8 thoughts on “If You Have Done Nothing Wrong, You Have Nothing to Fear

  1. When I am driving I often see mask-wearing fools behind the wheel, which begs the question “are they virtue signaling or just truly stupid?” Or are they just hyper compliant sheeple?

    • In Berlin Germany, this idiots from Bundestag, force people to wear a masks in the car while they driving, this insanity it’s beyond me ..

  2. Nothing to see here in Corona Place,leave the premacies. Sofort.
    Otherwise the Claus Schwarb and Bill Gates team will be called in to deal with your obstruction of peace.

  3. As far as I know, all the real science says that masks are not effective (and the non-Vaccine is in fact a gene therapy treatment – it does not ‘prevent’ anything)

    To what is really going on here?

    1. Is it a money making scam?
    2. Is it part of a coup attempt on a worldwide basis?
    3. Is it a horrible hoax to see exactly how far democracy can be perverted.

    Leon Uris’ book QBVII describes a really nasty Nazi experiment designed to see at what level of pain people would press the button to switch the pain to the other victim, this was done with strangers and with family members. I don’t know if this was fact or fiction, reading the details of Nazi experiments is just too macabre for me.

    This could be the same sort of eperiment to see at what point the people rebel, a cynical and nasty ploy which our which could seriously undermine our ‘trusted’ leaders (not).

    Whatever happens, I am sick of pols who forget why and for whom they are being paid good salaries to represent. Time to reconsider the punishment for teason and for selfish political treachery such as taking money under the counter.

    • Revolt ? Why ? It is so well that the government is taking care of our own health. I am hearing a lot of people impatience to receive their dose of vaccine, actually I know some of them would kill their family members to get it first. In any case, as the international institutions said, there are many virus variotions, so even if you take one or more vaccines, the emergency measures stay in place for ever, it is for our health. And remember, wear your mask anywhere you can and avoid talking directly to people, use your monitored smartphone instead, it is more safe.

    • UK: “Illegal migrants are getting Covid jabs in plush quarantine hotels at Heathrow weeks ahead of older and more vulnerable British people… while arrivals from ‘red-list’ countries must pay £1,750 for LOWER class accommodation “: Ripe for serious something.

  4. I added a bit to the image above.
    Interestingly, back before I quit Facebook for good, I posted that image and got a temporary ban. Why? For the tiny swastika on the helmet. Verboten. AI picked it out of the image and nailed me.

    Here is my version, captioned, “Your health passport is not in order.” And with the swastika replaced with a DNC “D” logo, to make it safe for censored social media.


    • it also looks like the logo for Disqus that is forcing a shut down on free speech. It has a moderation program that disallows links to other sites, no pictures and it monitors the postings. this is another assault on our free speech.

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