“You Trash! Why Don’t You Go Back to Your Own Country?”

The following video was recorded in the Italian city of Genoa. It shows an African culture-enricher standing in the doorway of a bus, volubly berating the Italians for their racism or whatever. A woman who has had enough tells the “youth” off in no uncertain terms, to the point where he actually shuts up for a few seconds.

Italy is refreshing for its lack of political correctness. Not only do bystanders speak their minds without self-censorship, but upon their arrival the police actually deal with the misbehaving migrant. In Britain or Sweden the behavior of the culture-enricher would have remained unaddressed while the WAYCISTS who called the poor victim names would have been arrested and slapped with large fines.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Since the bus is white, all buses are white… you guys do not give me anything.
00:06   You think I am a criminal that is why you guys are calling police.
00:11   [unintelligible] —Guys, that’s Italy.
00:16   I am speechless, really. He should be beaten in the head with a crowbar.
00:21   A taser shockwave. Taser. Taser is enough.
00:25   So he will calm down, and that’s it.
00:28   [unintelligible]
00:40   You say I am a criminal…
00:46   Why don’t you go back to your own country?
00:49   You trash, why don’t you go back to your own country instead of coming to Italy to bust our chops?
00:53   You trash! Why don’t you go back to your own country?
00:56   Disgusting piece of s***! You guys have to go back to your own country, you migrants!
01:02   You trash! Instead of busting our chops!
01:05   Why don’t you take it out on law enforcement, a**hole?! You a**hole, go back to your own country!
01:10   Take it out on me, even if I am a woman, you piece of trash! You trash!
01:14   You guys are pieces of trash! You all come here to live off us, to bust our chops!
01:18   And you came to bust our balls here where people are working, shame on you! You big piece of trash!
01:24   Trash! You are a big piece of trash! A trashy man!
01:31   A man like you should be crushed like this!
01:34   You piece of trash!
01:37   You are a piece of trash! —I won’t speak with a woman
01:41   You won’t speak with me because you are scared of me!
01:44   I don’t want woman! Go away!
01:55   The police are going to lock him up! Shame on you, you big piece of trash!
02:05   Compulsory medical treatment for him!
02:10   Deport him, damn! To Etna.
02:13   Away, away… to his own country.
02:17   Damn… I would kick his butt…

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  1. How refreshing!!, and He shut up !!!, thanks to that brave woman, go back to your [sump] country, then you can shout like this , this is Christian Europe, You are in the wrong continent..

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