“We’re Ruining our Livelihoods and Dividing our Society”

In the following video a 91-year-old Austrian woman addresses her compatriots about the growing illiberality of a Corona-obsessed society. She is old enough to remember the hardship and repression of 1939-1945, and warns about the emergence of similar conditions in the third decade of the 21st century.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Dear family, dear friends and all fellow human beings:
00:06   Today I wrote a letter to many of you for the first time.
00:12   On May 3, 2021
00:15   I will turn 92 years old.
00:19   I grew up in a time when many people didn’t have anything
00:24   except their lives.
00:27   There was little to eat, and sometimes not even a roof over one’s head.
00:33   We survived the dark times of fascism with Dollfuss [Chancellor of Austria 1932-1934].
00:38   My parents said that up there they [the government] are completely out of touch
00:43   Dollfuss even said that you can make a soup out of a sausage skin.
00:50   But we didn’t even have THESE.
00:53   Then Adolf Hitler marched into Austria,
00:56   and there was work, food, roads, and transportation.
01:02   The following year, September 1, 1939,
01:07   someone knocked on our front door,
01:10   and I was home alone. Two women told me that it is WAR;
01:16   these are the ration stamps.
01:20   I was ten years old. The suffering we experienced over the next six years
01:26   was full of fear and horror.
01:30   Until 1955
01:33   people only got food with food [ration] stamps,
01:37   if the baker wasn’t already sold out.
01:42   How could all of this have happened?
01:45   All we were allowed to hear was propaganda.
01:49   Today everything is very different and yet similar.
01:53   Until recently, many of us were fine
01:57   Now everything happens very quickly, and after freedom no longer exists,
02:03   poverty and hardship will soon become commonplace again.
02:08   Because of this, I beg YOU to do everything possible
02:12   so that we can regain our freedom and dignity.
02:16   So that one day we old people can leave with a clear conscience.
02:23   Unfortunately, I cannot support you on the street.
02:27   But believe me, the “virus” is not our enemy.
02:32   With the actions of the government we are destroying our health,
02:36   our love for others;
02:39   we’re ruining our livelihoods,
02:43   and dividing our society.
02:46   Believe me, we have already survived completely different “parasites”.
02:52   We want to live in peace forever,
02:56   as it should be for decent people.
03:00   I have had to wait many years for peace and freedom.
03:04   If God is willing, I’ll be a great-grandmother in May,
03:08   and if YOU want it, we and our children’s children will be FREE again.

7 thoughts on ““We’re Ruining our Livelihoods and Dividing our Society”

  1. I concur. It is terrible to see all this happening again. Spain deserves better than this. Unfortunately, hist0ry repeats. I hate to see this happening all over again. Spain has suffered terribly in the past, and more than once.

    I wish the Spain well and hope the people will conquer the bad guys again.

    You and your country are in my prayers.



  2. Our children will be suffering greatly, it’s unbelievable what is happening in front of our eyes, and we allowed, ..

  3. The globalists have to be taken out ASAP,

    War is here,

    *You better realise now that our governments are working together hand in hand with the globalists to enslave us, and assisst in the globalist takedown, takeover.

    It’s 100% clear that leaders of our countries are no longer in control,
    And they are under the thumb of this group of or cabal who are running the world. Who are using UN WE IMF WHO, AND MYRIAD NGOs. As the quarter masters to implement this
    Digital, gulag upon us all.

    So Who are they? Who exactly are the these people?


    It must be these billionaires club, it must be who we perceive them to be. Bilderburgs. Rothschilds, uk royal family,
    George soros, schwab, jeff bezos, Musk, the tech crowd are in on it,
    Twitter fb youtube google bankers banks,
    Federal reserve, imf bankers. EUssr,
    They’ve showed there faces, they’ve taken over,
    They are calling the shots,

    There’s a bigger reason Why were locked down,

    It’s because they are putting into place the mechanisms of the global prison they have been planning for long time.
    It’s all being implemented under the guise of the global warming scam, they using this illusion of a killer plague to fool us into

    When this started in March 2019, I immediately smelt a rat!

    Something just didn’t seem right, here we are one year later,
    The people of world in virtual ruins, and there not going to let us out of this.

    Abolition of cash is about to happen,
    And travel limited to u local area,
    Forced vaccinations, the mRNA is no vaccine,
    It’s to put a operating system inside your body, so people are
    Directly connected to the new AI grid, with the 5G.

    Only deeply organised resistance is going to give us all chance to stop them!

    At some point they will start restricting the internet, and power grid, Well all be cut off!
    Then they can pick us off, as they wish.

    The police have duped into enforcing this upon us,

    It has to be done, because freedom is no more, democracy is now dead.

    Get organised!

  4. Chilling, because she understands. All the elderly in America say “it’s the virus”. She knows it’s not the virus.

    We’re in trouble.

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