Jimmie Åkesson: Sweden Needs a Zero-Vision Policy for Asylum Immigration

As reported several times previously (most recently here), last week an Afghan culture-enricher went on a stabbing rampage in the Swedish town of Vetlanda. After being criticized for his immigration policies by Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced that the attack by an Afghan immigrant — who has a criminal record and has yet to be deported — has nothing to do with immigration.

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, responded to Mr. Löfven’s assertion with some pointed remarks.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag. The translator notes that the idiom “he is out cycling” is roughly equivalent to “he’s out to lunch”:

Åkesson after Löfven’s statement on Vetlanda: “He is out cycling”

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (Social Democrats) does not consider the attacks in Vetlanda, where the Afghan migrant Tamim Sultani is suspected of seven counts of attempted murder, to be a migration issue. Now the Sweden Democrats’ party leader, Jimmie Åkesson, comments: “I think that he is out cycling,” says Åkesson to Nyheter Idag, and raises the question of a zero-vision asylum immigration.

On Thursday, Stefan Löfven held a press conference about the attacks in Vetlanda on Wednesday. Detention was requested on Thursday for the 22-year-old Afghan migrant suspected of seven counts of attempted murder. Several of the victims received life-threatening injuries. Since November, Sultani has been without a valid residency permit and is in Sweden waiting for a decision on his request for an extension.

During the press conference, Stefan Löfven said the attacks in Vetlanda “are not a migration issue.”

Nyheter Idag contacted SD’s party leader Jimmie Åkesson for a comment.

“That Stefan Löfven sees no negative consequences from lax migration policy is precisely a migration issue, which somewhat puzzles me. Are there any voters who believe that talk? I think he is out cycling, but at the same time, it is good that the prime minister openly says that an Afghan suspected violator who happens not to have a residency permit “is not a migration issue”. This demonstrates with the desired clarity his and his party’s weak leadership and lack of insight on cause and effect,” says Åkesson.

“Not only does Sweden need to stop creating social misery, exclusion, and parallel societies by adopting a zero-vision for asylum immigration and ambitious targets for return, it is necessary for great efforts in criminal policy. There is often an interaction between failed criminal-migration policies that is the cause. If we now take the current case as a starting point, it is, frankly speaking, scandalous that the suspected perpetrator was even in Sweden given that he had earlier committed crimes and was long known to the police.”

What do you say to those who think that people are “politicizing” a tragic event?

“To criticize tragic consequences of a bad and destructive policy and come up with working solutions to the problem is one of the main duties for opposition politicians; I really don’t understand the critics.”

During the spring and summer, it is thought that Sweden’s new immigration policy will spike. Among other things, different forms of exceptions would be flagged so that the large group of so-called unaccompanied could remain. Are we going to get a law that is in line with our northern neighbors, in your opinion?

“No, unfortunately, that is probably too much to hope for.”

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  1. Sweden and all the other european countries do not need a 0% policy, they need a -100% policy.
    Or as an evil german blogger once wrote:

    Don`t go there and don`t bring them to Europe.

    No truer words.

  2. Resistance to the new blurred order of things in Europe is becoming a bit of a waste. While a shaggy imitation of old Nero shafts and shaggs the UK the………… Oh well. Never mind.

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