Strike the Necks of the Unbelievers!

The German city of Ravensburg seems to be a hotbed of cultural enrichment, and has been featured a number of times in this space (see, for example, this article from 2017).

However, the following article from Politically Incorrect makes no mention of the ethnicity of the 15-year-old girl who murdered an elderly woman in Ravensburg by stabbing her in the neck. Therefore my references to cultural enrichment are totally unwarranted in this particular case.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Ravensburg: 15-year-old girl with a relevant criminal record stabs 62-year-old

by Johannes Daniels

[Photo caption: Brutal robbery and murder at the Ravensburg train station — there have been fights and robberies there for several years — meanwhile the station area is considered to be the social hotspot of the city. The police and street workers speak of “different scenes”.]

For some years now, Germany’s metropolitan railway stations have become hotspots for acts of violence and serious crimes, and have created a pull for criminals of all origins. But the crime wave, which can no longer be controlled, is increasingly affecting small towns and the formerly idyllic province: On Tuesday evening, a 62-year-old was brutally stabbed to death at Ravensburg train station. A 15-year-old who is known to the police is now under suspicion.

Robbery — The knife belongs to Germany

After the evaluation of surveillance recordings in the station area and the advice of a youth officer from the police, the suspicion about the “German” youth was confirmed on Wednesday, the police and public prosecutor announced on Thursday. The girl from the Ravensburg district was “provisionally” arrested on Wednesday afternoon. The youngster was after her victim’s handbag.

The 62-year-old was murdered in cold blood by stab wounds in the neck area. Police Chief Inspector Daniela Baier from the Ravensburg police said that a resident called the officers for help around 10.30 p.m. after seeing the lifeless woman lying on the floor, there not being any direct witnesses to the crime so far. Despite immediate resuscitation efforts by police officers, the victim died within a short time, and an emergency doctor could only determine the woman’s death. The suspect has already been known to the police several times and had only served a juvenile prison sentence, including for robbery.

The criminal police continue to ask the populace for help: On the route between Ravensburg train station and Löwenplatz Weingarten, the suspect is said to have got rid of a dark Nike hooded sweater with light stripes on the sleeves. The special commission “Night” is investigating. The Friedrichshafen criminal police welcome relevant information about the item of clothing on tel. 07541 / 701-0. The course of the crime and a motive were initially unclear.

Situation at the station “largely calmed down”

Again and again there are fights and acts of violence at the Ravensburg train station . Passers-by also feel annoyed — the train station area is now considered a social hotspot in the city. According to the police and street workers, several “different scenes” overlap there. These include alcoholics and the homeless, but also drug addicts and “partying young people”. The majority of the approximately 60 people who come together there in different constellations are between 30 and 50 years old, says the city.

The fact that the police checked so often in downtown Ravensburg in the summer of 2019 meant that the various scenes were initially spread out over half the city and then concentrated at the train station. Not least there, because in winter there is also the opportunity to warm up in the station building. The police reacted with reinforced patrols at the train station and considered the situation to be “largely calmed down” even before the Corona pandemic began.

5 thoughts on “Strike the Necks of the Unbelievers!

  1. “The Knife belongs to Germany” in this Article is a reference and a hint to the enriching Cultural background of the “alledged” perpetrator.
    The German President,
    Frank-Walter Steinmeier, made a statement a couple of years back, that
    “ISLAM belongs to Germany”.
    Everything that has happened since, through the actions of the Followers of Islam, is being largely “silenced”, especially when it was something that was almost unheard of before is hushed up in this way by Media and State.
    And all is then being sarcastically referred towards Steinmeiers Statement to make it CLEAR and to stay in the clear of being dragged infront of the next “Sharia Court”.
    We all know, that “the Truth is no defense” when it comes to Islam and it’s followers.

    • Not only Steinmeier , Merkel was the one who said “ Islam belongs to Germany “!! No Islam not belongs to Germany!!, Merkel&CO belongs to Islam , period, pack your stuff and move to Islamic countries nobody wants you in Germany and all over Europe

  2. Every nation gets the government it deserves. Every government gets the population it deserves. Why does everyone believe this is a Muslim rather than one of those culturally enriching blacks?

    Does anyone believe it was a Pole, Irish, Korean, or Mexican? My bet is on those who must not be named.

    • Hence why I apply the descriptor “orc” to the whole sordid lot of them.

      Their one commonality regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, etc., is they all have a total disregard for and contempt of Western accomplishments and even the rare accomplishments of the miniscule few of their own ancestors who managed to climb to the top of their respective dung hills to crow. Just like the villians of Tolkien’s novels, orcs never create; they only destroy, and often in the most wanton and cruel ways imagineable. From hacking down olive orchards in Moria that had been passed down for generations, the burning destruction of the Notre Dame in Paris, acid disfigurements of the faces of women in London, or the vile and aggressive rapes of women across every European country they infect; these are their accomplishments and legacy. And this is why I call all of them orcs.

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