannot be allowed to remain and infect whatever comes after the end of the US. Forcing them to relocate elsewhere such as the far north of Canada or Cuba or Venezuela would be the humane thing to do but I don’t think it will end that peacefully.

      • Canada is already a socialist slum.I used to live there and it’s [ordure].

        Even 15 years ago was [offal].People are weak in mind ( except Jordan Peterson which is a genius )and do not fight for any of their supposed freedoms .They allow 50000 Muslims 2 years ago with many kids that suck the system.
        I hated there.They asked me if I swear on queen for citizenship and I say no, I swear for the country.I did not move to Canada to kiss the queen bottom.Plus the climate is for bears only.British Columbia is sold to China basically is the only one with some climate that I can tolerate.One can see the sun 30 minutes in a week there… ha ha… but it is beautiful

        • I hate Canada too, I live here right now in Vancouver and is ok , before was Edmonton wich was a unliveable disaster.. , I moved from Berlin Germany where is my whole family, I miss Everything from there , but since 2015 Merkel&CO make a this beautiful country a [sump] ,you talking 50 thousand in Canada!!, she let in this Muslim scums in millions, mostly military age criminals and terrorist, ( roughly 3 million of them now is probably more ) wich was the end of good German life , it’s just terrible what is happening over there ..

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