The Corona Numbers Game

In the following video a German doctor describes the way a single person who tests positive for COVID-19 may be counted as multiple cases in the official statistics.

Anyone with symptoms who tests positive must quarantine himself until he tests negative. Those who are anxious to return to work present themselves for testing every week. Each positive result is reported to the relevant agency, which then anonymizes the result, causing every instance to be counted as a new individual case of the Wuhan Coronavirus in official government statistics.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yes, my dear friends, patients, acquaintances,
00:03   and also all those who do not want to hear it: Here is Katrin Kessler from Hassloch
00:07   again with a very short piece of information
00:10   on a very interesting email correspondence with the Robert Koch Institute.
00:17   So it is actually like that, if someone really had Corona,
00:22   I am, I emphasize that every time, sorry, very, very sorry
00:26   for everyone who had it really, really bad. Fortunately, I had no personal contact
00:31   with anyone who had Corona and died from it,
00:35   maybe because of my one-sided perception.
00:39   I’m more talking about those who came here to my practice
00:44   who had almost nothing, were asymptomatic or
00:47   had slight loss of taste.
00:50   If these people want to go back to work, they mostly have to have
00:54   a negative Corona test. That’s why they come to my practice regularly
00:59   and are then tested again anew. And it is almost, almost always
01:05   that these people are positive for up to 12 weeks.
01:10   And when these patients come weekly, a message goes out every time
01:14   from the laboratory to the health department,
01:18   and from the health department, rendered anonymous, to the Robert Koch Institute.
01:22   And the Robert Koch Institute has confirmed this part, that these anonymous reports,
01:27   from someone who may have come to be tested for the sixth time,
01:31   enter the media as a new infection every time.
01:37   …go into the media… Now you can probably ask yourself the question;
01:41   oh, how are these infection numbers to be assessed
01:45   that are presented to us in the Tagesschau [Daily News] and the mainstream media?
01:49   If really, probably the vast majority,
01:53   are retested after corona infections
01:56   until they test negative, otherwise arrive and are counted each time as a new infection
02:01   by the Robert Koch Institute.
02:05   Yep. This is a question I’d like to throw into the room.