Making Mozambique Safe for Democracy

The United States Government has taken note of the ongoing slaughter in the jihad that is currently being waged in northern Mozambique. It appears the East African country can expect a bout of nation-building, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Portuguese-language Folha de Maputo:

Pentagon “determined” to support Mozambique in the fight against ISIS

March 30, 2021

The United States is “determined” to support the Mozambican government in combating the insurgents in Cabo Delgado Province, which are considered affiliates of the Islamic State/ISIS, the spokesman for the Pentagon, John Kirby, affirmed yesterday.

Maputo — The official of the Department of Defense in Washington reacted to the attack by the insurgents, who the US designates as ISIS-Mozambique (Also known as Ansar al-Sunna) on the town of Palma, which has caused dozens of deaths.

“We remain committed to working together with the government of Mozambique to counter terrorism and violent extremism and defeat ISIS,” affirmed Kirby in a statement condemning the attack.

The attacks “show a complete disregard for the welfare and security of the local population which has suffered tremendously at the terrorists’ brutal and indiscriminate tactics,” he said.

The Islamic State has already claimed responsibility for the attack and control of the town, near the Afungi Peninsula, the epicenter of the Mozambican natural gas operations.

Kirby did not explain in what form the Defense Department will be able to help in the specific case of Palma.

In mid-March, the North American Command for Africa (Africom) announced the start of a program of training of special Mozambican troops.

A few days earlier, the North American Department of State designated ISIS-Mozambique and its leader, Abu Yasir Hassan, as terrorists.

“Since October 2017, ISIS-Mozambique, led by Abu Yasir Hassan, has killed about 1,200 civilians,” said the statement by the State Department sent to Lusa [Portuguese news agency].

“It is estimated that more than 2,300 civilians, security force members, and suspected ISIS-Mozambique militants have been killed since the terrorist group began its violent extremist insurgency,” it said

ISIS-Mozambique, known locally as al-Shabaab, allegedly swore allegiance to ISIS as early as April of 2018 and was recognized by the organization as an affiliate in August of 2019.

“The group was responsible for orchestrating a series of large scale and sophisticated attacks resulting in the capture of the strategic port of Mocimboa da Praia, Cabo Delgado Province. ISIS-Mozambique’s attacks have caused the displacement of nearly 670,000 persons within northern Mozambique,” said the State Department.

On Wednesday, Palma, the seat of the district with 42,000 residents, which houses the large gas projects in the north of Mozambique, was attacked by jihadist insurgent groups, who for three and a half years have terrorized the region. The attack was claimed this afternoon by the terrorist group Islamic State.

Dozens of civilians, including seven persons who tried to flee from the main hotel in Palma, in the north of Mozambique were killed by armed groups who attacked the town. The violence caused more than 2,000 deaths and almost 700,000 displaced people.

Various countries have offered military support in the terrain of Maputo to combat these insurgents, whose actions have already been claimed by the self-proclaimed Islamic State, but up to this time there has been no opening for this, although there are reports and testimony that point to the existence of security companies and mercenaries in the zone.

7 thoughts on “Making Mozambique Safe for Democracy

  1. Airdrop a bunch of CCP virus positive sheep and rabid donkeys into the al-Shabaab territories and let their lustfulness be their undoing. Maybe a large number of computers with PowerPoint installed could also be airdropped. The islamists would be too busy perfecting their PowerPoint presentations and scheduling endless rounds of meetings to have any time left to make war. It worked perfectly in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    • You mean that the Powerpoint virus made sure that the Coalition forces (USA, GB, FRG etc) were occupied with Powerpoint and not with war?

      I think the dailymail once showed one slide of 236 or so of the Powerpoint presention of “The situation in Afghanistan, and how all groups are connected together either in friendship or enmity” or so. They forgot that alliances in Afghanistan change by the hour or so.
      (Reminds me of an article on tvtropes. There they wrote something about an area between Poland and Russia. There is a patch where during WWII many groups lived and during WWII they fought. And the alliances changed very rapidly. You started with the germans and poles allied against the communist russians from 0800-0930, then the Poles allied with the communist russians against the white russians from 0930-1100 while at the same time the germans were allied to the Lithuanians fighting against the poles while the three baltics were fighting with the poles against the occupying germans. Continue ad infinitum, sorry 1945.)

      • I saw with my own eyes during two year long deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq the enormous effort and waste put into innumerable PowerPoint presentations then duplicating those slides in color printed paper for distribution to numerous officers who didn’t want to go onto the secure network to reference those same slides later, then destruction of enormous quantities of now top secret restricted access printed slides so they wouldn’t wind up in some Afghani or Iraqi bazaar. I worked in the JOC for both deployments and saw all of this firsthand. We weren’t the only HQ in either theater, or even the highest HQ so what I saw in my own tiny corner of the wars could be safely multiplied by an order of magnitude to get a sense of the waste of resources in personnel, materials, and time.

        I remember daily having to take delivery of pallets of printer paper and laser ink cartridges in three colors plus black by the hundreds. Each cartridge cost several hundred dollars and compared to the cost of munitions was probably minor, but the amount of crap we printed to turn around and burn in numerous 55 gallon barrels every day was just boggling. At the time, what bothered me more about the situation was the amount of transport measured in blood each one of those printer cartridges or pallets of printer paper represented. Being that it was for HQ, it moved by air so no one was getting blown up in a convoy by IEDs directly for it, but every item sent by air displaced some other lower priority item to having to be sent by ground which had the same effect. How many of those soldiers who were killed or lost limbs, and the lives and families destroyed were so some O-6 wasn’t inconvenienced by having to log onto the secure network to pull up a slide from the O-8’s rambling presentation?

        The correct answer to this would have been to keep an absolutely minimum footprint in theater and ruthlessly weed out redundancies and non-essential personnel for redeployment stateside if the job could be performed there in order to minimize the cost in dollars and the danger to those who would be required to transport everything needed across IED strewn roads to keep those PowerPoint warriors comfortably ensconced behind Hesco barriers and the thousands of real soldiers needed to protect them while they got their combat leadership boxes checked and their campaign medals and awards for their next promotion.

        If it is at all possible to cripple our enemies with the same degree of stupidity and lesson their effectiveness then I am all for it.

        • You just had to love the micro-management of war so we can’t win and the fact that the army was worse than us Marines in trying to get someone/anyone to make a GD decision. I did love the complete chaos of it all though, because of those indecision’s, personnel initiatives became paramount to get the job done. It was always better to beg forgiveness than it was to get permission. If people really understood what happened they would shoot those 06’s and above. LOL

    • A slight flaw with your first suggestion, Moon; as we know from HIV, it is much easier for the.. er.. recipient in a sexual act to become infected, and we don’t want a bunch of islamist sheep and donkeys.

  2. Unless we’re willing to kill or subdue all the Moslems in the country, we’re wasting our time.

    • No more muslims = no more problems, it has worked for centuries until the do gooders thought you could talk your way out of it.

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