The Enricher Who Stole Christmas

Youness Ouaali is a well-known “Dutch” vlogger and community leader. In the video below he argues that celebrating Christmas is worse than anal sex or doing drugs.

Last year Mr. Ouaali was convicted of having sex with a minor girl who has a learning disability. He has also reportedly done cocaine, and allegedly blew up the apartment of the parents of another vlogger with whom he had a disagreement.

At the end of the video there is a photo of the Moroccan soccer player Chouf Nador next to a Christmas tree, which apparently is what prompted Mr. Ouaali to record his video.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:01   [Deep sigh] [Arabic expression]
00:07   I don’t know how to explain all this.
00:11   I’ll just give it a go. So, anal sex is forbidden.
00:16   It’s a sin, it’s haram. Drinking alcohol? Haram.
00:23   Drugs? Haram. Gambling? Haram.
00:27   These are things we know. We all know these are haram.
00:30   Now I’ll tell you about something that’s a lot crazier than all these things together.
00:37   That is celebrating Christmas. If you only knew how Islam regards this,
00:42   then you wouldn’t even wish somebody a merry Christmas,
00:45   let alone participate in it, Subhanallah [glory (to Allah)].
00:48   Because participating, regardless of your intention behind it,
00:52   fun, blah blah, that’s irrelevant, it just makes you a kuffar, a kafir.
00:58   [Sigh] You know, the things I just listed, the sins, that you shouldn’t really — just shouldn’t do,
01:04   and if you do them, always keep it private.
01:07   From the moment you make them public, you make it much worse.
01:11   And if I now see how people make their sins public, that’s where the difference lies,
01:15   between the one who still feels some shame towards the creator,
01:19   and the one who has no shame at all, is really an animal [not a human].
01:22   The way you promote these things, also those soccer players.
01:25   [Salah?] just getting a Christmas tree, Santa [doll], gross!
01:29   This will cause… you are the tool… you’re the tool of Iblis [the devil].
01:33   He uses you to let us get used to the idea
01:37   that it’s OK to participate in Christmas. What do we say to that?
01:42   [flips the bird] Stay a proud Muslim. Get out of here with that crap
01:46   in my house! Get out of here with those nasty ideas!
01:49   For the Christians who react now, saying, “You have no respect for our holidays.”
01:52   Shut the f*** up! I love saying it like that.
01:56   Shut your f***ing mouth! What do you know about your religion!?
02:00   What do you know about Christianity!? You are erring even more than those Muslims
02:04   who have a Christmas tree at home, and think they can participate.
02:08   Know that your church, know that your religion, Christianity,
02:12   has waged war against this Christmas for centuries!
02:17   And in those times they called it a pagan holiday, with pagan symbols.
02:21   It’s a satanic holiday. The church waged war against it, until little by little,
02:27   people were brainwashed, and it was allowed in the churches,
02:31   and in the end in people’s homes. And now also with the Muslims.
02:34   Little by little it is allowed, and now you see it happening.
02:38   [Arabic expression] There are more like me, I know that,
02:43   who resist this. Islam is Islam and remains Islam.
02:46   We do not add anything to it; we do not remove anything.
02:50   OK. Now I see a reasonable question, “How about wishing people a happy holiday?”
02:53   Fine, [Muslim] scholars say there’s nothing wrong with that,
02:56   as long as you intention isn’t to wish them a merry Christmas. But you understand what I mean.
03:00   Fine. But then I have to say, listen people, we make war
03:03   with each other, and I mean Muslims among ourselves.
03:06   Brothers and sisters fight, nieces gossip about each other and are jealous,
03:10   but a woman, or a man, enters a gas station, where Anita works.
03:16   Anita is a stranger, [but] it’s a convention that she wishes you a merry Christmas,
03:20   um, holidays, but they don’t mean it, because
03:23   they’d rather wish you cancer, or a one-way trip to Tokyo or wherever you’re from.
03:27   My point is, there are 10,000 ways to get out of that.
03:30   If somebody wishes me happy holidays, I say “Thank you! It sucks you have to work today!
03:34   Make the best of it!” That’s just a suggestion.
03:38   And there are 20 or 30 more ideas; I won’t waste words on that, period.
03:43   Moroccan soccer player Chouf Nador and his Christmas tree. Subscript: “This is why
03:46   I don’t watch Moroccan soccer anymore. Most lost their honor and pride long ago.”

11 thoughts on “The Enricher Who Stole Christmas

  1. Interestingly enough, all the haram things mentioned above are greatly enjoyed in the muslim community. However, the women there are not that much into gambling ,drugs and alcohol as are the men, or into christmas trees. See what I mean? Call me to the witness stand!
    This dutch vlogger suffers of the typically muslim brain damage. Low IQ associated with megalomany.

    • Yeah, brain damage from all the coke he did.
      As he says in the video, sinning are not a big problem, as long as you don’t get caught. Tells you all you need to know about this judgmental, self-righteous hypocrite.

    • Indeed; I’ve wished “Eid Mubarak” to Muslims, as I recently have “Happy Hannukah” to Jewish acquaintances. How much evidence do people need that Islam is different?

  2. You can always go back to your hell hole country , if You don’t like it , you [manly appendage] , I don’t understand why they even coming to our lands in Europe, and they complaining about everything, and beside this they are biggest liars on planet earth..

  3. Time to spare no expense in putting out signs that simply say, muslim go home, muslims out now!!! muslim RAUS! RAUS! RAUS! Schnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start spray painting red and black crosses everywhere and it’s a muslim no go zone. Start fighting fire with napalm, because overkill is highly under rated!

  4. Oh yeah, I only had to watch about a minute and a half, and he makes this statement that just EPITOMISES how flaky, shady and flimsy the whole islamic religion is: Apparently the worst thing about sinning – wait for it – is if you do it PUBLICLY!! It’s better if you do it in private, keeping up appearances … so apparently their deity Allah is not an all-knowing god who sees into the nooks and crannies of their black souls – no, you can HIDE s*** from him!! I laughed so hard I cried! Thanks for making my day, you pathetic little man 🙂

    • You nailed it. Yup, that’s the mentality.
      Also, his priorities are a bit.. off. He gets upset about Christmas trees, but maybe he should be dealing with his pedo tendencies, coke addiction, and knack for recreational demolition.

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