Knife Jihad in Marseille

Last Friday a Muslim armed with a knife attempted an attack on a Jewish school and a kosher store in Marseille. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this report from F. DeSouche:

Marseille: Medjadi Jahid, already known to police, arrested armed with a knife attempting to enter a Jewish school and a kosher market. (Update: He has been interned)

According to our information, Jahid, 60, was not judged to be compatible with a custody measure and has automatically been hospitalized.

March 5, 2021

The National Prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, tells us that the individual armed with a knife arrested this morning near a kosher bakery on Boulevard Barry (13the arrondissement) was “out of treatment”. So for the moment, the questions surrounding the actual intentions of this man, whose suspicious behavior had already been spotted yesterday in the neighborhood, remain unanswered. However, the investigators of Departmental Security are continuing their investigation.

Tweet from Parliamentary Assistant Antoine Baudino

The individual arrested in Marseille is reportedly Medjadi Jahid, and he was reportedly already known to police. Who else is surprised by this profile?

Tweet from Prefecture of Police Bouches du Rhone

A man armed with a knife was arrested this morning near a school in Marseille thanks to the cool actions of vigilant citizens as well as municipal and national police.

From La Provence:

The worst was perhaps avoided on the Boulevard Barry (Marseille 13th arrondissement) this morning at 8:00. A man of about 60 years of age was arrested with a knife in his hand near the Jewish Yavne School.

Pupils confined during the time of police intervention

Fortunately, there are no injuries. The pupils were all locked down during the intervention of the police. The prefect of police has given instructions to immediately reinforce security around locations of the Jewish community of Marseille with patrols (police and guards). In addition, a police patrol is in position in front of the Yavne School from this point forward.

France Bleu:

The worst was perhaps avoided on the Boulevard Barry (13th arrondissement) in Marseille a little over an hour ago. According to our information, a man of about 60 reportedly got out of his car with a towel on his head and a knife in his hand. He then reportedly went toward a kosher bakery located at this (location) and, in front of which, were clients and also pupils from the Yavne Jewish school, located a stone’s throw away.

Fortunately, security agents from this Jewish school, quickly secured as a security precaution, noticed the suspicious behavior of this individual and immediately immobilized him prior to the arrival of the municipal police, followed by the BAC (National Anti-Criminal Brigade).

For now, there are no witnesses who report words such as “Allah Akhbar” being said, but the intentions of this man will have to be determined by the Security Department gathering the facts. According to our sources, the bomb squad has gone to the location in order to remove any danger from his black SEAT vehicle.

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    • They’re leaving, especially from France. Not in great numbers, but still.
      The question is, where to go? I think most go to Israel, but is it more safe? They get vehicular attacks, stabbing sprees, rocket salvos, and the occasional kidnapping. I think even France is safer.

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