Inverting and Subverting the Woke Paradigm

Most readers will remember the “It’s OK to be White” poster campaign that has popped up from time to time around the country over the last few years. It was (and is) a brilliant move by subversive guerillas in the information war. They troll the Social Justice Warriors with an innocuous slogan that causes consternation and outrage, provokes billions of bytes’ worth of angry posts on social media, and ties up law enforcement resources as police are ordered to investigate the posters as “hate crimes”.

And those racial theatrics produce a clarifying moment for the culture at large. All the outrage and vitriol and legal actions demonstrate in a most emphatic manner that it is not OK to be white. That my whiteness — an inherent characteristic that I am unable to change — makes me a doubleplus ungood creature who cannot redeem himself, no matter how much he apologizes and debases himself and grovels at the feet of the Brown Ascendancy.

Any white person who hasn’t already drunk the Critical Race Theory kool-aid must surely have noticed by now that there is nothing he can do to appease the Woke brigades. Extermination is the only solution to the problem of “whiteness”.

The technique employed in the “It’s OK to be White” posters might be termed an inversion. It takes a common trope from the dominant culture and turns it around to create an unexpected message. And the genius of this particular idea is that it makes the message as inoffensive as possible. It’s not “White is Beautiful” or anything of that nature, which would have been an exact inversion. Instead it is mild and reasonable, which means that the inevitable hysterical response highlights the deranged animosity motivating the shrill harpies who dominate public discourse.

I was thinking about all this while I was travelling last week, and it occurred to me that we need more inversions of the Woke paradigm. Mild, harmless images and words guaranteed to make the SJWs apoplectic. The billboard at the top of this post is an example of what I mean — a kind, friendly, attractive black person who has white people as friends. What could be more racist and hateful than that?

If we were to put up a real billboard with the message, we obviously couldn’t use that particular photo of Tyler Perry, who is apparently a famous and very rich actor. I seriously doubt he would allow himself to be featured in any “white supremacist” propaganda. But surely there must be some non-Woke black people who would get the point and enjoy the joke. Walter Williams comes to mind, but he is, alas, no longer with us.

Just think what the reaction would be if billboards like that began popping up here and there in American cities. Mind you, it might be difficult to actually get any of them up. Even if a billboard company were inattentive enough to allow the message to appear, the local franchise of Woke Central would immediately call down the wrath of the police, the mayor, the city council, state legislators, and possibly the U.S. Congress against the WAYCIST who bought and paid for the space.

But oh! How satisfying it would be if even one of them appeared, however briefly. It would dominate the local news, and maybe even spread to the national media. Congressional hearings would be convened. President Biden (or Harris) would denounce it.

And when the person behind the billboard was outed and doxxed, he would have to flee to Patagonia and live under an assumed name.

Such are the parlous times in which we live. It’s clear we need more inversion. If readers can think of any other creative ideas, I’ll do my best to photoshop them.

18 thoughts on “Inverting and Subverting the Woke Paradigm

  1. “and ties up law enforcement resources as police are ordered to investigate the posters as “hate crimes”.” Cops are useless and way overpaid if this is what thet have time for.

  2. Welcome to the Balkanization of the west, what these 3rd worlders and woke leftist don’t understand is human nature and we are tribal by nature and nature doesn’t like to be screwed with, for nature always, without exception, bites back. Whitey will only put up with this insanity for only so long before whitey says enough is enough and does what he does best when fully provoked, ELIMINATE ALL THAT VEXES HIM.

  3. The woke Red Guards are a collection of genetic misfire mediocrities with delusions of apparatchik status as part of the Great Leap Forward Reset.
    This just in from Yuri Bezmenov-that will never happen.

  4. INVERSION BRAINSTORMING (answering the challenge on GoV)

    An idea for inversion memes comes to my mind that uses issue of the harrassed albinos within black communities in Africa. Have a look at these sources to see what I am talking about:

    So the meme could be an albino black man’s photo with the sentence: “IT IS OK TO BE WHITE”

    Or you can take this picture of an albino girl and her little black brother: and write something, like “WHITE SUPREMACY”

    You can take this partial albino black man and write on his photo: “IT IS PARTLY OK TO BE WHITE”

    This picture could have a writing on it like: “WHITE PRIVILEGE”

    As this man seems to be in a “not OK’ life position (in the Eric Berne sense), this could be written on him: “IT IS NOT OK TO BE WHITE”

    More pics of black albinos here:

  5. PS.: actually the first thing that came to my mind was a photo / video on which several black kids are bullying their albino classmate who looks intimidated and is crying. I saw it a couple of years ago but I could not find it yet.

  6. The power of the word “whitephobia” should not be underestimated either. If the weapon of “Islamophobia” works, this one should too.

    • It probably should be “albophobia” or “leucophobia” or something similar.

    • That equation is not commutative. It’s just another way of calling them the real racists, which has no power at all. If you’re lucky you’ll just be told to educate yourself. If you’re unlucky you will get “educated” on why blacks can’t be racist.

      The inversion cannot be a logical transform. If we saw a poster that said It’s OK to be Black, we’d say, “Yeah. OK, so what’s your point?” But It’s OK to be White flips them out.

      They don’t think like us.

      You have to understand them on emotional level. Not your emotional level, their emotional level.

      One thing that comes to mind is the classic graphic of Che . . . as a wanted poster, for crimes against people of color. There’s probably a BLM anti-cop phrase that would fit.

      David Dorn’s Life Mattered is one that has been used.

    • Dont say it too loud or there will be soon a demand by BLM that 50% of all paper sold must be black or rainbow or pink (no, thats too close to white.

  7. I’m reminded of “Islam is right about women” posters – another one designed to make the few brain cells that leftists have explode in contradiction!

    I have this fantasy of borrowing one my wife’s dresses, my uncle’s MAGA hat, and walking down to the local “friendly” church for Sunday service. The one that has the gay and trans flags by the door.

    “It has a MAGA hat, we must dispatch it to hell!” will say one. But then: “It’s wearing a dress, and has a beard. It must be trans. We must respect it!” will say another. What will they do? I don’t know, but it’d be worth wearing a dress on a Sunday morning in order to find out, but for the feat that they might beat me up!

    • I like that idea. Hey it’s a church. I think they would behave themselves.

      I see many churches these days hanging ‘diversity’ signs on their buildings.

      The woke crowd is supposed to be all for ‘diversity’. If they ran someone like that out, it would be a terrible pox on them.

      (Some gay, and trans people voted for Trump).

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