Jihad in Spain

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Spanish blog Caso Aislado:

Islamic State orders jihadists to attack in Spain, targeting churches and police

Confirmed by counterterrorism sources

January 17, 2021

The Islamic State has ordered jihadists to attack in Spain, targeting churches and Spanish police officers. According to information this Sunday from La Razon, counterterrorism sources confirm that the risk of a jihadist attack in the West is high despite the pandemic, and Spain is one of the principal targets of the Islamic State.

Daesh (ISIS) continues to claim Andalusia, and for that they want lone wolves to attack in Spain, above all against the churches of our country and members of the forces and security agencies of the State.

Recently three jihadists were arrested in Barcelona as they were preparing an attack in our country. Those jihadists had arrived in Spain onboard a boat that arrived at Almeria last summer. They are not the only jihadists who have arrived in Spain illegally. Months earlier, Abdel Bary, a dangerous jihadist, was arrested after arriving from Algeria on a boat.

Counterterrorism units know that Spain is threatened by jihadism, and know that many of the jihadists who want to get to Spain intend to do so as illegal immigrants onboard [migrant] boats, where the lack of control that exists permits them access to our territory without being identified.

6 thoughts on “Jihad in Spain

  1. Excellent! I do hope the jihadist attack like crazy and cause all sorts of havoc and mass casualties. The warnings and learning curve are long over. The time is coming soon where only action and not stale words are going to save the day. Besides, nothing stirs the Spanish blood better than when there is a lot of it in the streets.

  2. Same all over Europe. Too many unqualified emotionally unstable fee males. Merchants of pc who have sold security to the devil.

  3. I take it that those Jihadis are planning to create another “Myth of the Andalusian Paradise”.
    Personally I’m so sick and tired of the “turn the other cheek” approach of the traitor-class in Government, Academentia, Media and Clergy.
    I guess it’s time for another El Cid for Spain, a Charles Martell for France etc.etc.
    For Western Europe is the time running out and there will be no other Jan Sobiesky handy this time.

    • How about seven trumpets, seven vials, and seven bowls and then Jesus Christ returning in triumph to judge the faithful sheep and wicked goats.

      • and a might blast of trumpets will sound out of the east to announce that Jesus has come to save us.

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