The Man Who Would Be Osama

Sait Çınar is a “Dutchman” who now resides in Turkey. As reported here a few weeks ago, Mr. Çınar bills himself as the most wanted man in the Netherlands.

Below are nine videos that demonstrate why the Dutch police want Sait Çınar to help them with their enquiries. He has made Geert Wilders a special target, but also fulminates about Zionists, the Dutch government, and Dutch infidels in general.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The translator includes these notes:

Sait Çınar became somewhat of a celebrity in 2014 and was interviewed several times by the MSM.

He was the owner of a driving school. He bragged that he had access to the questions on the CBR’s (Dutch DMV) exams. He probably bribed somebody; of course this was all highly illegal. He also dodged taxes, and started a war with the Dutch IRS. He was arrested in 2014 and did time for assault, terroristic threats, and possession of an (unlicensed) firearm.

So he moved to Turkey, and started a mail-order company that ships counterfeit brand clothing to the Netherlands. He boasts he’s a millionaire now.

In his videos he spews anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories about the government putting mind-altering substances in tap water, and giving you cancer. He tries to sell his counterfeit clothes, and flashes stacks of cash. He taunts the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the IRS, incites Muslims to riot and calls for vandalism. He says he’ll be the next bin Laden and that he’ll drop a nuke on the Netherlands. There are several videos of him shooting firearms.

He threatened Geert Wilders online recently. He uploaded a video of himself firing what according to some comments is a Glock .22 (I’m no firearms expert) at a photo of Wilders, and calling the result “a cartoon”. It’s revenge for the Erdogan cartoon Wilders tweeted recently. Wilders is pressing charges.

Sait speaks broken Dutch, especially when he gets emotional. I therefore titled the videos in broken English occasionally.

Video #1 (2014): Demonstrates how to shoot Zionists

Video #2 (October 2015): Threatens Geert Wilders

Video #3 (November 2015): TV news report on the threat against Geert Wilders

Video #4 (July 2017): Wants to be the new Osama bin Laden

Video #5 (November 8 2020): Uses a picture of Geert Wilders for target practice

Video #6 (November 8 2020): News report on Mr. Wilders’ reaction to the shooting of his picture

Video #7 (November 9 2020): Taunting the Dutch

Video #8 (November 10 2020): Another taunt, with “a message for Geert Wilders”

Video #9 (November 10 2020): Phone interview with a journalist for the NOS, the Dutch state-funded news media

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Remember well, yeah. Again, those f***ing Zionists.
00:04   Those f***ing Zionists, yeah, you have to compare them to a zombie!
00:08   Yeah! As a zombie. And you know what you should do with those zombies?
00:11   [Turkish?] This is a zombie, yeah, you have to f***ing shoot them.
00:15   [unintelligible]
00:20   But that, yeah, that’s not enough yet, huh. You get your gun.
00:24   You get your gun. We’ll show you how it’s done. Look!
00:28   [Turkish for “Die, you crook”?] That’s how you have to waste those f***ing Zionists!
00:32   Kill! You have to compare them to zombies. OK, later!

Video transcript #2:

00:21   Hey Geert Wilders! Listen for a moment.
00:25   I have some important information for you, man. I hope you’re watching.
00:29   Yeah? I just had a dream…
00:32   I just dreamed about you, dude. I’m going to kill you.
00:36   Huh! I’m going to kill you. Dead! Dead!
00:41   Yeah? In my dream, I saw you die. Yeah?
00:47   [indicates caliber(?)]Yeah!?
00:51   [flips the bird]

Video transcript #3:

00:00   …the latest news, which is a death threat, again, directed at Geert Wilders.
00:04   Yes, indeed. Again Geert Wilders has received death threats. A disgusting video was posted online,
00:09   and Geert Wilders shared it himself, and made police aware of the video through Twitter.
00:15   The video was posted by Sait Cinar. This man had been jailed for a few days previously,
00:21   because a firearm was found in his car, and also because he made a video before,
00:25   in which he threatened Jews. And now he’s threatening Geert Wilders.
00:36   Hey, Geert Wilders! Listen for a moment.
00:40   I have some important information for you, man. I hope you’re watching.
00:45   Yeah? I just had a dream…
00:48   I just dreamed about you, dude. I’m going to kill you.
00:52   Huh! I’m going to kill you. Dead! Dead!
00:56   Yeah? In my dream, I saw you die. Yeah?
01:02   [indicates caliber(?)]
01:05   Yeah!? [flips the bird]
01:16   We have the criminal lawyer Mark Teurlings on the phone. Good morning. —Good morning, Maaike.
01:20   Yes, should we take this seriously? —Well, of course you should always take it seriously,
01:25   but I’ve watched the video a few times. What’s frustrating for Geert Wilders, and maybe for police,
01:31   is that he says he dreamed it. We’re all allowed to dream;
01:34   we’re all allowed to have ideas; that’s not a crime.
01:37   He says: I dreamed that “they” kill you, so not “I”, so it’s very difficult to prosecute him.
01:44   On the other hand he flips the bird, you could interpret that as an insult.
01:48   But it’s not a clear, undisputed death threat directed at Geert Wilders, from what I’ve seen.
01:53   Yes. Of course, he is a dangerous man; a firearm was found in his car.
01:57   Can police do anything? Should they intervene now?
02:01   Well, I think they should absolutely intervene. Because of course it’s disgusting.
02:05   It’s good that Geert already posted it, so everybody can see how disgusting it is,
02:10   how people are hating on him. But, well, whether [the police] will just have a conversation,
02:15   or whether he will be prosecuted for insults,
02:18   it’d be good to keep track of this man, to deal with him,
02:21   but I fear that they shouldn’t count on a long prison sentence.
02:24   Yes. Mark Teurlings, criminal lawyer, thank you for this first reaction.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   People say I’m dead. Or, they say I’m in prison.
00:04   Dude, I’m preparing for a terrorist attack.
00:08   [Geert] Wilders! [In Turkish] The person who takes another man’s life
00:11   may be f***ed in the ass! F***ed in the ass!
00:15   You know just like Osama bin Laden? Huh? I’m going to be a person like that.
00:19   I’m going to be a person like that for in the Netherlands.
00:23   The Netherlands, the [Dutch] government, you’re going to have to deal with me.
00:27   The Turkish-Dutch Sait Cinar regularly posts this type of video online, on YouTube and Facebook.
00:33   And he’s known to law enforcement, because he’s helped them with their enquiries,
00:38   related to tax evasion and possession of illegal firearms.
00:41   Watching this, you’d say he himself already gathered evidence for a case against him,
00:46   because he posted it online. But prosecution turns out more difficult than expected.
00:50   The problem is that, apparently, he does not reside in the Netherlands.
00:55   And if he resides in Turkey for example, the Netherlands
00:59   has no extradition treaty with Turkey. So in that case, there’s little that can be done.
01:02   Look! Bang! Boom! Boom! Boom!
01:05   Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
01:09   DEAD! DEAD! —If people who feel offended by this file charges,
01:14   then he could be prosecuted for insulting, insulting a group,
01:17   incitement, possibly terroristic threats.
01:20   If charges are pressed, he could be served, and possibly be sentenced in absentia.
01:25   Then in any case he’ll have a problem when he returns to the Netherlands.
01:29   Those are the options at the moment. Or wait until he is in the Netherlands,
01:33   and arrest him and charge him with felonies.
01:36   Ah, you’ll see. One by one.
01:39   All I need is word from our president [Erdogan], huh.
01:42   I f*** you all one by one, you understand? One by one I f*** you.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   Yo, this is freedom… expression!
00:04   [Logo reads: “Follow @Kingsait”]
00:14   This is a cartoon of Geert Wilders.
00:18   Yeah… that’s what I’m talking about. Motherf***!
00:21   “To be continued.”

Video transcript #6:

00:00   Geert Wilders is pressing charges. Yes, he’s reporting a bizarre video. A video by Sait Cinar,
00:05   which shows him shooting a gun at a photo of Geert Wilders.
00:11   Viewers may find this excerpt shocking. —This is freedom… expression.
00:28   This is a cartoon of Geert Wilders. According to the [paper] Volkskrant,
00:31   in 2014 Cinar was sentenced to 60 days in prison,
00:34   of which 44 were conditional. This was in connection with incitement through text and video
00:40   that he posted on Facebook. Wilders calls it “sick”.
00:44   MP for the VVD Dilan Yesilgoz tweeted:
00:48   Police and prosecuting office, arrest this guy and make him appear before a judge.
00:52   Intimidation? Threats? Unlicensed firearms? Get this Cinar off the streets!
00:57   But that is possibly harder than it seems, because
01:00   this man is probably in Turkey at the moment.
01:04   So, is there nothing we can do? —[Bente Becker, MP for the VVD] Well, we should at least try,
01:09   I think. I agree completely with Dilan, of course.
01:12   This is an outrage, what this man is doing.
01:16   And, Geert Wilders, as a symbol of the freedom of expression,
01:20   a Dutch politician, in this way, with a firearm, record a video,
01:24   and dismiss the freedom of expression we have in the Netherlands as worthless,
01:28   then you deserve only one thing, to be arrested as soon as possible.
01:32   So I hope. —On what grounds, arrest for what?
01:35   Well, that is up to the prosecution office, but I think this definitely qualifies as threats,
01:41   at least veiled, if not explicitly. Firing a gun at a politician.
01:46   Where did this man get a weapon? How is he inciting others?
01:51   So I think there’s sufficient grounds for the office to prosecute this man.
01:56   Anyway, it is up to the prosecuting office, but, this is not acceptable.
02:01   A bizarre video, huh? —It’s terrible.
02:04   Violence is always wrong of course, but this shocks me, yes.
02:08   Let’s wait and see what consequences this will have.

Video transcript #7:

00:00   So, remember well: if it pleases them, it is freedom of expression.
00:08   But if it doesn’t please them, it’s a death threat.
00:11   Yes, that’s how hypocritical the Netherlands is. Very hypocritical!

Video transcript #8:

00:00   This is a message for Geert Wilders, and the prosecutor’s office.
00:05   Yeah? How does it feel yourself, how does it feel at this moment, you understand? Yeah?
00:09   You feel. You see all those reactions, yeah, you see all those reactions, you understand, yeah,
00:14   hate reactions and things like that. That’s how we feel, too.
00:18   If you a… if you insult us prophet with a cartoon, you understand. Yeah?
00:26   It’s just mutual, you understand? Neither is acceptable.
00:30   Of course it’s unacceptable. You understand. Stop it, stop insulting our prophet.
00:35   Stop satisfying… insulting the Muslim.
00:41   You understand? Look, the more you continue to insult our prophet,
00:47   the more I use your portrait for target practice. And no longer with a Glock,
00:52   you understand, with a big… machine [gun]. Yeah?
00:57   Of course there’s a difference between us. We are similar in thoughts, you understand,
01:03   but one thing… one small difference:

Video transcript #9:

00:00   Do you get it now? Imagine you have 1,000 employees, and you’re not making money,
00:05   then you have to firing 500 people. That’s also happening at the moment.
00:10   And now they’re coming for the Muslim community. Again the video who I made,
00:15   is just not fair. I get punished as death threat.
00:19   that is [exactly] why I made that video. Am I not in Turkey?
00:22   so I’m allowed to shoot at a target, at his [Wilder’s] head? Doesn’t he do the same thing!?
00:26   He says something… he states his opinion. —He doesn’t shoot… —Yes, but…
00:31   He doesn’t make these kind of videos. —Of course! That’s the same thing! Madam!
00:34   You think… Look, again, you [insult me?] in my religion, you understand?
00:38   You’re a Muslim, and somebody tries to insult your prophet.
00:42   Call him a pedophile, you know, and on and on. You’re a grown man, you’re older than me.
00:48   You understand, he can use his head, right? Mr. Geert Wilders,
00:51   what are you doing, man? You’re doing… what are you doing? you’re inciting hatred!
00:54   You understand, there will be a division between the Muslims and the Christians!
00:58   You understand? Can’t we can… 17 million people are living in the Netherlands!
01:01   Can’t we can live a peaceful life together? You understand!?
01:06   Why do you have to hate!? You understand!? You can hate one person, OK, no problem, I did that too.
01:10   And that is immediately [considered] a death threat. Madam!
01:13   You can expect, if you insult the prophet, continue to insult the prophet,
01:17   that at some point you’ll get what’s coming, you understand!?
01:23   Yes. So, what do you think about the fact that
01:26   the prosecutor’s office is looking into you and that video?
01:29   Me? It doesn’t matter! It is… Even if I’m arrested,
01:35   it’s just a fact! It’s not fair! Muslims are… called… death threat, you understand?
01:41   Muslims can’t say anything about the Jews, say nothing about nothing,
01:44   then it’s [considered] just insulting, or whatever, you understand, yeah!?
01:47   But Mr. Geert Wilders can say everything about the Muslims, you understand, right?
01:51   Come on, madam! You understand, that’s not… You are a grown lady, right?
01:55   You understand… Again, you are a grown lady, you [??], what you’re doing is wrong! Period!
02:01   Let’s live like a peaceful life, we’re sitting, 17 million
02:04   in the Netherlands, you understand… Come on, man!
02:07   And are you living in the Netherlands or in Turkey? —I live in Turkey.
02:12   OK. But you did live in the Netherlands?
02:15   I did live in the Netherlands, you understand? I left.
02:18   Why did I leave the Netherlands, you understand? I owned a thriving company.
02:21   The government destroyed my company, and wanted to take my children away, you understand?
02:26   Madam, I’m a millionaire! I’m a millionaire, so how can you take my children away!?
02:30   How can you take my children away!? How can I let my children be taken away!?
02:34   Well, then I say, you know what, bye, I’m leaving for my own country, you understand?
02:38   Come on, hey, if your children are taken away, you understand,
02:41   in the Netherlands, then you don’t have a life anymore, you understand!?
02:45   That did it! They kicked me out of the Netherlands!
02:49   “We don’t want your kind”! I wake people up, that is the problem!
02:53   The government can’t tolerate that, you understand!?
02:57   It is clear why you did it. That’s what I wanted to know.
03:02   You know, it’s not personal, on you, “I’m going to shoot you dead”. No, it’s just a response.
03:07   It is unjust, you understand, Geert Wilders can say anything,
03:11   freedom expression… Mister Turk, or a Muslim: death threat! Come on, man!
03:17   Do you think all Muslims are terrorists, you understand? That’s pure nonsense!
03:22   Pure nonsense! You understand? [It may seem like that in the moment?] you understand, but… yeah…
03:28   I say, madam, it’s just, just, a fact, you understand, right? Yeah?
03:33   Yes. I understand now how… why you get so angry.
03:37   No, it’s not angry, it’s… again, madam…
03:41   We’re not treated fairly in the Netherlands, you understand, right?
03:44   Again, Geert Wilders can say everything, that’s why I made the video!
03:49   Look, not that I’m going to shoot him, you understand, right? Not at all! I hope…
03:53   Well, of course I don’t know that. Obviously, I have no way of knowing that.
03:57   And neither can Wilders, maybe [you will?]. —Madam, you understand. You understand, right?
04:02   I hope that nobody will shoot him. I hope that God will punish him, you understand, right.
04:07   Gives him a disease that he… whatever, you understand, that he gets cancer and dies in a day.
04:13   I hope nobody shoots him, you understand, right?
04:16   Let God handle it, you understand. But I think it’s important,
04:20   it’s just… —But that’s what it looks like, watching the video.
04:24   Yeah… Madam, doesn’t he do that as well, madam?
04:28   I told you, he does that too, or not!?
04:32   He allows the prophet to be mocked! —So you think you can do the same thing back?
04:36   No, I did it because… you understand, it is unjust, Muslims are not allowed to say anything,
04:43   that’s immediately [considered] a death threat, which means prison time, you understand?
04:46   But Mr. Dutchman can say anything about the prophet, about Muslims, yeah!?
04:50   You always see… you are… Madam, I am a person. What is Geert Wilders?
04:53   Geert Wilders is a political person.
04:56   Is a… is a role model person! Yeah! How can you… you are just a role model person and then you go…
05:01   cuss out the Muslims? Cuss out the prophet? What for [?] what [?]…
05:04   what kind of person are you then, you understand?
05:07   You understand? —Yes. —Then you’re in the wrong,
05:10   then you don’t have to be member of parliament, of the senate, you understand, right?
05:13   You are a role model [in that piece?];
05:16   you’re just ridiculing the Muslims. That’s why I made that video!
05:20   I say it clearly right, 5, 40 thousand times, you understand, the same thing!
05:24   It has to… —Yes, I understood it. You made it very clear.
05:29   I will broadcast an excerpt from this, in the news this evening, if it’s OK with you.
05:33   No problem, I give permission.

6 thoughts on “The Man Who Would Be Osama

  1. In ancient times the state would have shown a reaction like:

    Hey, Dutch Naval Commandoes, for your new recruits this is the training mission. A dutch submarine will bring you to the coast of Turkey, there you will disembark and proceed to the Hometown of this target. There you will make sure that he will never be able to throw a nuclear warhead on the Netherlands. Then you will return to the waiting submarine.
    You must do soo without being seen or heard.
    Complete the mission and you are full blooded Dutch Naval Comandoes. Fail, you know what happens in Turkish prisons.

  2. he’s sounds like one of those black ‘entrepreneurs’ you hear about in newspapers obituaries who are actually are thieves and drug dealers.

    • very severe case of Dunning- Kruger syndrom. Result of centuries of inbreeding. As for nukes: this guy can not take a colt apart and reassemble it.

      • I agree, he’s stupid and arrogant. He also craves attention, but flees to Turkey as soon as he gets it.
        That’s almost child-like behavior, I wonder if he also has some type of personality disorder. Maybe he’s on the spectrum? Or mommy and daddy didn’t give enough attention?
        Or he was dropped on his head right after birth.

        • bercé trop près du mur , as the french saying goes. Cradled too close by the wall!
          Go figure.

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