I’m to old to engage in the kind of kinetic action that lies ahead, even if I had the requisite skill set, which I don’t. My only skills involve writing, editing, and propagating information. Which is what I am doing here with this essay from Western Rifle Shooters Association. Concerned American respectfully requests that this piece be disseminated as widely as possible, so please pass it on.


It wasn’t when the US Army attacked the “Bonus Army”, which was peacefully assembled in DC in 1932 seeking early payment of their WWI service bonds.

It wasn’t during the postwar era, when an activist Supreme Court abolished private property rights in the name of “equality”.

It wasn’t when, via the release of the Pentagon Papers in 1971, the American people learned that the entire war in Vietnam had been founded on lies — the biggest of which was that the US military, under the geopolitical and operational constraints they faced, could ever have won the war.

It wasn’t over the torrent of governmental power abuses that ensued over the next 20 years, nor was it when the Ruby Ridge and Waco atrocities happened.

It wasn’t over the establishment of a permanent, unconstitutional omnisurveillance state before and especially after 9/11.

It wasn’t over the nearly 20 years of US military foreign entanglements that took a generation of brave young men and women and sent them home in boxes, broken in mind and/or body, or permanently disillusioned about their country and their leaders.

It wasn’t even over the past five years of lies, deceit, and outright treasonous collaboration with enemy actors to drag America and its people from the smoldering remains of its constitutional past into the gulag of global totalitarianism.

But when, between November 3rd and January 6th, the globalist elites stole both a Presidential election and two Senatorial elections to deliver complete control of all branches and levels of American governance into the hands of the techno-tyrannical Kommissars, it was finally time for resistance.


Today, the spokesbots of the global tyranny superstructure are howling for the heads of not only President Trump and his (few) loyalists, but also the heads of anyone who supports him.

The international dictators-in-the-making have declared war, by both the Big Steal itself and the subsequent refusal to allow independent inquiry into those elections, on the traditional American people and their progeny.

So be it.

We will see how the soft-palmed Stalin wannabes deal with a permanently-outraged population of real-world makers (and breakers).

The anti-Trump United States government parasites have eternally destroyed their own legitimacy.

Having sown the wind, they will now reap the whirlwind.

Godspeed to all traditional Americans.

May God empower each with courage, discernment, and zeal.

In the absence of orders to the contrary, find something Communist and destroy it.

Lather, rinse, and repeat.

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  1. In these dark times, the good (and awakened) people all over the world look to the USA again.
    Don’t despair, stay committed, stay defiant – love and respect from Europe!

  2. The breathtaking hypocrisy and ignorance surrounding the events of Jan 6th are truly incredible. After 5 years of a media and big tech attempted coup of the duly elected president of the United States played out before our eyes, we’re surprised by people who feel that violent action is their only recourse? Political violence has been condoned, and outright encouraged by the left for years. Now it’s an insurrection? The flame was lit long ago. When the normal civil process of redress of grievances is gone what is the alternative? I fear our Republic is now totally broken beyond repair. There is a mechanism for those who refuse to submit to tyranny. It’s the course our Founding Fathers took. Those who think that the American people will be sheep are sadly mistaken.

    • The sheep are going to get slaughtered, the Wolves are going to feast like no tomorrow, for the left told the sheepdogs, they are as bad as the Wolves, so be it, the sheepdogs have now joined the Wolf packs. Now let the feast begin.
      Semper Fi!

  3. Remember Hillary saying we must move quickly?
    Well now you know.
    We’re all South Africans now, plan accordingly.
    Read about the Zebra killings in San Francisco during the early 1970s and that could be coming as part of the fundamental build it back better transformation.
    We are literally at WAR with Satan, no mercy, no quarter, destroy those who are out to destroy you.

  4. The British monarchy and their great military, along with a majority of American colonists (called Loyalists) believed they could put down a minority of revolutionaries resisting government tyranny. They were wrong–lets hope they are wrong again.

    • No need to hope. There is no way in Hades they can put down a homegrown rebellion.

      If the most advanced and powerful army in history couldn’t put the kibosh on a bunch of ragtag goat and boy molesters in the backwards tribal paradises of the Hindu Kush, then what makes them think the same military plus LE thugs will be able to pacify a much smarter and dangerous population that outnumbers them by 100 to 1?

      • There’s also the factor that the “most advanced and powerful army in history” would have many/most of its members with sympathy to the “enemy”.

        I’ll say this, though: while I thoroughly detest what the Taliban, Majahadeen, etc., of Afghanistan stand for, it’s impossible not to have some respect for their tenacity.

        Overall, I’d say that it’ll all come down to whether the Democrats step up the oppression to a high level or not, and whether or not there’s an economic collapse (their fault or otherwise). Their behaviour in the last week indicates that they may be willing to step on the gas and turn up the oppression to intolerable levels.

        • Let the commiecrats turn up the heat, the faster they do, the faster we can do what must be done with utter ruthlessness and the retribution that will be profound and absolute without mercy nor quarter. Let it rain !

    • The minority of revolutionaries had the financial, material, and military backing of France and Spain.

      Not the same nowadays.

  5. This is surely not the America I have lived in since I was 5 years old. I love this country and I’ve always been grateful to it. We came here as refugees after World War II and I’ve never forgotten that.

    So these people are truly offensive to me. I would like to say to them: Love it or Leave it. They don’t deserve to live here. I suggest they all move to China or Korea, where they will be happy. Happy until they realize that even though they love Communism, they won’t like living there.

    • Please DO say it to them when you see them. You will know them by the scowls on their faces.

  6. Furthermore, I would like to know why Pelosi wants to impeach Trump when he is leaving office in less than 10 days. She is a vicious woman and I am always surprised that she keeps getting elected, time after time.

    • She keeps getting reelected because she has San Francisco constituents, who are the most ignorant voters lacking in common sense in all the country and indeed the world. Even a Somali welfare scam artist in Minneapolis has more street smarts and common sense than your typical grossly over-educated San Francisco leftist.

      • Exactly. The problem is that “education” in this society has a huge brainwashing component, which is what keeps people from seeing what is going on around them.

        • I can tell you from experience that is you do not bow the knee and support the narrative as conveyed by the college you will not obtain your degree. If you think those of the Demoncratic Party are bad, check out the schools where they went and graduated from, those school for the most part are a hundred times worse, and this goes back to the mid-1980s.

    • For the same reason she and her comrades would put us in shackles, given half the chance. And soon, they WILL have half the chance.

  7. “In the absence of orders to the contrary, find something Communist and destroy it.”

    I like this idea. It can encompass so much.

    By way of example, when I walk into a campus and see the campus communist “newspapers”, I habitually destroy them by tossing them in the garbage.

    It’s a very small thing, but it makes me feel that I accomplished something that day nonetheless.

  8. We have to assume that the forces of opposition to this coup d’etat have been penetrated by agents of the left, this is how they always work, these are not there to inform, but to be divisive and break up any concerted resistance before it can become problematic.

    The GOP is a prime example here, they are so fragmented they are a liability, even President Trumps’s own administration was riddled with leftist agitators and emissaries.

    The first thing any real resistance must do is to establish effective and loyal leadership, without which any opposition to the coup will be fragmented and uncoordinated.

    In many ways we need a Valley Forge to purge the citizen army and get it moving under a single leadership. Maybe we need Texit so that the forces of the counter coup can muster and organise without interference from Albany.

    Leftists are not personally brave, as secularists they are in it for themselves, they gain no ‘rewards’ by dying for their cause, when they see personal danger they will run for it.

    That said, they can coerce, blackmail and extort people into fighting, the history of the Spanish Civil War makes interesting reading here. Franco had the only cohesive and disciplined fighting force, the ‘collectivists’ (both Statists and Communists) were too busy purging their own supporters of political incorrectness….

  9. The following appears to be the current situation:

    1) The political,media and judicial establishment has colluded in criminal electoral fraud in order to seize power.

    2) This new dictatorship is now seeking to remove all voices of protest via massive censorship.

    3) Further, this new dictatorship is glorifying in the pain and suffering they are inflicting on their enemy (America) and brazenly state they are gunning for enemy individuals.

    4) Finally, they are seeking to impeach Donald Trump as a means of stopping him running again.

    When one takes all the above into account, it is clear the internal enemy of America has declared all out war on America, and that by removing all democratic means of resistance they have forced Americans into defending their country by the only means possible – which is physical violence.

    So be it.

  10. Too Little, Too Late.

    Now the totalitariat will move with with stunning speed, shock and surprise.
    They must get all of it nailed down before awareness of the depth of dip crosses the event horizon of the herd.
    It will be massive overkill, but that is OK.
    You did not fight when it was easy.
    You will not fight now that it is murderous and real.
    The Boog is here. Where before it was merely hard, now it gets mean.
    Now that fire and movement, hard hearts and combative attributes are needed, none can be found.
    They are coming for you.
    All possible opposition must be expunged, now and for all time, before any dissent begins. The full panoply of state tools of oppression and terror will be deployed as civilization devolves into a dark maw of hate, surveillance and democide of remarkable viciousness and brutality, even by communist standards.
    The good old days ofAuschwitz will seem like the teddy bears picnic in compare.
    Wake up and smell the fascism.
    It is now and forever.

    • The wonderful thing about the marxist left, is they always push for a bridge too far and with brutal malice. It is because of these marxist attributes that we will be far worse in our responses, for underneath the thin veneer of western civilization lies the DNA of conquer and kill all in our way, just fighting to come out to play, we are now here. Let it rain, to the Victors go the spoils.

  11. The wonderful thing about the marxist left, is they always push for a bridge too far and with brutal malice. It is because of these marxist attributes that we will be far worse in our responses, for underneath the thin veneer of western civilization lies the DNA of conquer and kill all in our way, just fighting to come out to play, we are now here. Let it rain, to the Victors go the spoils.

  12. It wasn’t during the postwar era, when an activist Supreme Court abolished private property rights in the name of “equality”.
    Could you please tell me when this took place and the parties involved. The only thing I can remember is Kelo v. New London, but that was 2005 and not during the mid-1950s.

  13. What if such “kinetic action” is used as an excuse, to shut us down completely? Will we have ground for complaint?

    And what if the other side also start engaging in such “kinetic action”?

    Many leftists also complained about election results – in 2000, 2004 and 2016. They complained about computer systems, miscounting, voter suppression etc. After the protests which followed the last of those, we laughed at them for protesting the results of a democratic election. Are we now to become a their mirror image (but a more dangerous one)?

    Here’s a clip which, in view of last week’s events, explains the difference between Radical Right, and Radical Left… As the two characters explain:

    “We both think there was electiom fraud… We just disagree on which election”


  14. Best site! Thank you Baron and all for insight and research that explains the well-coordinated attack on USA and the free world.
    from ground zero…land of o

  15. I do that everytime I walk through Vanderbilt Univ. campus. Especially if they are promoting some sexual deviant or praising their sickening lifestyles. I even jerk down signs from the trees even if students are walking near me. It is kind of exciting to fight back that way.

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