Nice little immune system you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

The three videos below are just a small selection of the current Corona-related material from Germany. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

First, a brief riff on George Orwell’s 1984:

The second video is an excerpt from a German talk show where people discuss various negative aspects of the COVID dystopia, especially the harm being done to children:

The final video concerns the possibly dangerous plastic fibers that people inhale from their masks. Evidently the original clip was an American video in English which has been dubbed with a German voice-over:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Attention!
00:04   The Ministry of Freedom just release this new report:
00:08   “Health is a basic condition for freedom — not the other way around!”

Video transcript #2:

00:00   No one from the church is standing up against this, nor from the schools or kindergartens.
00:06   Do you know what this is doing to children? They pee their pants and are so scared to go to school.
00:13   They’re anxious and don’t receive any form of security.
00:17   I breaks my heart watching what is being done to these children.
00:22   We hide them behind a piece of flowery cloth. Excuse me, but it breaks my heart.
00:30   It is absolutely crazy what is happening in this country, but it’s also happening worldwide.
00:35   How can the entire world be shut down in six months?
00:38   What’s really going on here? That’s my biggest question.
00:42   I want children to live freely, without this sh***y mask, without social distancing. —Bravo!
00:49   I want who children are able to open their mouths in school,
00:52   and I want the teachers to open their mouths!
00:55   Where are the teachers? You all have children! Do you have children, Mr. Lung Doctor? —Yes.
00:59   Really!? Well, then I can’t understand the way you’re talking. Really!
01:03   I’m an Internist/Cardiologist from Viersen. The most important factor,
01:08   in my opinion, is the test, which is the sole criterion
01:12   for political decisions on planning measures.
01:15   This PCR test detects neither an infection nor contagion.
01:22   One percent are positive. Even if we only tested healthy people, just allow me to say this,
01:26   in the current sentiment, if we only test healthy people,
01:31   just based on the number of false positives, we will never get out of this pandemic.
01:37   It is so implicit that vaccine does something to the immune system, right?
01:41   Why did all those people die in Italy? Just before there were sweeping vaccinations,
01:48   which attack the immune system, leaving it vulnerable to attack from other infections.
01:54   At the moment, we are just being told what to do by other people.
01:58   The people making these rules, who have financial security,
02:04   they are making rules that are destroying so much money, livelihoods and lives. This is insane.
02:12   Those people go to the bank once a month to pick up their €7,000 to €14,000.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   So when you drink bottled water you’re consuming up to 300 particles of
00:06   micro plastic. I started looking into what these masks are made of,
00:10   especially those that we buy from Walmart. Most of them are made from
00:14   recycled plastic. What is the chance that we’re inhaling micro plastic all day long?
00:19   We disregard all these tiny fibers that are always there and come off.
00:24   So we’re actually inhaling micro plastics directly into our lungs.
00:28   Never mind, I looked it up and yes, you’re inhaling micro plastics.
00:32   This is actually my favorite page at the National Institute for Health website.
00:36   This page is about the quality standards of the masks. Ethylene oxide,
00:40   a common sterilization agent used for disinfecting medical devices and yes,
00:44   they put this sterilization agent on medical face masks.
00:48   According to the EPA, long-term exposure to ethylene oxide can cause irritation
00:52   to the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs, and damage to the brain
00:56   and nervous system. And potentially your private parts.

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  1. My heart is crying to the poor kids !!, what kind of future they will be have in this insane country with Merkel on top !!, Merkel&CO ruined everything for them I mean everything,, !!

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