Dutch Elections 2021: Not Good — Not (Too) Bad

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this report on last week’s elections in The Netherlands.

Dutch elections 2021: not good — not (too) bad

by H. Numan

Last week the Dutch national elections were held. As I expected, the conservative VVD won. What I didn’t expect, and what came to most as a surprise, is the big win for the progressive D66 party. Dutch politics follows the trend in Western nations: the electorate wants a stable more conservative government, politics (being the Powers That Be) wants a politically correct 100% halal government. Let’s have a look at the electoral results:

  • VVD: 35 (now) — 33 (last elections in 2017)
  • D66: 23 — 19
  • CDA (Christian Democrats): 15 — 19
  • CU (Calvinist Communists): 5 — 5

The above parties formed the government. Given the results, they can continue governing, with more D66 and less CDA input. I expect a very brief formation period.

  • PVV: 17— 20
  • FvD (Thierry Baudet’s party): 8 — 2
  • PvdA (Labor): 9 — 9
  • SP (Maoists) 9 — 14
  • GL (Communists) 8 — 14
  • PvdD (Animal party) 6 — 5
  • SGP (Calvinists) 3 — 3
  • DENK (Turkish AK Party) 3 — 3
  • 50 Plus (Elderly Party) 4 — 1
  • JA21 (splinter from FvD) 3 — 0
  • Volt (Euro communists) 3 — 0
  • Bij1 (black racist anarchists) 1 — 0
  • BBB (farmers’ party) 1 — 0

The Left is the big loser. All left-wing parties did pretty badly. Labor remained tiny; GL and SP both lost massively. The VVD remains the strongest party, and won slightly. Which is pretty weird, if you think about it. The main reason the cabinet resigned was a massive tax scandal, for which the VVD was responsible. On top of that, other possibly even bigger tax scandals emerged just before the elections. The resignation of the cabinet, as I wrote in a previous essay, was a form of controlled demolition. Rutte expected that scandal not to influence his re-election, and he was right.

The really big winner was Forum for Democracy. The party almost collapsed weeks before the elections due to internal dissent. The splitters formed JA21, and gained 3 seats. FvD got 8 seats, which means that the electorate doesn’t believe a word of Thierry Baudet’s being an open or closet Nazi.

The PVV didn’t do well. They lost 3 seats. Which is just as surprising as the big win for D66. I’m not going to call this voter fraud, but both are really surprising. The PVV polled consistently at 25-30 seats. All of a sudden they’re stuck at 17 seats? Weird. Likewise, D66 gained 4 seats. Again, nobody expected that. They were polled roughly equal to what they had or less. Certainly not a lot more.

The results are a mixed bag. We’ll get Rutte 4, no doubt. And pretty fast, as the election gave the green light for a continuation of the Rutte Saga. Dear Mark shouldn’t be overly happy, though. It’s rare a PM who rules 12 years. So far we haven’t had one that ruled for 16 years. He wasn’t elected because people like him so much, rather for the want of anything better.

Who is really worrisome? Sigrid Kaag, the chairwoman of D66. She wanted to become the first female PM of The Netherlands. “Because we haven’t had one, and it’s about time.” People didn’t buy that slogan, but she did pretty well anyway. However, what few people know or realized is that Sigrid Kaag is married to Anis al-Qaq. He is a high-ranking officer in the PLO government of Yasser Arafat.

Kaag kept that marriage a secret for as long as possible, as she considers that ‘something personal’. I beg to differ. That marriage is something that will affect The Netherlands profoundly. After all, she is married to a strict sharia mohammedan. Such a marriage has consequences.

For starters, Mrs. Kaag is virulently anti-Semitic, if only because she married a PLO terrorist. Carefully disguised as ‘Anti-Zionist’. Same bulls**t, different label. That one is allowed, and very fashionable in politically correct circles. Mrs. Kaag supports the Palestinians, Gaza, and quietly arranges money — so far, many millions — to be transferred into that direction.

She is also a feminist. Apparently feminism and sharia go hand in hand. I have yet to hear a feminist debunking mohammedanism. A more despicably misogynist religion does not exist. When women will start to see the dark relation between feminism and mohammedanism I don’t know, but they will. Unless the jokes we men make about women are true; that’s also possible.

D66 is staunchly progressive and politically correct. Think about it, for a minute. Politically correct. What exactly is that? It’s something that is factually false. Otherwise it wouldn’t be politically correct. I’d say that of all pro-Euro parties, D66 is by far the worst (apart from Volt, but they just got elected). Do mind that D66 itself is not an anti-Semitic party. They don’t have a problem with Kaag’s very real (and heavily disguised) anti-Semitism, but neither the party nor its electorate are anti-Semitic themselves.

D66 stands for Democrats 1966, the year of their foundation. Like the PVV much later, it’s an offspring of the VVD. Where the PVV goes for a more conservative course, D66 always goes to the left. Income-wise, the VVD focuses on middle incomes. D66 aims substantially higher, and the PVV for substantially lower-earning voters.

VVD stands for Volkspartij voor Vrijheid and Democratie. Or in English: People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy. Don’t let that ‘people’s party’ fool you. People in Dutch (and German) is volk. Hence the word. Nothing more. Doesn’t have any connotations of socialism or communism. Though I have to admit that calling the conservative party which aims for the middle and upper classes a people’s party is somewhat rich. Pun intended.

Another anomaly you may have noticed is the large number of Pvd… parties. That is simply “Partij voor de …” or Party for … in English. Party For Freedom, Party For the Animals (PvdD), Partij voor de Arbeid (Labor), etc. During this election we had 37 parties participating. One party for each day of the month, and an extra week.

So the results are a mixed bag. Overall, conservative parties have won, though the PVV lost. Progressive parties lost. Yasser Feras (You may know him under his Dutch name Jesse Klaver) will probably resign soon. Though he managed to get a GL Muslim Brotherhood sister elected to parliament. Neat. We have a chairwoman who holds dual nationality (Moroccan and Dutch), a branch of the Turkish AK Party (DENK) and now also the Muslim Brotherhood represented in parliament.

Bij1 (Bij Een = Together) entered Parliament with one seat. This party is virulently black racist. We’ll be hearing a lot from them. Her, to be exact. That seat will go to Sylvana Simons. Disillusioned die-hard (white!) communists/anarchists support that party. A kind of copycat Black Lives Matters party.

Rutte can’t relax. He’s on his way to becoming the longest-ruling premier of the country. PMs ruling longer than 10-12 years are quite rare. The last PMs who ruled that long all had to resign well before the end of their cabinets. Remembered as a long-ruling prime minister. Not as the best prime ministers ever. If remembered at all. Jan Peter Balkenende ruled almost forever. Ask people in the street about him, they scratch their head and ask Jan Peter who??? Very few PMs are well-remembered. Winning the prize of the longest-ruling PM ever is a kind of booby prize, I think. It matters for the person and nobody else. Who do we Dutch remember? Thorbecke: he gave us modern democracy. For sure Willem Drees: he gave us old age pensions. That’s about it. Colijn (just go to sleep, the government watches over you) we also remember, for but different reasons. He said that line before WW2, to put people at ease about German intentions. Didn’t work out that well; those German intentions proved not to be very peaceful. He was the guy who kept us out of WW1, but only real history buffs remember that. That’s the fate awaiting Mark Rutte.

— H. Numan

11 thoughts on “Dutch Elections 2021: Not Good — Not (Too) Bad

  1. Don’t feel bad. Most Japanese usually don’t know the name of their prime minister.

    Sorry to see Kauthar Bouchallikht win a seat. Will she be the Dutch version of Ilhan Omar?

    • Ilhan Omar, didn’t she marry her brother? Incest akhbar!

      It’ll be interesting to see what kind of cr*p Bouchallikht will try to pull. We’ve seen it before in the Netherlands, such politicians are put on a pedestal by left-wing parties to attract the muslim votes, and journalists lap it up. But sooner or later the mask slips, and they say something antisemitic, downplay 9/11, or pledge allegiance to IS.
      If Klaver has any sense, he’ll keep her away from journalists as much as possible. She’ll probably have minders following her around, to make sure she sticks to the script.

  2. Politically Correct – when I hear that word I’m getting nausea.
    Politics has nothing to do with being correct, it’s about EXPEDIENCY.
    If they would be honest, but that is something that was withdrawn with their Mothersmilk, otherwise they wouldn’t be in Politics, they would call it “Politically Expedient”, or “ANYTHING GOES THAT KEEPS ME IN POWER”.

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident.
    If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    >Franklin D. Roosevelt<

  3. Married to Yasser Arafat? I guess the reports of his death, like Mark Twain’s, have been greatly exaggerated.

    • That mudshark Sigrid is married to Yasser’s minion Al-Qaq a bloody terrorist, which makes her a terrorist.

      • Mark, Interesting to note that Arafat’s widow and children are enjoying the fruits of the billions that ole Yasser stole from western taxpayers. Ole Arafat was infamous for [having carnal knowledge of] young men from Europe as the degenerate that he was, may he rest in hell where he belongs.

    • “Sigrid Kaag is married to Anis al-Qaq”

      Where exactly did I write she was married to Yasser Arafat? I can’t find it.

  4. My 2 cents: left-wing voters switched from GL to D’66 and PvdD, SP and PVV voters switched to FvD, CDA voters to 50+.
    D’66 used to be a liberal reform party, joined a coalition but were screwed by Labor. Shed their ideology and became a power-oriented party under Pechtold. He left because of a sex scandal, then the party went full retard and started to spout Green / LBTGQA++ / pro-sharia rhetoric. They’re left-identitarian now, like Bij1. They also have experienced, power-orented politicans, so they can get things done- which explains why left-wing voters switched.
    Not sure why these elections are covered on this blog though – hardly relevant in the great scheme of things.

    • C, Because of what happens in any European country including blighted Britain affects us all in the west.

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