Our Dystopia: Prescience in Retrospect

Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang…

Today marks an historic occasion: The Investiture of the Puppet.

It’s also the End of the Republic. So we get a twofer — lucky us.

I have a couple of items that will be of interest on this, the Day of All Days. The first is a startling video recorded by Harry Vox in 2014. Mr. Vox features a document published by the Rockefeller Foundation a few years previously which gives an extraordinarily accurate description of our rapidly maturing Dystopia of 2021:

This is the document from which he quotes.

The second item is not really prescient. Let’s just call it an uncanny parallel.

The chart below has been making the rounds in the deplorable thickets of the Intertubes for the last couple of weeks. As far as anybody knows, it is not a hoax, but really was issued by the Workplace Mental Health Institute:

If I were updating it for 2021, the title would read: “You May Be Living in a Dystopia if They…”

Hat tip for the video: JM.

4 thoughts on “Our Dystopia: Prescience in Retrospect

  1. “Fifteen signs that you might be in an abusive relationship …. with the government.”

  2. Yes, this is quite genuine. The Workplace Mental Health Institute is based in Sydney Australia. They deliver mental health training and consultancy to medium and large-sized organisations around the world.

    Do a decent job from what I hear.

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