More on the Coronamadness in Germany

Below are two COVID-related videos from Germany that have been translated by Nash Montana. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist, and also a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). He is currently serving in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament (Landtag), where this recording was made. (Last summer I posted another video of him speaking in the Landtag.)

In the first video Dr. Fiechtner minces no words in his speech about the Wuhan Coronavirus. The translator includes this note:

At 0:09 seconds Dr. Fiechtner talks about “Herr Racer”. He is referring to the Green Minister for Environment, the Landeschef der CDU-Nachwuchsorganisation, Franz Untersteller, who was caught speeding at head-spinning tempo on the Autobahn just recently.

He received a four-week driving ban, and has to pay a fine of €240. He drove 177kmh (110mph) where the speed limit was 130kmh (80mph).

Critics are now demanding that he step down.

The second video is a follow-up to the “squat-and-clap” advice of Angela Merkel for children in schoolrooms whose windows are open to the freezing outside air in the dead of winter:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   This concentrated drop of fake news,
00:03   this tortuous, agonizing dance with it, is only bearable
00:06   and is only understandable because it is fake news.
00:09   The example of the CDU — Herr “Racer”— is especially bleak.
00:12   I mean, I’m sorry, but he starts with that oh-so-holy family —
00:15   but that only shows the mental status that the CDU
00:18   is stuck at today — the holy family is not just three,
00:21   the nucleus, but it’s the shepherds out in the field,
00:24   and the wise men from the Orient,
00:27   who obviously cannot come for a visit today.
00:30   And then this ongoing whining about dead people,
00:33   this emotional posturing, it’s either dumb, paranoid,
00:36   or downright malicious. Who will think about those
00:39   who took their own lives due to the ramifications
00:42   of these Corona regulations? People who jump in front of trains,
00:45   people with cancer who can’t have life-saving surgeries
00:48   and die from having a coronary, etc., this is pure, sheer hypocrisy,
00:51   what happens here! When there is refusal in caregiving,
00:54   and the elderly are left alone, they die,
00:57   they miserably croak alone, in their rooms, because
01:00   their relatives aren’t allowed to visit,
01:03   and then at the funeral as well, relatives aren’t allowed to attend,
01:06   and all because of your insane Corona regulations!
01:09   Children are locked out, are being bullied,
01:12   are forced to stand by open windows if they don’t wear a mask…
01:15   and then the hope for the vaccine.
01:18   What kind of nonsense are they actually talking about?!
01:21   Even Herr Bielefeld says that when the vaccine arrives we don’t know
01:24   what sort of side effects it will have,
01:27   but it will arrive! What sort of idiotic, audacious
01:30   and dumb statement is this, really? A vaccine takes years to develop,
01:33   and we have zero clue
01:36   whether the number of oncology patients who get sick from this
01:39   will spectacularly rise!
01:42   I personally would benefit from this, as I would treat more patients.
01:45   But we are dealing with a fraudulent, disingenuous deception here,
01:48   with a sadistic kind of cruelty and intentional bodily harm!
01:51   We are dealing with the imprisonment of people
01:54   based on very questionable premises,
01:57   and lastly, I hope that Mr. Trump will remain President regardless,
02:00   and then this —
02:03   Herr Fiechtner, you can now take a breath.
02:06   —that he will put an end to the glorification of these diabolical policies
02:09   so that we then finally
02:12   can celebrate a real Christmas!

Video transcript #2:

00:00   This is why you will get sick a lot faster when you are exposed to cold air in wintertime.
00:06   Cold air streams into the room.
00:10   The problem: This air contains zero relative humidity, and therefore it is very dry.
00:16   Dry air extends the longevity of viral droplets in the air.
00:22   Add to this the fact that in cold temperatures your body is more receptive to viruses,
00:26   because: Cold air dries out your mucous membranes and they lose their protective abilities.
00:32   Which is good for viruses!
00:35   Conclusion: Cold, dry air increases the risk of catching a cold.
00:41   And coronaviruses can spread more easily as well.
00:45   What helps against viruses: Increased humidity in classrooms.
00:51   For instance, by keeping clay pots filled with water, or with plants.

6 thoughts on “More on the Coronamadness in Germany

  1. “What helps against viruses: Increased humidity in classrooms. For instance, by keeping clay pots filled with water, or with plants.”

    Why must the pots be made of clay? Why not glass or metal containers (of flat shape, to maximize the water-air interface)?

  2. I think Mr Fiechtner rather addresses to a Mr. Raimund Haser, who is a member of the parliament of Baden Württemberg for the CDU. At least that is how I undertsand it.

    The minister for the environment is Mr. Untersteller from the Green Party (not from the CDU).

    Mr. Untersteller has indeed recently been a “Raser” and was vcaught by the police. Hence was fined and lost his driving licence.

    Quite embarassing, as both he personally and his party are lobbying for a speed limit in Germany. His resignation should be the logical consquence.

    N.b. this Mr. Fiechtner ist kind of strange guy. He even got kicked out of the AfD, and that is not an easy thing to achieve.

    • I assume that he’s a particularly ornery type of person, that refuses to be put into a category. Much like most libertarians I know like Ron Paul. They can’t be categorized and even the AfD likes labels.

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