Culture-Enriching Cruelty to Animals in Austria

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Unprecedented Cruelty to Animals by “Refugees”

Syrian ties up sheep and uses it as a toboggan

by the Analyst

Several cases of animal cruelty were recently heard before the district court in the Austrian city of Linz, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of sadism and brutality.

Two 24-year-old “refugees” were in the dock, one from Syria and the other from Iraq. In June of this year, the Syrian in Grammastätten (Upper Austria) made had fun by immobilizing the legs of a sheep with cable ties, then sitting down on the defenseless animal lying on the ground and running down a steep slope as if on a toboggan. And on he went …

The Syrian then sicced his Staffordshire Terrier onto another sheep, which he had previously also tied up with cable ties and thus rendered unable to escape. The sheep was helplessly exposed to the dog’s bites. And because that wasn’t enough, he finally tied up the dog, hit and kicked the defenseless animal for the fun of it.

Deeds posted on Instagram

The Iraqi filmed the deeds, about which the public prosecutor said they were “looking for their own kind” and published the scenes on Instagram so that the whole world could see for themselves the heroic men, from the regions of the only true faith, with which Austria has been enriched.

Commensurately with their intelligence, the defendants justified their actions in court by stating that they “DID NOT DO IT ON PURPOSE”. Even the lawyer for the Syrian refused to accept this assertion. However, after the facts were admitted, the court refrained from further research into the background of these heinous acts.

The verdict: five months probation and a fine of 3€,600 for the Syrian; four months probation and a €1,200 fine for the Iraqi.

It remains to be seen whether the money can be collected.

Open questions

The matter is now legally closed. What remains are a few unanswered questions: How crazy do you have to be “knitted” in your head to commit such atrocities? Do people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time also have to expect to fall victim to the sadism of these “people seeking protection”?

And last, but not least: Shouldn’t one rather protect people and animals in Austria from the two by sending them as quickly as possible back to where they came from?

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  1. One thing was not mentioned: under ” normal” circumstances , the violence would follow some ” fun” culture enrichers had had with the mammal, be it human or animal. They are so sick, in case of rapes, that they mistreat beings they had put their private parts into minutes before. One could feel sorry for their perverted mindset.

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