Klaus Kinzler, Racist and Islamophobe

Klaus Kinzler is a German professor who has been teaching for 25 years at “Sciences Po” in the French city of Grenoble. A couple of weeks ago he and another teacher were called “fascists” and accused of “Islamophobia” by posters that were put up anonymously on campus. Among other things, the posters said “Islamophobia kills”, which was seen as a potential threat. Since then the Minister of the Interior has put Prof. Kinzler under protection.

The earliest news stories did not mention the names of the targeted professors, but Klaus Kinzler has since gone public on the issue. The following video was originally two separate clips taken from a TV talk show featuring Prof. Kinzler.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

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Video transcript part 1:

00:00   The majority of the teachers looking to be employed don’t have the courage
00:04   to say “I’m a democrat”. They can’t. Yesterday there was a discussion for three hours,
00:09   in which they tore apart my email to a colleague written in December.
00:13   Twenty people said nothing and only two defended me. Two.
00:17   The rest of them, I’ll call big mouths, my fellow teachers had a discussion, for two hours,
00:21   about the inappropriate tone I used in my email to my colleague last December.
00:25   You see, in German you would say, their heads are made of concrete.
00:29   They still haven’t understood what has happened. They are impermeable to reality.
00:34   They’re stuck in a whirlwind of their own cemented ideas and think they are always right,
00:40   but they understand nothing. In addition, on a human level, this is shocking to me.
00:46   I received a email from a colleague saying that what the students have done to me,
00:52   putting my life in danger, wasn’t as bad as my moral conservatism.
00:59   Another colleague during the meeting yesterday said — a friend assisting me told me —
01:05   “Kinzler is a racist and Islamophobe.” A majority of my colleagues hate me now,
01:12   because in their eyes, I’m dragging the institution through the mud, even though I’m the one
01:17   risking my own life because of this. It’s not just me either, I want to emphasize that,
01:22   I’m speaking for my colleague as well. He’s just as important
01:25   as I am. —He doesn’t want to go public or make a statement.
01:28   I totally respect that choice. He’s afraid for his family. —Of course, of course.
01:31   And I understand and respect that.

Video transcript part 2:

00:00   It’s a kind of reward for 35 years of my professional life,
00:05   in which every year, invariably, it has been the same thing.
00:09   And it’s true, I’m more isolated. Every year, a bit more.
00:14   So this is a tiny revenge. It’s a gift that the media is giving me,
00:21   and I still can’t believe my own eyes. Not for a second.
00:26   Just within that last few days, people line up to see me.
00:32   “Hey, please don’t change the channel. That’s the best channel, etc.
00:36   No, that’s disgusting. They’re the competition.” That’s right, me,
00:40   the German teacher at Political Science University. Not unemployed and with no major publications.
00:46   Just a citizen, but I think a fighter too. Maybe that brings forth pride as well.
00:53   I don’t let people step on my toes and I encourage my students to do the same.
00:59   I encourage them to wake up and not let people walk on their toes, because they usually accept it.
01:05   The majority of the Political Science students haven’t said a peep.
01:09   It’s important to open your mouth when things aren’t going well. That’s it.

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  1. Anonymous posters declaring “Islamophobia kills”?

    Maybe some patriot would be kind enough to put up rival posters declaring “Islamophilia also kills, and rapes, and disfigures with acid, etc”.

    • Do you think so?

      Unfortunately you can`t post pictures in comments.
      I have two pictures of Kaya Cahit, a guy from Turkey who once took two pictures of german soldiers in WWII killing innocents and two pictures of Jihadis killing innocents and put them together with the Jihadi pictures on top.

      Then he put on the Jihadi pictures the comments like “This is not true islam” or “You have to read the Quoran in the arabic original to understand it.”
      Then he exchanged a few words and put those same sentencess on the nazi pictures and then you could read “This is not true national-socialism” and “You have to read Mein Kampf in the austrian original.”
      I think I will mail the Baron those pictures.

    • “No god and no religion can survive ridicule. No church, no nobility, no royalty or other fraud, can face ridicule in a fair field and live.”

      Mark Twain

      I don’t need to understand Islam to ridicule it or it’s pedophile; I mean Profit. But I do need a firearm and body armor and police protection. That should inform anyone with an IQ above room temperature all they need to know about the nature of islam and its rabid adherents.

    • Oh I understand the devil’s religion just fine, history says what islam is, my experience in dozens of islamic countries says what islam is and it it ain’t peaceful and never has. Where ever islam goes, the blood always flows, without exception. No more muslims = No more problems. Islam and that pedophile false profit of the devil defames itself. Deo Volente!

      • The Chinese are taking no chances and do not hesitate to up the ante as needed. No one dares speak the truth. The Muslim “religion” that has Western Europe by the throat just grows stronger every day. Meanwhile there is talk in the UK of “non-men only “ after 6pm. Identity may be a way around that. We must be getting closer to the end.

  2. This professor, reject all faults on his colleagues (not really completely dumb kind), he said they are “out of the reality”. It is kind of insane talking. When we’re alone against everybody else, maybe we should go watch ourselves in a mirror?

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