Homeless Guinea Pigs

In Germany Die Linke (“The Left”) is a political party that is directly descended from the Party of Democratic Socialism, the official state political party of the DDR. In short, the earnest zealots of Die Linke are communists.

A prominent member of Die Linke in Berlin wants to use surplus doses of the AstraZeneca COVID “vaccine” on the homeless. Hellequin GB, who translated the article below, includes this note:

The Final Solution for tackling homelessness in Germany. Meet Elke Breitenbach, a “true” humanitarian, cut from the same cloth as Reinhard Heydrich.

The translated article from PolitikStube:

Slow-moving “AstraZeneca” — Nobody wants it, now they want to give it to the homeless in Berlin

So far, politicians, especially from the established parties, have paid little or no attention to the numerous German homeless people on the streets or under the bridges, and no calls have been heard for humanitarian treatment, construction of apartments or reintegration into the labor market and into society; the emergency accommodation that they have to leave early in the morning and the soup kitchens are perfectly adequate. Every now and then mercy is shown, since the emergency shelters only have limited capacity; sleeping bags and rucksacks are occasionally distributed, as in North Rhine-Westphalia an incredible €340,000 were made available for this, no comparison to the millions and millions of euros for so-called refugees.

Even in the red-red-green pigsty of Berlin, people in need are left in the lurch, but now the Berlin Senator for Social Affairs, Elke Breitenbach (Die Linke [communist]), discovers her heart for those who have been left behind and would like to get the vaccine doses of the manufacturer AstraZeneca given to them before the vaccine is completely spoiled. What luck for the homeless: they are allowed to take part as guinea pigs in the largest human experiment and be helpful for further experiences regarding side effects and long-term consequences.

RT German: The Berlin Senator for Social Affairs, Elke Breitenbach (Die Linke), would like to have part of the vaccine of the British-Swedish vaccine that is now in stock for the approximately 3,000 homeless people in Berlin’s emergency shelters.

On Monday, she told the Funke media group: “But we mustn’t forget those who don’t have a loud lobby.”

Berlin homeless people would find shelter in winter

“In winter, many of them find shelter in emergency shelters. We could and should offer vaccinations to all homeless people in emergency shelters as soon as possible.”

The vaccinations are expected to start next week.

2 thoughts on “Homeless Guinea Pigs

  1. When leftists claim ” construction of apartments” , be it for the homeless or people of lesser means, I kindly ask them to start right away, go to their bank, take a mortgage- loan of,say, 1million, which would build 3 or 4 apartments of reasonable size but questionable return to serve the monthly payments.
    If those do come in, they will have to be invested in full-scale refurbishments every couple of months, those customers not being used to adequate treatment of other peoples property.
    Leftists mean YOU when they ask for construction of accomodation, where in return, THEY would find gainful employment by taking care and providing legal aid should you dare to claim responsable behaviour of the tenants.
    The recent spell of severe frost showed that many of them do not want walls around them.

  2. The Fundamental Transformation continues apace in what used to be rural route areas.
    Ugly particle board apartments are going up to house the mystery meat lifetime democrat voter replacements. I think we’re going to need a bigger clown horn.
    BTW-My dermis is thick and there won’t be any offense if you don’t publish this wrongthink thoughtcrime.
    I’ll reattach my neurolink and refresh some Benetton rainbow good feelz in the spirit of unity.

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