Journalists: Beware the Wrath of Mutti!

Julian Reichelt is (or rather, was) the chief editor of the German tabloid Bild. In recent months his paper has been more frank and critical about the Corona crisis and other current political issues than most German media.

The video below shows an interview with Mr. Reichelt after he participated in a press conference about COVID-19 measures given by Chancellor Angela Merkel. His acerbic remarks about the government seem to have negatively impacted his career: after this interview he was relieved of his duties by the publisher of the Bild.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article from JournalistenWatch (also translated by MissPiggy) about what happened to Mr. Reichelt:

Merkel’s revenge: Bild head Reichelt let go for the time being

Berlin — The left-leaning government is becoming increasingly merciless. Anyone who dares to go against the government, or to take on the Bolshevists, is cut down politically, socially and professionally. Now the only editor-in-chief who dared to criticized the disastrous Corona policy has been nabbed:

Julian Reichelt, editor-in-chief of the Bild newspaper, has been relieved from his post for the time being. This was announced by the Axel Springer publishing house on Saturday. The publisher is currently investigating “indications of possible compliance violations within the Bild editorial team.”

Reichelt rejects the accusations. “In order to ensure an undisturbed clarification and not to further burden the work of the editorial team, he has asked the board to be temporarily released from his functions until the allegations have been clarified,” the Axel Springer publishing house’s statement said. The release has since been granted.

Video transcript:

00:00   Corona Summit Analysis by The BILD Chief Editor —
00:03   “A tangle of confounding rules that no normal person understands anymore!”
00:06   How did you experience the press conference just now? —What I actually experienced, the entire day,
00:12   was a kind of game of confusion, with a touch of socialist rhetoric on administrative shortcomings,
00:21   from our Federal government. Honestly, I have to say,
00:25   I’m not sure anymore, what’s actually still allowed.
00:29   Or let me put it this way: I’m not sure what the Chancellor will allow me, still allows me to do
00:32   or what our government still allows us to do.
00:35   I also don’t know the difference between self-testing and quick-testing.
00:38   Or whether enough were purchased or too few were purchased or whether they exist at all,
00:43   whether I should get them somewhere else and then send the bill. To whom should I send the bill?
00:49   I will try it tomorrow or buy such a quick test on March 8th. One quick test?
00:55   As far as I know, they’re not even individually packaged,
00:58   but I’ll try to buy it at the pharmacy anyway.
01:01   Then send the bill to, I don’t know, to Jens Spahn or the Chancellor’s Office?
01:08   What was demonstrated today was so…
01:14   The last time we discussed this, was four weeks ago,
01:17   and it wasn’t as late. Even then, I was already appalled.
01:20   So today, I was determined to say something constructive because we heard from the Chancellery
01:24   that we’re entering a new phase and possibly a phase of hope.
01:29   The only thing I hope is that this government will soon be replaced by a new one.
01:34   I can’t say it any other way. What was being delivered there,
01:37   what was being presented, what was presented today
01:40   about these tests — no talk of nationwide testing, just a discussion of approving testing.
01:47   Now you don’t even know whether there are tests.
01:50   Now, every citizen will be reimbursed for one test per week,
01:54   but I don’t know by whom. Let’s take a completely concrete example.
01:59   According to all the studies in the world at the moment,
02:03   to protect myself effectively and to protect others,
02:06   I need two tests per week. From the fourth-richest country in the world,
02:10   after a year of pandemic and all the promises, I get one.
02:13   So as a citizen, I get half the tests I need per week reimbursed,
02:17   in order to protect my fellow citizens.
02:20   Today was an absolute total failure that resulted in a tangle of confounding rules
02:26   that no normal person understands anymore! My highlight was when Michael Müller said:
02:31   “On an 8×11 sheet of paper, on an 8×11 sheet of paper”. That reminded me a bit of Stoiber’s speech
02:35   when he claimed that disembarking at the Munich airport was practically the same as arriving
02:39   at Munich central train station. For me, it was a level of theatrics
02:43   that I never could have imagined. However, what got me the most,
02:48   and I have to say, it actually outraged me, was the way
02:51   this government praised itself for what they just presented.
02:55   They told us how much has been achieved. Merkel reminded us once again how things were last year.
03:01   We should just forget what she has historically screwed up. I really have to say it so clearly,
03:06   the last three to four months she historically screwed up.
03:09   The Chancellor, after all that she has achieved, after all that she has done
03:12   and all that she has accomplished in the 16 years of her Chancellorship,
03:15   what will be recorded in history books is this total debacle
03:19   of a vaccination program, not getting out of this pandemic,
03:24   and the testing. We all realize that she is fighting for her legacy,
03:27   and for her role in the history books. It won’t be judged leniently.
03:30   Perhaps one final point: The Federal government doesn’t tell us what to do or not to do.
03:36   The Federal government is to provide the conditions in which we can live.
03:42   The Federal government has to provide the conditions under which businesses can be open again
03:46   and not tell us that maybe we’ll talk about Easter another time.
03:50   The Federal government has completely lost sight of what its role is vis-à-vis the citizen.
03:55   The Federal government says it is now ready to trust us again. Excuse me? Haven’t we placed
04:00   our trust in our government? This isn’t about the Federal government trusting the citizens.
04:04   This government has completely lost sight of how the relationship between voters and
04:09   government in our wonderful democracy is supposed to be.
04:12   Everything I heard today just horrified me.

12 thoughts on “Journalists: Beware the Wrath of Mutti!

  1. At least Germans can still vote out Merkel, but Americans can’t vote Biden out he wasn’t voted in.

    • No , they can’t is the same system like in US. They are voting for them selves, people don’t have voice anymore and this ballots are rigged too , so they are stuck with this communists big time..

    • No one in the western world is going to vote your way out of this mess any longer, that time came and passed a long time ago.

  2. 2021 is a comic opera replay of 2020. Confusion & perfidy on all fronts.

    1) A wholly fraudulent Covid19 ‘pandemic’.
    2) A largely fraudulent US national election, more than 55% of Americans of both parties now accept the election was a scam.
    3) A fraudulent media that deals 90% of the time in leftist opinion, seldom facts.
    4) A fraudulent global economy being pushed into recession to enable the Great Reset.

    And so it goes. I’ve stopped expecting honesty, integrity, or competence from officials. I’m a bigtime space enthusiast and I now expect SpaceX to be slowly suffocated and bankrupted by the socialist White House and US Congress, unless Mr. Musk relocates outside the US. Why would they do this to such a dynamic company?

  3. Mutti, is that a breed of German dog? Dobermans, Rottweilers, and Shepherds I know, but Mutti? It must be a mixed breed of the purebred offspring.

    • Merkel is a bloody communist and always has a been a bloody communist, she was very smart to hide it but as always, her commie ways always come out under pressure. She needs to be Purged.

      • She never hide her Commie past and sympathy for proletariat cause , World wide….and contacts with Volodia Putin KGB officer in Dresden, DDR then….She was Stasi secrets about it..

  4. Free Speech in German Democracy :-))
    Poor chap doesn’t recognize how fortune hi was..For less critic against German State Kanzler ,head where chop out in Berlin Plötzensee prison ..( 1933-1945 2500 people loses their head )..
    We Poles knew precisely what ” german democracy” is about ..

    In Western Europe, this “anti-racist ” and pro-immigration discourse has an excellent tool known as Colonialism, which is an important point in the history, especially of the 19th century. Perfect and convenient, because in fact the conquest of overseas territories, extremely popular and profitable relatively recently, creates a dark spot in the history of, in particular, Great Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy,Portugal and Germany. The appropriation of these territories most often took place through brutal conquest, destruction of local structures and decades of inhuman exploitation. The crimes of Belgians in Congo and the system of forced labor they created there, or the first extermination camps created by the Germans in Namibia are not issues that can be ignored. The more so because all this was done on the basis of an interstate consensus, established at the Berlin Conference in 1886, after rich declarations about bringing progress and civilization to savage peoples. Fortunately, the minutes of the proceedings and discussions have been preserved until today, hmm…. they dangerously resemble the debates of the European Parliament and EC devoted to Poland and Hungary ” faulty democracy” Anno 2021.

    • Don’t worry Maria, the Poles and the rest of the good folks in the east will not fold to this insanity, they have backbones that do not bend in the wind like our western counterparts. The EU is going fall soon and when it does, the marxist left are going to rue the day they fell for this insanity.

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