Islamic Viewpoints on the Dutch Riots

Yesterday H. Numan filed a report on the massive anti-curfew riots that have engulfed the Netherlands in the past few days. Below are three videos by culture-enriching “Dutchmen” with their contrasting views on what’s been happening. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The fact that three prominent Muslims chose to weigh in on the topic is an indication that the reports alleging immigrant dominance among the rioters are most likely true. Note: At least two of the three men featured in these videos are reportedly secular Muslims. Make of that fact what you will.

First comes the notorious fugitive Sait Çınar, who was featured in this space several weeks ago. The translator includes this introduction:

Our old friend Sait Çınar, the man who would be Osama (and shoot Wilders), is enjoying the curfew riots from wherever he’s living in Turkey. He’s proud of “his” vandals and tells them to arm up. Sait mentions army deployment, which has been debated in parliament. The PM has said there’s no need at present, but it’s not ruled out, either.

In the second video, the Muslim vlogger Youstoub calls out the rioters. The accompanying text on Instagram:

Only pigs s*** where they eat — also a message to everybody who has an online following and is inciting people to cause chaos. Nothing is private on internet, remember that well, before you’re woken by a SWAT team kicking down the door of your hardworking parents. Think about what you’re doing.

In the final video Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, addresses the people of his city. The translator includes this note:

He addresses the rioters directly, appeals to their civic pride, their conscience and their common sense (good luck with that).

Video transcript #1:

00:00   From Turkey… I’m enjoying this, dude! I’m enjoying this.
00:03   I’m enjoying this so f***ing hard! Yeah? Remember well brothers: I’m enjoying this!
00:08   I’m proud of you, yeah? Remember well, brothers.
00:11   The army will be deployed. Huh!
00:14   Plan B. Arm yourselves! Now! [evil laughter]

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Did you sleep well? Yes?
00:03   I hope you slept well, because
00:06   many shopkeepers and innocent people whom you wronged
00:11   didn’t sleep well last night. They’re still busy cleaning up your mess.
00:17   So… probably you’re still sleeping, because you have no purpose in life.
00:22   You’re probably still sleeping at this hour. But, anyway…
00:27   This is unacceptable! Absolutely unacceptable!
00:30   That you harm innocent people. When you take a stand, OK I get it!
00:35   But take a stand then, don’t go break things like a wild beast, an animal!
00:41   There will be people who’ll say I’m paid by the government to say this, that I’m a little sheep.
00:47   That’s nonsense, but even if I were a sheep… I’d rather be a sheep
00:51   than a shameless pig who s***s all over his own neighborhood and harms innocent people!
00:57   Watch what you’re doing; stay at home!

Video transcript #3:

00:00   It’s been almost 12 hours since the orgy of violence in Rotterdam Southside.
00:04   So? Did you wake up?
00:07   Does it feel good, that you destroyed the city?
00:12   That you caused damage to the entrepreneurs of your own city?
00:16   Does it give you satisfaction? And what did you do with the things you stole yesterday evening?
00:21   From those shops? That jeweller? Or that Zeeman [clothes shop]?
00:25   Does it feel good, to wake up next to a bag full of stolen goods?
00:31   Is that the identity of Rotterdam? The city you’re proud of?
00:34   The city that raised you?
00:37   In the last few years, all of us invested so much energy, so much money
00:41   in the Beijerlandse Laan and the Groene Hilledijk
00:44   to turn them into wonderful Rotterdam high streets.
00:47   And you… you’re proud of that, right?
00:50   And then you go and ruin your own city.
00:54   Aren’t you the hero, you. With a bag of stolen goods next to your bed.
00:58   By the way, what does your conscience say? And parents… yes, I’m talking to you, too.
01:04   Did you notice your son wasn’t home yesterday? Did you wonder where he was?
01:08   Did you call him? Did you ask, “Are you coming home? It’s after 9pm [curfew]”? Did you wonder?
01:14   Or did you see the goods, and think…
01:17   It’s OK, no harm no foul?
01:21   Business owners. We won’t let you down. We will help you.
01:25   Together with insurance companies and others, we’ll help you
01:28   to re-start your business. Because we won’t give up.
01:32   Rotterdam became great through struggle… a real struggle!
01:36   For the values of our society, for what really matters.
01:40   A city of solidarity. Where people look out for each other.
01:44   That city is not the city we like to demolish.
01:48   Finally, I’d like to thank all the officers who were out there yesterday evening.
01:52   Almost 300 of them. Highly motivated… men, thank you very much!
01:57   Some of you even got injured.
02:01   Also many female officers were out in the streets.
02:04   The local officers… the people who cleaned up the city last night…
02:09   And all others who made an effort to make the city presentable again.
02:15   And… you’re locked up now, huh? 60 arrests.
02:20   What will that mean, for your future? A rap sheet. What will that mean, for your future?
02:23   No certificate of good conduct. What will that mean, for your future? No job. Is that worth it?
02:28   You’d better think. Is this how you want to be a citizen of Rotterdam with us?

33 thoughts on “Islamic Viewpoints on the Dutch Riots

  1. That [epithet] traitor communist Dutch mayor with a Muslim name!!! Aghhh

    A white man, with Arab name?

    What the hell. This jerk loser is locking people up in lock downs,

    He’s a Nazi! A commie traitor. [redacted]!!!

    • Pssst, the bloody naxi’s would never have let those bloody 3rd worlders into Europe in the first place, if you are going to call that traitor mayor what he is? Call him the communist that he is. Oh and the bloody naxi’s by now would have purged these 3rd worlders unlike you who have sat there and taken everything they tell you too.

      • The nazis were socialists,

        Communism and national socialism is the same game,

        Stalin and hitler were simply competitors,
        Actuallly hitler loved Islam, he welcomed top imams to the reichstag for tea and meetings.
        Hitler is quoted as saying, if he chose any religion to follow, it would be Islam.

        So much so he even created a unique Muslim ss regiment that operated in the Balkan’s.
        Mein Kampf hitlers book, has similarities to the Koran!
        A book of hate and murderous incitement.

        You need to read few more books my friend, instead of investing your money in beer, because you are misguided as it currently stands.

        The self named anti facists are in fact the facists.

        Good luck to you comrade

        • Here let me give you a small history lesson ole boy, the ole naxi’s may have been socialist but they were capitalist at heart by their actions and the industrialist made the machine go round , and they hated the 3rd world, ole Hitler might of admired islam, but he sure as hell would have never allowed them to flood Europe under his control as the current international socialist(communist) are doing now. The communist view everyone as the same, nothing but serfs for the state and the few leaders at the top reaping the benefits of the serfs labor. The communists used everyone they could get their hands on including the stans of the Russian south for whatever cannon fodder they deemed necessary at the moment. Towards the end of the war, the muslims turned on the Germans and their allies, and the Germans had them properly lined up on a ditch for their troubles, not to be outdone, ole Tito shot hundreds of thousands more after the war, for even that commie Croat knew you can’t leave those bloody savages alive to fight another day. So thus endeth the small lesson for today. The fact you continue to conflate the bloody naxi’s with the bloody communists irks me to no end for your lack of knowledge on the subject.

        • The whole point of being able to differentiate between the two is to know who your real enemy is, the anti-fascists are communists, not fascists. We are headed towards a clash of civilizations with islam and the 3rd world and between nationalists and communists. Nature demands it.

  2. Got any information on “Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam”? His name seems Arabic, but his appearance and (as far as I can tell) speech seem native Dutch.

      • yes, he is Moroccan by origin and from past news reports I can recall, he is of the secular kind and a fierce advocate of assimilation. He even told once that immigrants who wish not to should better get back where they came from.

    • He was born in Morocco. and speaks Dutch with an accent. I don’t know if he considers himself berber (Amazigh) or arab, I think the latter. In any case, he’s not a berber nationalist.
      He’s member of social-democratic PvdA, ie dutch Labour.

      He has called himself a salafist, in the context of a dialogue with muslim fundamentalists in the Netherlands. I think he was trying to “appropriate” salafism, by using it to denote pious muslims in general, instead of scimitar-rattling literalists. He certainly is an observant muslim, prays 5 times a day etc.
      Most dutch muslims don’t like him, and after such statements he often needs to beef up security because of death threats. I believe he’s had a fatwa against him.
      He spoke out forcefully against the Charlie Hebdo killings. He also took a stand against Erdogan when he was meddling in dutch affairs by sending turkish politicians to speak at the consulate in Rotterdam. Aboutaleb sent an armed counter-terrorism unit to escort the turkish minister of family affairs all te way to the german border. That led to a night of turkish riots btw.

  3. “Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, addresses the people of his city. The translator includes this note:

    He addresses the rioters directly, appeals to their civic pride, their conscience and their common sense (good luck with that).”

    When I read this(appeal to their…), I was laughing so hard, I nearly fell from my chair.

  4. Shouldn’t be long now before the Muslims across Western Europe have connected their collective evil dots. Still, the Muslims have been a known quantity from day. Unchanged. What is the stinking thinking behind the Western European overdosing on the stupid pill? Time to stop consuming for a while and get minimised.

  5. Thank you for posting these brief videos. This is one spicy stew, with incompatible ingredients.

    • That’s an excellent point. The muslim diaspora is often treated as a monolith, but these people fight among themselves all the time. Not just immigrant communities, it’s a kind of global civil war.

      There’s been extensive research into racism and prejudice in the Netherlands. Every time it turns out the groups that most dislike each other are Turks and Moroccans. And the groups that feel the most heat from the salafists are Ahmadi, Alevi, Sufi and Shiítes.

        • That phrase was actually made up by western politicians.. there’s no scripture anywhere that claims such a thing, and there’s a whole catalogue of phrases muslims utter that claim the opposite. “Islam was born with the sword” and stuff like that. The orthodox islamic narrative about the early history of islam is all war this and fitna that as well.
          The closest thing I can think of is the distinction between dar-es salaam and dar al-harb. But the idea behind that division is not exactly peaceful, and it doesn’t come from scripture either

          The notions of “houses” or “divisions” of the world in Islam such as Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb does not appear in the Quran or the Hadith.[4] According to Abou El Fadl, the only dars the Qur’an speaks of are “the abode of the Hereafter and the abode of the earthly life, with the former described as clearly superior to the latter”.[5]
          Early Islamic jurists devised these terms to denote legal rulings for ongoing Muslim conquests almost a century after Muhammad.
          Dar al-Islam, or house/abode of Submission, is also known and referred to as Dar al-Salam, or house/abode of Peace. The term appears in the Quran in 10.25 and 6.127 as a name of Paradise.

  6. “Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam, addresses the people of his city.”

    Muslim leaders can start an intifada and later they can stop it. Some polite negotiations with the host nation in between — pretending to save them from the rioters. So they act as a switch of Jihad. The perfect hostage game by Islam.

  7. The PM of “New Singapore”.

    “I’m the first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’, Boris Johnson boasts as he pleads for Arab investment in the capital. Boris Johnson has boasted of being the first Mayor of London of ‘Muslim extraction’ as he sought to attract billions of pounds of Arab money for the capital. He told the story of his great grandfather Ahmed Hamdi, a Muslim who made his money in beeswax. Mr Johnson defended Britain’s immigration policy, boasting that the spirit of openness could be seen in ‘shisha bars’ across the capital. History: Boris Johnson told the World Islamic Economic Forum in London about his own ancestry in the Arab world. Addressing the Ninth World Islamic Economic Forum.

    He told them: ‘Let’s build up co-operation and partnership and let us do it in a city that has risen since the days of Offa to become the greatest on Earth.

    ‘With more American banks than NY, more museums than Paris, less rainfall than Rome and the greatest centre for Islamic finance in the world.’ Mr Johnson drew on his own background to make the case for the capital.

    ‘I am very proud to be here this morning because I am sure that I am the first Mayor of London of Muslim extraction, and indeed the descendant of a Muslim by the name of Ahmed Hamdi.

    A pious man of Anatolia who made the Haj and who more or less cornered the beeswax market in Istanbul, which was a very good idea because you needed beeswax candles to light the mosques.

    ‘However, he said Mr Hamdi was ‘overwhelmed by a technological disaster’ when American Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb.

    He abandoned beeswax and become a controversial politician and journalist and was eventually assassinated.

    He grew up knowing the Koran off by heart and he would have been stunned to find that his descendant had gone on to become Mayor of this city, and even more amazed to find that the world had so progressed that today we are welcoming the world’s first Islamic Economic Forum to take place outside the Muslim world’.

    Mr Johnson announced a £100million fund to encourage tech start-ups from the Muslim world to move to Britain.

    It comes after the creation of a £200million new Islamic bond – known as a ‘sukuk’ – which complies with Islamic rules on investments and said the London Stock Exchange will launch a new Islamic index alongside the FTSE.

    Mr Johnson said London was being transformed by new transport investments and developments that ‘turn out not just to be financed by Muslim investors but whose funding methods often turn out to be sharia compliant’.

    You may ask yourself why are investors picking London: I will tell you – we have the right time zone, language, we have the rule of law, we have a glorious free press.

    ‘But above all we are open to talent and to trade with people from different cultures and backgrounds

    ‘You can see it in the shisha bars and the fantastic Shubbak festivals and to all those who say we should be less open and less welcoming, I would point out that this has long been the secret of London’s success.’

    By Matt Chorley, MailOnline Political Editor

    • £100 million funds to make arabs move to London?
      In the parts of the city where they might want to live, that can buy two condos, not of the modest kind western millionaires would move into.
      The buildings have to be erected in a way that the restrooms are not facing Mecca. Hence the huge cost.

    • “Glorious free press”, lol what a wanker! The british press is something to be ashamed of, and anyway how would a free press impress muslims? They hate free speech.

      “Muh grandfather was turkish”, what a poser.

  8. Very liberal of the Dutch to have all under 79’s take the Stupid Pill. The level playing field wars must work for everyone. It keeps the Christian population and miscellaneous other infidels in check until the Muslim numbers are up to speed. And I though I would be gone by the time the head chopping started. Oh well.

  9. he’s in houston presently. and he hates America but he profits from capitalism in America. he’s is really an [epithet]. he still has a home in Holland in Broek op Langedyke.

  10. Who are the REAL ENEMY IF US ALL?
    And it is the most important to take at as first priority!

    The real enemy of us all are European White left wing Marxist communist liberal self hating, traitors of their own people, ultufes and countries,

    Who pedal white guilt and who dare to call us, the patriotic majority, racists and colonialists, in order to justify their fraudelent Marxist manufactured Frankfurt school plot, to destroy western civilisation from within.

    It’s time to go after these communist brain washed [epithets],
    They are not interested in reality, rythme or reason

    The [redacted] is better efficient way to free us from these communist [epithet] little Hitler tyrants.

    • ..” Who pedal white guilt ”
      O dear..There is so much fill guilty for last 1200 years..West Europe particularly..
      We in CEE remember all of your crimes including recent EU Western ” democrats” scorching Poland and Hungary for ” lack of respect Rules of Law :-))
      Dutch,Germans ,Belgians,Austrian,French..Old Imperial ; and Colonist pack..
      We in Poland ,watching historical Karma for your terrible crimes come upon you with a JOY !! You just reaping a seeds of your own misdeeds..
      You deserve it !

  11. Dutch teaching people on principles of Ethics and Morality :-))
    I never had so much fun and lough :-)) Perfect Hypocrites :-)) ..
    Regards from Catholic Poland :-))

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