Come to Germany and Start a New Life on Welfare

Despite its longstanding reputation for technical excellence, Germany is no longer a magnet for foreign scientists and engineers. However, it’s Europe’s go-to place for lavish welfare benefits, as the mass influx of unskilled third-worlders attests.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Eldorado only for the unqualified and paperless: Germany is becoming less attractive to the highly qualified

The German economy is urgently dependent on “qualified specialists” from abroad, while at the same time well-trained specialists are leaving Germany and migrating abroad, and on top of that, paperless and predominantly male unskilled workers from incompatible cultures flow to Germany, who are sold to the citizens as specialists, but who are more likely to immigrate to the welfare programs

Years ago, the management consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the online job platform StepStone and the career network The Network started a large-scale survey to determine the attractiveness that a nation radiates to qualified employees on an international level: Germany ranks fourth, after the USA, Canada and Australia. (More on — Article in the archive)

Germany lost its popularity among skilled workers in 2020; obviously you can see a connection with Corona, but in truth, other reasons are more likely: high tax rates, social charges and energy prices, high rents and other high levies, the bureaucracy and sometimes run-down cities: that is truly not a place of longing for the highly qualified.

And that is Germany, too: an army of millions of unemployed, the quality of the education system has been declining for years, pupils and students for the most part barely meeting the expectations of the economy, but more and more low-wage workers for low-level jobs.

Highly qualified people tend to steer clear of Germany, but at least Germany has not lost its attractiveness for all those who should feel comfortable in the welfare system, according to Katrin Göring-Eckhardt [former communist, member of the Greens].

7 thoughts on “Come to Germany and Start a New Life on Welfare

  1. Well, certainly Germany is attracting millions of specialists with just the right kind of degree for a postmodern woke nation state; a BS in welfare fraud and jihad.

    • Those we germans attract are perfectly suited for a post-apocalyptic (non-nuclear destruction) society (because we all know that our society is on the way down, just like old Rome).
      They have all they need:
      Close combat experience
      no conscience= cold-blooded killers
      willingness to use violence compared to those zombified sissies of european males who faint at sight of one drop of blood.

      Yes, truly the right type of people.

  2. to get this straight. the thesis of this is that its no longer a major draw for skilled immigrants and but only welfare trash and this has nothing to do with coronavirus, and to prove this you cite information that completely contradicts that by saying its gone “down” to number 1 in Europe and 4 worldwide for skilled immigrant appeal out of 195 countries since 2020, and only after coronavirus struck. is this whats called grasping at straws?

  3. Merkel doctors and engineers!!, you have to be totally idiot to believe this , RIP. Germany..

    • It is always darkest before the dawn, the fun is just about to begin, the Germans and Europeans for that matter, will face the cold, cruel, stark reality of sticking with their own, or side with the 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers. As I have said time and time again here, if you ain’t armed up by now? You will be sheep for the slaughter, for this is the land of Wolves now and I have run out of any sympathy for those who refuse to see the cold reality of it all.

  4. Very very sad , such a beautiful country, everything is in the toilet now, this government is corrupted to the core ..

  5. The second paragraph highlights some points rightly: taxes are high, social charges too! But there is a positive side to it: you don’t have to dish out 45 K $ p.a. to give your kids a decent top notch college education and a visit to your dental surgeon does not oblige you to take a second mortgage! Now that I came to homes: the local taxes on real estate in the US for a house in leafy quarters that an executive might buy are….. 4,5,6 K p.a., or more?

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