Covid and the Great Reset — Together Creating Fear… and Resistance

The UK, like most of the Western world, is still under lockdown. Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his observations on the current COVID dystopia in his homeland.

Covid and the Great Reset — Together Creating Fear… and Resistance

by Seneca III

A global anti-lockdown and anti-mask resistance movement is evolving. On Saturday 20/3/2021 in the UK, Australia, Holland, Belgium, France, Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine and many other locations[1] people were marching and peacefully demonstrating that they have had enough of the misguided, inept and draconian government responses to the SARS-CoV-2 viral epidemic.

Unfortunately, on Sunday the 21st another protest in no way connected with the marchers took place in Bristol, UK, (and again on Monday). They bore no resemblance to those on Saturday. It was the usual Rent-a-Mob event and when the police attempted to close it down riot, property destruction and the torching of police vehicles was the mob’s Pavlovian response. On Sunday twenty police officers were injured in the process, some seriously… it reminded me more of Portland, Oregon, than the pleasant English mercantile city I had known before its transition into a Marxist-Socialist satrapy and subsequent destabilising enrichment.

Video recordings of the worldwide events on Saturday, including in London, show no signs of aggression or vandalism and the police who accompanied them were simply controlling traffic and escorting the marchers safely. My greatest fear is that more events such as that in Bristol will be misinterpreted and conflated with those genuine, peaceful marchers, thus diluting the support of otherwise sympathetic non-participants and encouraging governments to continue their oppression.

It must be widely understood that the Bristol rabble were a different animal. Some of them appeared to be yet more criminal thugs from the BLM and XR stable. No doubt the anarchists of ANTIFA were out in force as well in pursuit of their objective, which is to create a state of chaos which they can then exploit at their leisure. It also appears that this scabrous crew were reinforced by contingents drawn from the underbelly of our society, a collection of cretinous lowlifes addicted to the adrenaline rush of free-range gratuitous violence, arson and momentary fame in some social media sinkhole.

Indeed, many of these moral and intellectual dwarfs should rightly be categorized as ‘Enemies of the State’ and closed down completely by the Powers That Be, not as a species with protected characteristics to be kneeled before and indulged in whatever mayhem they choose to inflict upon us.

By comparison, those who marched on Saturday constituted the genuine, law-abiding core of the resistance. They were perfectly normal people who are tired of the hysterical antics of their respective governments and just want to get on with their lives. They are seeking respite from the debilitating psychological byproducts of enforced lockdowns and the progressive physical and mental carnage affecting all age groups, particularly this current generation of young people who are still in the process of maturing and who could suffer long-term damage from prolonged low-level hypoxic oxygen deprivation caused by masking.

The desire of these people to live their lives free from the draconian edicts of their inept and often corrupted ruling classes, who appear attracted by the thought of some lucrative position in a ‘New World Order’, is purely intuitive in many cases, because the participants either don’t know of or fail to fully comprehend the horrors awaiting them in the Great Reset/New World Order project now being quietly implemented around them with the fortuitous assistance of an escaped bio-warfare agent.

Meanwhile, as the pressure mounts the British government seems not to understand that the power of an oppressed people can be a terrible thing when a significant percentage of the polis unites, breaks out of the trap with a single purpose and seeks relief from the excessive legislative and executive actions levelled by privileged power groups and their beneficiaries who are intent upon destroying the fundamental health, freedoms and futures of the citizenry. Those who marched on Saturday understand that their children are the ones who will have to pay the bills for this debacle and probably will have to fight for their ethnic survival as well if things are not corrected soon. That is a terrible burden to lay on future generations.

Political power addicts always tend to become over-endowed with false images of their own exceptionalism and privilege, and these misconceptions must be reined in from time to time by force if necessary. The reality is that hidden behind their faux public personas, their earnest entreaties whereby they demand of us and impose upon us things that we are told we must accept for our own good are a means to their ends, not ours.

In the UK we elect governments to legislate and then implement informed and carefully considered policies designed to enable and support our collective wellbeing, and those so elected should be required to exercise their duties with a reasonable degree of intelligence and integrity. The false assumption that they will conduct our affairs in this manner is the sole reason why they have so many privileges in the first place and why we permit them to remunerate themselves so generously[2]. They are not the fount of all wisdom to whom we peasants must give obeisance and tithes irrespective of the malignancy or absolute stupidity of their actions. I have little doubt that some even consider patriotism to be a dirty word

Yet, despite this constitutionally mandated largesse, it is apparent that the residents of that rancid cesspit of expenses troughers in Westminster are trying to pass the buck to us, the victims of their incompetence, in the form of perpetual admonitions to “shut up, lock down, wear a mask, stay away from each other, save the NHS and wash your hands because we’re following the science”, a mantra that stretches our credulity beyond the breaking point.

Such arrogant behaviour from a majority of politicians whose understanding of science came to a screeching halt the day they faced their GCSE examinations adds insult to injury, and even though they are no longer charging us for Duck Houses and Moat cleaning[3] they have still found another way to squander our money by purchasing piles of expensive electronic fripperies for themselves and God only knows who else[4].

Finally, the disingenuous disinformation campaigns peddled by the psychologists of the No. 10 Nudge Unit play a significant part in our ongoing defenestration as well and must be cast into the waste bin of history post haste.

We must be done with the lot of them and rebuild our lives from the ground up before it is too late.

— Seneca III, enjoying a sunny early Spring morning in Middle England which brings with it a few faint glimmers of hope for a free and prosperous future on this 24th day of March in the year of our Lord 2021.


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13 thoughts on “Covid and the Great Reset — Together Creating Fear… and Resistance

  1. I really am enjoying the delusions, denial and deceit of it all and the useful idiots of the great masses who actually truly believe they will vote their way out of this bloody mess, that time has come and long gone. The high moral so called ground is now reserved for you useful idiots who want to be buried in it.
    I have completely changed my mind about both World Wars, too bad the Germans didn’t win, because they would never in a million years tolerated our western lands being invaded by the 3rd world and sure as hell would have never allowed a guy like Soro’s and his ilk to gain the power and influence they have. The Germans would have had them properly hanged as an example of what happens when our so called betters get uppity. We have gotten away from the old ways at our own peril, now we will all pay the price for dancing with the devil.

    • The covid tyranny is a fascist tyranny, so G thinks it’s a pity the fascists didn’t win in World War 2.

      • The chin flu is communist, not fascist in nature, for those bloody nationalist would never in a million years infect their own people and let the bloody 3rd world invade them. Look at what your so called victory has wrought upon us?

    • Germany under Merkel is as bad as any other Western democracy in its failure to control Islamic invasion.
      I’m baffled that you think otherwise?

      • Merkel is a communist and always has been thus her letting the 3rd world to invade us. Democracy as we know it is dead and gone. What comes next is military strongmen takeovers.

  2. “… and these misconceptions must be reined in from time to time by force if necessary…”

    The time for force is fast upon us. Marches serve primarily to let the sane know they are alone. But as Irish COVID-fighter Dave Cullen now maintains, the moment of their usefullness for change has passed.

    A full year of passivity has convinced governments they can do what they want and the mulitarized police are enjoyong their power. Step out of line in that peaceful march and you’ll learn who is in charge.

    It will come to force, even for the good guys.

  3. Corona coup d’état. These are puppet governments in most countries of the West. The system has been overridden. The World Government is already operating. What we are seeing is only the Potemkin village of the old world.

  4. Not looking good, even out in eastern Europe. With the taste of totality is still remembered, it seems to have been largely set aside as unapplicable to totality in the name of saving oneself from a disease. While Ukraine and Belarus lives normally, Czechia is in the grips of high covid. Now, how come the virus respects political borders? Czechia has even reached to implementing lockdown within counties (whose boundaries are barely remembered from the past) but the cops have remembered and are waiting to bust you if you travel without a permit. Even the Heydrich assassination did not occasion a system of checkpoints this insane.

  5. Excellent post and very educational. Thank you very much. I hope Great Britain finally develops the courage to be great again.

    Keep up the good work! You are my favorite site but I never knew you were British.

    • Is the “great” in “Great Britain” not referring to the largest of many small islands around the British mainland. Excluding Ireland. As in “Great Britain and its neighbour Ireland”. In other words Great Britain will always be great.

  6. The Sons of Liberty were considered rabble. In any movement, you will find self-promoting frauds and criminal scum riding the waves for personal gain. Here in Winterfell(North Idaho) the Karens and their Beta-male lickspittles have lifted the mask mandate which everyone has been largely ignoring. And, to their credit, the local police chiefs and county sheriffs absolutely refused to enforce it.
    The difference here as opposed to socialist, degenerate Europa, is we still have firearms as a means of self-defense and personal protection. This explains the ramping up of False Flags by the Deep State. Plus, the myth of the Amerikan “Thin Blue Line” is fast eroding, as police in most of the Blue Hives are seen as no better than the Orcs portrayed in Tolkien’s novels. The complete disintegration of Britannia will be viewed from here as great entertainment as well as an object lesson to the legions of Amerikan fence-sitters, sheeple, Normies, and Cucks. Bleib ubrig.

  7. The Bristol demo was against a proposed act to extend police powers, not Covid-related restrictions per se.

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