No Vaccine, No Games!

The following video shows a brief conversation between an elderly woman and her granddaughter. The context is evidently that of a nursing home or care residence.

The grandmother has been denied permission to participate in games because she refuses to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The games involved are presumably cribbage, dominos, etc., where people are in relatively close proximity to one another.

Here’s what I don’t understand: if everyone else has been vaccinated, and this woman is the lone holdout, why does it matter whether or not she gets the vaccine? If the vaccine is effective, no one can catch the disease from her. If it’s not effective, then why is it compulsory for the very old, who are most at risk from the known side effects?

The Coronazis make the rules, and everyone must obey.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The texts that appear at various points in the video are translated as follows:

1.   “Please watch all the way to the end”
2.   “Corona or not, that’s an absolute insolence”
3.   “She helped rebuild Germany and is treated that way. My heart is bleeding.”

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Video transcript:

00:00   Grandma, you have now told me that they won’t let you take part in games,
00:05   because you refused to be vaccinated? —Yes, they won’t, today also!
00:08   They won’t let you play with them? —NO, NO.
00:11   And what did they say to you? —They told me, it’s because I refused to be vaccinated.
00:15   Aha, and how do you feel about that? —I don’t like it. —It’s not nice, is it?
00:20   Yes, it is not nice. —You feel left out. —Exactly, that’s how you feel.
00:25   The impertinence, is that it? —Yes, what an impertinence.
00:29   And do you want to get vaccinated now? —What?
00:32   Do you want to get vaccinated? —NO, NO, I’m not getting vaccinated.
00:35   Gran, I will also not get vaccinated.

7 thoughts on “No Vaccine, No Games!

  1. The old lady is being barred from games because the supply chain of the vaccine from Gates etc. through governments down to the underpaid carer staff all need vaccinees for their racket.

    However, we see that in the last few weeks, vaccinees are promptly diagnosed with Covid, most noticeably in Israel. So the old lady seems actually less at risk than do the vaccinees.

    But the problem is, what is the diagnosis worth given the worldwide fake PCR test peddled by Drosten.

    So the rising numbers of Covid positives in various countries since the start of the jabbing in December means for me as a layman that EITHER the jabs are genuinely causing a body reaction that can be attributed to something called “Covid 19 virus”, although it has never been isolated, you cannot view it on a printout from an electron microscope ( Drs. Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman in USA,) AND/OR we look at what Prof. Sukharit Bakhti says:

    in an Urgent Brandnewtube video just now, he says in regard of deaths after jabs in German care homes, that we have to be told how many repetitions of the PCR test are being used to buttress the claim of “Covid”, if it is over 30, the positive tests are mainly false and the people are dying of something else.

    Which will be why Prof Dolores Cahill is saying that autopsies have to be done to see whether people will have been dying from flu-type lung problems or from sepsis/organ failure once the messenger RNA in the Pfizer and Moderna jabs forces the body to attack itself once it comes across another Corona virus. There are apparently 7 coronaviruses, by the way, another vital fact the media suppress.

    Now given that influenza has recently vanished from global death figures, with 14,500 CDC-reported flu cases in Jan. last year in the USA and about 15 (!!!) this year, is it not plausible that the “Covid deaths” occurring after the jabs are deaths from the flu, as the symptoms are similar?

    • I have come to the conclusion that it is all fake. Two people I “know” died “of covid” – or maybe make it one and a half: One was my coworker, 60 years old, strong asthma – when they brought him to the hospital they immediately put him on ventilators, which seems to be a kind of death sentence (although the doctors will tell you that “without the ventilator he would die two days sooner – but that is a “what if” scenario)

      The second person was my friends grandmother, 82 years old, “died of covid”.

      Pan = All Demos=People. Can’t say I have seen any pandemic with my own eyes yet…

      • I live in a “sheltered” block of thirty-six flats, owned by the local authority. My neighbour (in her nineties) recently died in hospital after being diagnosed with Covid; two others are infected. Fake? Really?

        • Do you trust you government? Or this news on TV. Beacuse I don’t, how do you know for sure she die from COVID ??, or something else?.

        • Your naive trust in what is “diagnosed”, or put on a death certificate and your ignorance of “Lies, damned lies and statistics” is touching.

          Further, you are entirely free to read Lockdown Sceptics in the UK, run by Toby Young, or to educate yourself and shed your fear.

          But a virtuous one of course, as you have told us you work in a charity shop.

          In the UK where you are, Dr Vernon Coleman and other have said that ANYBODY who dies within 28 days of testing positive (see below) is classed as a “Covid death”.

          Get your head around the idea that “diagnosis” of Covid using the fake PCR test that the WHO has just disavowed is not the same as diagnosis of plague or some other disease where you can SEE the bacterium.

          • Not sure I trust our Lords and Masters, but nor do I believe most of our healthcare workers could or would be coerced into perpetrating and covering up such a huge lie.

  2. The idea behind universal vaccination is that there are always some individuals who, due to medical contraindications, cannot be vaccinated. But because they still have a “right to health”, it becomes everybody else’s responsibility to get vaccinated (so they can enjoy herd immunity). Over time, this has boiled down to a simple Moral imperative to be vaccinated, and anyone who doesn’t is committing Blasphemy.

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