“We Are Facing a Migratory Invasion”

Santiago Abascal is the leader of the Vox party in Spain and a member of the Congress of Deputies. The following video contains excerpts from a speech given by Mr. Abascal recently, in which he calls out progressives for advocating the mass importation of third-world immigrants who violently oppress some of the Left’s favorite constituencies, such as women and homosexuals. He doesn’t use the words “Islam” or “Muslim”, but his audience is left in no doubt about what he is describing.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   And they call us racists. No. They are racists.
00:12   Those who are lying to millions of people in Africa.
00:16   Telling them that this is the Promised Land — and having them
00:20   risk their lives at sea. We are not against the immigrant.
00:24   We demand that our borders be respected. We demand that people come to Spain legally.
00:29   We demand those that live among us respect our laws and our way of life.
00:34   And we do not incite hate and phobia against immigrants.
00:38   We have a phobia against these progressive politicians
00:42   who are calling them, destroying the ability to live together,
00:46   destroying prosperity, generating insecurity.
00:50   We are facing a migratory invasion, which generates uncertainty, generates insecurity
00:55   for older people, which generates insecurity in many women.
01:00   And we say it with total clarity, because what a coincidence that those
01:04   who are always accusing others of being enemies of homosexual persons,
01:09   of being enemies of women, call for mass immigration
01:13   from places that, precisely, are characterized
01:17   neither for their respect for homosexuals, nor for their respect for women.
01:22   And this action, this demonstration today, this gigantic comparison
01:26   between those of us here and those on the other side of the city,
01:30   Not just in numbers but in attitude.
01:33   We do not accept a lesson from the progressives and communists.

4 thoughts on ““We Are Facing a Migratory Invasion”

  1. Our new European compatriots in Lesvos are received by the professional solidarity of the Swedish NGO “Lighthouse Relief”.
    This NGO receives assistance from the Al Khair foundation, which is chaired by Imam Kazim Rashid Ahmad.

    Al-Khair Foundation (AKF) is an international Muslim aid NGO based in the United Kingdom(Croydon) and is the third largest Muslim charity in the UK. It was established in 2003, and aims to deliver aid to the poor and vulnerable, as well as education for the Muslim community.

    In my country the poor and vulnerable are the natives not the Muslims.

  2. HIJRA, a war of conquering, by other means, nevertheless, a war!!!!

    Overwhelm (outbreed by using herding style (4 and more), breeding stock), surround, eliminate (or convert by overwhelming fear)!!!!!!!!

    • While at the same time making sure not to get exterminated by any one of so many more civilised -in-waiting.

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