Mass Shooting in Bordeaux

Nothing in the following article from France indicates that the perpetrators and victims in the mass shooting were culture-enrichers. However, when criminal “youths” make the news in France, it’s a near certainty that the high-spirited youngsters involved are Muslim immigrants or their descendants.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

Deadly shooting in Bordeaux: 5 young adults in custody for murder

Ages 18-21, they are suspected of having participated in a shooting with automatic arms which produced one death, a 16-year-old adolescent, Saturday, January 2.

by Le Figaro with Agence France Presse
January 4, 2020

Five young adults have been placed in custody for murder and attempted murder in an organized gang after a deadly shooting Saturday evening in a working-class quarter of Bordeaux, the prosecutor’s office announced Monday. The youths, aged 18-21 years, were placed in custody between Sunday evening at 10pm and Monday morning at 6am, noted the statement from the prosecutor’s office. They are suspected of participating in a shooting with automatic arms, which left one dead, an adolescent of 16 years, and four wounded, of whom three youths were confirmed hospitalized.

Around 10:50 pm a group of youths, who were at a small square in the heart of Aubiers, a town of about 3,500 inhabitants north of Bordeaux, were the target of bursts of automatic arms fire from a vehicle passing through their area. After the zone was secured by police, firemen went to the aid of a 16-year-old adolescent seriously injured, who died shortly thereafter at the CHU of Bordeaux. Three adolescents from 13 to 16 years of age and a man of 35 years of age, also wounded, managed to flee by entering an apartment building. The adolescents were hospitalized at CHU, one of them suffering from a bullet under his heart, but he is no longer believed in danger; another was hit in the biceps and shoulder blade, a third in the knee. The 35-year-old man, with a calf wound, later went to a clinic.

Repeated incidents

The town of Aubiers had already been the scene of repeated incidents on New Year’s Eve. Bus and tram stops had been destroyed, a post office set on fire, and mortar fireworks and projectiles thrown at responding police when they responded. The quarter is also associated with sporadic rivalries between youths from two other towns north of the city, a hypothesis which could explain the shooting of Saturday evening, according to a source close to the case.

According to the statement from the prosecutor’s office on Monday, the investigation assigned to the Judicial Police “is progressing by the hour,” with numerous witnesses appearing. “Technical examinations by scientific police are still in progress, and the results of the autopsy of the young victim will not be known until tomorrow (Tuesday)”. The prosecutor’s office also reported the “spread of a lot of unverified information” and stresses “that it is essential that this investigation can be followed under the best conditions.” A selfie of five youths accused of being responsible for the shooting is circulating on social media.

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  1. France is lost , totally lost , it’s sad , such a beautiful country, destroyed, same with Germany, and other Western countries in Europe..

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