Death After Vaccination in the Diepholz District

An 89-year-old woman in Lower Saxony died “with vaccine” last Wednesday.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Weser-Kurier, a daily that serves Bremen and Lower Saxony:

89-year-old vaccinated against Corona — an hour later, she was dead

In the Diepholz district there was a death on Wednesday a short time after a corona vaccination. An 89-year-old from the “Haus am Richtweg” retirement home in Weyhe died about an hour after receiving the first vaccination. Whether there is a connection between the vaccination and the death of the elderly woman is now being examined, said District Administrator Cord Bockhop.

The 89-year-old was among a total of 315 people who were vaccinated with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday in a total of three senior facilities in the district. Bockhop reported that the vaccination took place around 12 noon. The vaccinated persons then remained under medical observation for 15 minutes. She was reported to have “no visible symptoms typical of allergies”.

“At about 12.45 p.m. the situation arose where the 89-year-old had to be revived,” continued Bockhop.

Two paramedics and two doctors were on site to accompany the vaccination team. In addition, an ambulance and the emergency doctor were alerted immediately. Nevertheless, the 89-year-old died about half an hour later.

The district was informed immediately, so that the Competence Center for Major Damage, in the State of Lower Saxony in Celle, and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (as prescribed in such cases) were informed. The Paul Ehrlich Institute will now examine whether there is a connection between the vaccination and her death. “At the moment the only connection that is visible to us is the temporal connection,” emphasized Bockhop.

The 89-year-old was “generally fit” and “well oriented” at the time of the vaccination. She had been informed in advance and also telephoned a relative after the vaccination and reported that she had now also been vaccinated.

Due to data protection, the district cannot provide any information about previous illnesses or other health problems, Bockhop continued.

An autopsy of the 89-year-olds has been ordered, added First District Councilor Jens-Hermann Kleine. As soon as results are available, they will be announced, Bockhop stated. However, he could not say when that would happen. “That is beyond our sphere of influence.”

The vaccinations in the district will continue on Thursday, the district administrator also announced. “Nothing has changed about the need for vaccinations,” he said. Nor in the quality of the vaccine or the vaccination team.

He expressed his condolences to the relatives of the 89-year-old. “We mustn’t forget that this is about people, not just numbers.”

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  1. I am beginning to wonder if the whole COVID hoax and resulting panic has not been a world-wide exercise in de-Trumpification, no matter the consequences.

    The Donald and by implication, the USA, was a roadblock on the road to a Star Trek style Utopian paradise where all our decisions are made for us – But no more.

    We do as we are told, and then we will be provided with what our betters think we need. Disobey and die. This would incude, of course, institutionalised one size fits all medicine, “take the jab and shut up, we know what is best for you – We’re big you’re small, we’re right you’re wrong.”

    • “take the jab and shut up, we know what is best for you – We’re big you’re small, we’re right you’re wrong,” for how long matey?
      When you wake up to find a tenth of the earth’s population gone mysteriously missing you’d best do some reading because the clock has just started to tick and it won’t stop until it reaches zero. You know the rest.

    • I am not surprised and have warns my spouse not to get the shot. My families blind to me and my word. I am an old man. This may be purposeful.

  2. These sources currently pretty well review the concerning situation, of possible, or probable serious and deadly adverse events, needing vast and prompt clarification. Coincidence does not work as a satisfactory explanation, especially when there are also a number of confirmed true anaphylactic reactions, of the immediate response kind, swollen tongue, breathing difficulty, etc. These are biologic antigens, designed to provoke an immune response, and not everyone’s immune system is in top and uniform response state, particularly in the elderly, and the compromised, such as the overweight, diabetic, auto immuno states of cellular level inflammatory actions ongoing…..

    This is still very much at the larger population experimental stage, people. and very little time has elapsed to see what might be instore later down the pike….
    We’ve been through the 3 testing stage, now we are in the 4th level, more or less.

    By now you’ve seen some of the evidence, being finally publicized, at least enough to cause serious concern, while serious analysis is conducted….. and can appreciate the following analysis by Tony

    • let’s also include the 23 elderly people in Norway who died, allegedly after their ‘vaccination’
      which, as a result led to Chinese health experts now calling on Norway and other countries “….to suspend the use of the controversial mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines produced by companies such as Pfizer, especially among elderly people, due to the vaccines’ safety uncertainties….”.

  3. For further thought on this being a grand programmed “external enemy therefore you must do as you’re told false flag type social medical threat”, of minor sort, here is some additional viewing for consideration….

    The Horrors of Social Credit – Coming Soon! 19m

    A Sudden Change Of Heart – 6:54
    The press and Democrats have suddenly decided that lockdowns are bad, now that they believe they have installed their Manchurian candidate in the Oval Office, and no longer want to wreck the economy.

  4. @MC Spot on. Golden insight. Now we must plant that seed in the hearts and minds of so many of the vast sea of undecideds and the compliant. Spread this dissenting blog and many others like it far and wide. War is not just bullets and bombs, it is information. For the Left it is propaganda, and they control most of the pathways of dissemination. It is economic , as is now seen worldwide.

  5. Had to check. There are two famous Paul Ehrlichs. The first one that came to mind was a little… unnerving in the context of a great pandemic and a totally new vaccine being foisted on the world.

  6. Alright then, here’s more, and you want to learn it. You really do!!! An hour lecture, by one of a damn few credentialed type people I have respect for, especially so called MDs., PhDs. Simone Gold (coincidentally an MD), I have respect for, because she is a scholar, foremost, and does know how and cares, to do research, as do I, and others worthy of respect. (Coincidentally, I find that to be true of the Baron here, as well) So here is the URL lead just out, again put up by the incredible Tony Heller, another incredible scholar, and software engineer, and more). >

    Dr. Simone Gold – The truth about the CV19 vaccine – 56:09 Originally uploaded to by Mustard Tree Original clip taken from Rodney Howard-Browne’s YouTube channel. Original Video: Rodney Howard-Browne’s Channel: Please share this with anyone and everyone! God Bless!!!

  7. Yet more to learn, how the political handling of innocent (UNINFECTED with any massively deadly plaguelike entity) plain civilians, is a factor of magnitude more harmful than the common cold virus, certainly the at least several other such analyses and warnings by scholars, and the credentialed, show much the same conclusions of the evil results of the massive lockdowns, and masking, both!!!!!!!

  8. “Better dead than Red”, “better covid than vaccine”, especially if you’re elderly ?
    Some people are thinking so, California health dept., and NY 13000 elderly in facilities care, and nearly half their caregivers!!!!!!!! >

    Now people, here is some learning, supporting Simone Gold, many other WISE MDs, and Tony Heller’s “Pretzels”, and more videos of caution and wisdom……

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