The Coronazis Are Still At It

Hellequin GB has translated three more articles from German sites with the latest news on the Wuhan Coronavirus.

The first article, from JournalistenWatch, talks about the downstream societal effects of unreliable coronavirus tests:

Do dubious cheap rapid tests decide about life and death in homes?

The majority of the coronavirus rapid tests in Germany are apparently not independently tested, let alone certified neutrally — and therefore not at all practical. And that even though human lives depend directly on it. After all, the tests are known to be used by employees or visitors to retirement and nursing homes and sometimes also clinics.

An absurdity.

Anyone wondering how something like this is possible in a country where every toad tunnel and every gutter has to be officially approved and tested by TÜV [Technischer Überwachungsverein, independent service companies that certify systems and facilities] will be left just as perplexed as with the countless other questions about this pandemic of madness — which has shown one thing above all: The populists were not only right, they always understated when they railed about the clueless dilettantes ruling this country.

In its current issue, Spiegel reports that a large portion of the rapid tests for Sars-CoV-2 offered in Germany have not yet been tested neutrally and impartially. Although more than 300 such tests are carried out at the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medicinal Products (BfArM), just 25 tests were independently checked by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI). To get on the BfArM list, manufacturers are allowed to certify their products themselves without external controls. If a test is to be on the PEI list, it must be registered for evaluation. However, only a comparatively few providers do this.

Problematic situation complained about

Disturbing: Five utilized tests have already failed — they are also no longer on the list, all failed providers are in appeal proceedings. “We see the current situation as very problematic,” said the head of clinical tropical medicine at Heidelberg University, Claudia Denkinger. “The current approach means that bad tests may come onto the market and people will lose confidence as a result.”

Since a positive antigen rapid test is usually the reason for a subsequent PCR corona test, an unknown, but not inconsiderable number of the randomly performed 1.2 to 1.3 million tests weekly are fed from this “suspicious source”. And since the PCR tests are only of limited informative value, at least some of the high “incidence values” are rooted in the often false positive rapid antigen tests.

From JournalistenWatch, an article about a public health expert who wants to destroy street art that criticizes the governments COVID policies:

Born 85 years too late?

Lauterbach wants the destruction of DEGENERATE Art

Corona-critical street artists left a creative graffiti on Berlin’s Teltow Canal that pokes fun at Germany’s top pandemic panic priest Karl Lauterbach. He reacts exactly as one would have expected from a genuine “Coronazi”: with the call for the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution — and the helpful “destruction” of the work of art by like-minded people (or their left-wing ground troops).

That such a person could become the most frequent talk-show guest on public service television in 2020, who pleads for restrictions of freedom, controls, travel bans, curfews, increasingly strict lockdowns with total closings (and all of this indefinitely and, if possible, forever), at every opportunity says a lot about the mental state of the media and their audience.

Lauterbach can actually be grateful that the protests and grievances of the citizens, intimidated and constantly drenched by his totalitarian fantasies of depriving their liberty, have so far only been released on the social media networks — or now through such creative comebacks as the Berlin graffiti. But in his reaction on Twitter, Lauterbach again shows the sociopathic traits typical for him — and immediately proves how little he can handle criticism with confidence.

Roger Letsch shared Lauterbach’s self-denial with the appropriate comment:

Crossword puzzle fans take note: Unit of measure for dialectical contradiction with 10 letters: “Lauterbach” (found at ARGO NERD)

He does not explain where he, Lauterbach, actually gets the certainty that “Querdenker” (lateral thinkers) of all people have interwoven their supposed vaccine neurosis with his likeness. For this he, who campaigns against radicalization, demands the use of radical destruction in order to remove works of art he considers unsuitable from public spaces.

A job for the Antifa maybe?

Enemies of the constitution who are supposed to clean up the garbage for Lauterbach in the best of Stokowski’s “manual labor”, while at the same time the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is supposed to surveil the opponents of the Corona regime?

The complete transverse front in a single, confused skull — that is Karl Lauterbach. With his style of speech and his thought patterns, this freak would certainly fit into Germany in the 1930s without any problems.

The final article from PolitikStube concerns a Canadian doctor whose research shows that lockdowns do far more damage than the disease ever possibly could:

Canadian doctor: The harm from lockdown is ten times greater than the benefit

Dr. Ari Joffe, an infectious disease specialist at a Canadian children’s hospital and a professor at the University of Alberta, believes lockdowns do far more harm than good.

That shouldn’t make the politicians in Germany, above all Merkel, Spahn, Söder and the “SPD pandemic minister” Lauterbach, think — they preach fear and horror, they enjoy the role of admonishers and heralds of consistent protective measures that restrict fundamental rights more and more and crush the middle class / small business owners.

In what was once upon a time the land of poets and thinkers, the majority of the sleeping sheep, thanks to the survey institutes and the constant panic alarm in the mainstream media, support the hostile regulations and restrictions. Probably countless souls have to perish before a waking-up process can begin.

RT German:

Dr. Ari Joffe is an infectious disease specialist at Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. In addition he teaches pediatrics at the University of Alberta, also in Edmonton. Joffe was originally considered a proponent of lockdowns to combat Corona.

In his most recent treatise with the title “COVID-19: Rethinking the Lockdown Groupthink,” he states that (longer) lockdowns cause damage of around ten times greater than their intended benefit. In an interview with the Canadian newspaper Toronto Sun, Joffe commented on his thesis. In his own cost-benefit analysis, Joffe contrasts the hoped-for prevention of COVID-19 deaths through lockdowns with the effects they cause.

Of the factors mentioned, he only includes the effects of recession, loneliness and unemployment on mortality in the calculation. On this basis, however, the costs of lockdowns are ten times higher than could even be caused COVID-19. In other words, lockdowns caused more than ten times as many deaths as the disease they are supposed to fight.

More information at RT German.

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  1. Portugal nightmare! Implementing new extended lockdown!

    For one month, these fools who are implementing this are murderers!

    They hide behind false covid positive results, manufactured media fear, and total disregard for the majority of us all, they are all about silencing anyone who dares speak against their false data, or questions reality.

    How is this nightmare going to end?

    I could never imagined in my life we would end up walking into this horror,
    This is gettin* frightening, they usin* these coppers now as there private gestapo army to beat us all down,

    If you are not armed by now, you should be.

    • Germany is the same maybe worse , the are keeping people in the hostage, beacuse Merkel&CO said hospitals are overwhelmed, that is pure lie and evil , don’t believe this scums , this is a crime against humanity nothing else ..

  2. Those who climb to the top of society are almost always bad people. Power corrupts. But power also attracts the already corrupted.

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