Yet Another Culture-Enriching Kuffar-Pusher at the Railway Station

The Nigerian culture-enricher in the story below evidently was unable to read the Ungläubigenschubsen verboten signs on the railway platform. If only the rail authorities had posted the pictogram version (shown above), perhaps the high-spirited youth would have reconsidered his mischievous actions.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Frankfurt: A Nigerian who is known to police pushes German (60) onto the railway bed

While fleeing from ticket inspectors at the regional train station at Frankfurt Airport yesterday, a 46-year-old Nigerian pushed an uninvolved traveler onto the railway bed. Civil investigators from the Federal Police followed the perpetrator and arrested him in front of Terminal 1 a short time later. The 60-year-old German injured her head in a fall, lost consciousness for a short time and had to receive medical attention.

A inspection team from Deutsche Bahn AG first found the man in the S9 from Wiesbaden to Hanau. Since he could not show a valid ticket, the inspectors at Frankfurt Airport excluded him from continuing his journey. After leaving the S-Bahn, the man pushed an employee of the inspection team aside and fled across the platform and staircase in the direction of the terminal area. In doing so, he ruthlessly pushed a traveler so hard that she fell headlong into the railway bed.

Fortunately, no train arrived at that moment, so the inspectors were able to rescue the injured person from the danger area immediately and call the emergency services. Civil investigators from the Federal Police observed the incident, pursued the man and finally arrested him in front of Terminal 1.

The federal police have initiated investigations into suspicion of assault and fraudulent obtaining of services. Because of the suspicion of extortion, the known-to-police suspect was then handed over to the responsible State Police of Hesse.

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    • And, of course, Jews do not, Germany seems to lead EU support for ‘Palestinians’ at the expense of Israel,maybe it is second to Austria. It is bonkers to me, Nazis invent an industrial process to genocide Jews and Slavs, and modern Germany uses this as an excuse to nurture muslim who practise that same anti-Semitism, have they no shame?

      Its a mad, mad, mad leftist world.

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