Down and Out in Berlin

The following video shows portions of a large homeless encampment on a street in Berlin. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The text accompanying the video on PolitikStube (also translated by Hellequin GB):

Homeless people in the red-red-green pigsty Berlin

Ken Jebsen: That is the result of left-green politics in Berlin and at the federal level. Homelessness in the Federal Republic of Germany is increasing massively. The rulers let these needy people down. At the same time, the red carpet is rolled out for illegal migrants, they are quartered in hotels, and luxurious houses are built in which they can enjoy themselves at the taxpayers’ expense.

Does anyone here notice what’s happening in this country? Tax revenues have gushed like never before in recent years and poverty continues to grow at the same time. How can you just stand by and watch?

Video transcript:

00:00   Not the USA, not the Bronx, BERLIN.
00:13   This was not everything, naturally.
00:17   It continues… and…
00:21   The other side of the street is also there…
00:26   And there are… roughly,
00:31   more than 50 or 60… locations,
00:38   and there are more and more.
00:41   Those are the fruits of the Federal [Merkel] Government.

3 thoughts on “Down and Out in Berlin

  1. It’s just heartbreaking!!, Germany!!, beautiful Germany It’s destroyed them self, Merkel&CO will burn in hell, for a sake of German people, they need to rise and they need to rise very fast , this is so disturbing, this government is a rotten to the sky , brand new housing ( I saw in my own eyes everywhere, in Berlin, with all this illegal savages need ) and this Europeans live on the streets like the dogs !!, wake up Germans !!

  2. But this is only what is happening in all Western nations: the displacement of the native Folk, the bankruptcy through uncontrolled national debt, the intentional destruction of civil society (both through the arbitrary application of the legal system against law-abiding conservatives, typically Whites, as well as the implementation of chaos in our urban areas). Consider the permitted rioting of BLM in American cities this summer and the unchecked third-world slums in Berlin as part of the same war against White, Western Civilization.

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